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Ah readin an readin buh still more questions

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May 21, 2016 by Fensic

Sometimes ah does question mih roots. Not because ah want tuh disown dem or anyting dat dotish buh because ah does feel like I is de onlyest one who does keep tabs ah Trini news an end up wid questions. Not about who, when, where or what, buh why.

Yuh head hard, nuttin cyar sink een, ah does tell mihself.

Buh ent de news suppose tuh enlighten, so why ah doh feel enlightened, ah does ask mihself back.

After dat exchange de steupsin does start. Article after article, time an time again is de same discussion. Is like it doh have nobody tuh ask dat one question: Why. Ornline commentators? It seem de major result ah lettin people express dey torts widout first havin tuh take an parse ah test to prove competency, is dis long line ah people all eager tuh show de world how dotish dey could be. Ah eh know eef ah say dis out in de open yet, buh eef it had computers ah hundred years ago, humans would ah be extinct long time.

Anyway, ah not here tuh start no argument buh tuh show examples of dese questions I does get left wid after readin articles. Mih biggest challenge is pickin what tuh start wid.

How about dat Harrypersad Maharaj fella? De defender ah chirren gettin marrid. Now me eh no expert orn dat seamy topic buh it look tuh me dat is not really chirren gettin marrid. Is really hardback men wid froth in dey pee marridin pre pubescent girls an hidin behind religion.

Why would any man want tuh do dat an why would Harry try an explain why men doin dat is ah good idea. Harry really believe because dat because some younger people more mature dan some people older dat applies tuh 12-year young girls an de hardback men eyein dem wid pedophilic lust? Harry ever stop tuh consider while it have countries where dem kind ah marriages is part ah dey culture, women havin tuh ask ah male family member eef dey could move is also part ah de culture an dat lack ah freedom is not part ah Trini culture?

Torkin bout pedophiles, ah wonder what Reeshi Surajbally position orn dis. He orn Harry side or he not interested in chile marriage?

De way I see it, Reeshi use he position tuh take advantage ah dem two chirren he had nekkid an drunk in he vehicle. It was ah sickenin abuse ah power. Buh isn’t dat basically de same ting Sr. Supt. Edward Castillo accused ah doin — abusin he power? So why Reeshi had tuh take de walk ah shame orn he way tuh court while Eddie Monster get de privilege ah hidin he face an usin entrances not available tuh de Reeshi Surajallys ah Trinidad an Tobago? Ah mean is not like eef de TTPS tryin tuh regain de confidence ah de public, right? Like ah say in de beginnin, maybe all dis is just me.

Nah, I cyar be de only one who would like de option ah not buyin anyting ah tiefin manufacturer tryin tuh sell. Isn’t dat what anybody who sellin coconut water dat doh have no coconut water in it is? Why de louse name not public? Dat doh seem consumer friendly tuh me.

Since me eh know nuttin about de people who supposed tuh be part ah de T&T Grand Games, ah have tuh put de debacle wid dem in de category ah sports. None ah dem eh come out de shadows an put dey arm arong Regina John shoulder an offer tuh help explain what happen tuh dis track meet dat was supposed tuh be tuhday May 21. Why it geh cancel in ah half arse way. Regina is de CEO ah de organization. Ato Boldon call de organizers ignorant amateurs. I get de impression Regina more offended by gettin call dat den de potential impact ah callin de athletic meet orf. She say Ato doh know none ah dem dat good tuh call dem names. As best as ah could summarize what she say, here is why de games get cancelled. Is one ah de few times mih question wasn’t only why buh what. As in what de arse she just say. Someting about many changes takin place from larse week Monday tuh dis week. Dat dey had different commitments in different places. How dey finances was in different locations while dey had different tings tuh organize.

Like ah say, me en know nuttin about none ah dem so dis whole debacle stayin in sports. As fuh mih why question in all dis? Since Regina say de after-de-games party still orn, ah want tuh know why Regina, why?

Doh come into Central!

Dat was mih boy Johnnie Abraham warnin when he was de top cop in de region. He use tuh back up de warnin too. Ah remember de results ah some ah dem shootouts wid harden bandits. Widout knowin him in person he did seem like ah poleeceman poleeceman, out dey alongside he men, an women, in de field backin up he warnin. Den Johnnie get transferred tuh PoS. Why, me eh know. Inside ah months, Johnnie retire an gorn. Central gorn too buh tuh de dorgs. Ah was torkin tuh mih pardnah about dis an he say maybe Johnnie replacement have ah different style. Me eh have ah problem wid ah different style. It better get de job done doh. Dat eh happenin in Central an nobody, an ah meanin Johnnie replacement, eh look like he accountable. Why? Is not only me seein how Central fallin apart alldoh I have de luxury ah askin why. De people wid skin in keepin dey area safe sayin bring Johnnie back. Sorry Centralites, dat eh happenin. Ask de TTPS leadership why tings fall apart so farse an nobody eh seem tuh care.

De report name Achieving a Resilient Future for Small States: Caribbean 2050. Ah read about it orn one ah de Jamaican newspaper website. Den ah rush across tuh de Trini media tuh see who pick up de article. One TV station did buh all it do is report what de Jamaican newspaper say de report say.

Yes de report not free buh ah cyar believe de Trini press couldn’t get ah copy, pore over it an at least issue ah rebuttal. Granted de report have scary parts, like when it say by 2050 murders in Jamaica an Triniland could average 100 fuh every 100,000 people. Dat number so extreme as tuh be scary an rebuttable. Ah could be rong an de real scary part is de idea dat Caribbean countries have tuh change dey policies orn dealin wid de root causes ah crime. All dat is beside de point. I want tuh know why we press eh care about examinin de report since T&T is ah major player in it. Not tuh mention while de numbers ah projected murders is ridiculous, who would ah tink T&T would ah have as many murders as it havin now?

Wait nah.

Ah tort mih biggest challenge was pickin someting tuh start wid, buh is de opposite.

Ah wonder why.

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