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Since larse night happen . . .

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May 7, 2016 by Fensic

Ah done.

After tuhday, not ah next word orn dis business between Jamaica an Triniland.

Ah not torkin about de inter-island rivalry as dat cyar dead. Instead, ah dey wid de mainly one-sided back an fort about who not lettin who into who country; how who eh get let in gettin treated while waitin fuh dey ride back home; who boycottin who goods an dis latest — who yieldin what tuh who an who makin denials dat doh make sense tuh me.

Ah done because ah vex how close de latest drama come tuh paintin mih as being more dotish dan ah was before larse night.

I did read de article wid de headline about T&T yieldin. Ah didn’t want tuh because ah conditioned tuh not expect anyting positive about T&T in articles in dat newspaper. When ah done read it, ah do mih usual an keep mih eye open fuh any Trini response. Not seein any before larse night reach ah write mih blog pongin we Caribbean cousins. Ah especially like de provocative case ah make dat Jamaica obsessed wid Triniland. All ah was waitin for was tuhday. Dat was before larse night happen

Triniland hardly used tuh respond when Jamaica start jumpin up an dong about how unfair T&T was. Eef anybody used tuh speak up was Gary Griffith, de den Minister ah National Security. Losin dat job eh stop him one bit. So hearin new Minister ah National Security Edmund Dillon surprise me. Knowin what was in dat T&T yields article had mih questionin de validity ah he comments buh ah lettin udders judge.

One ah de tings Jamaica did say was part ah T&T yieldin, was dis facility de govahment promise tuh build at Piarco. Dis is what Jamaican Senator Kamina Johnson Smith say about it. De “he” is Senator David Moses:

“. . . he has now committed to retrofitting an appropriate area within the Piarco Airport by July of this year, to ensure they are able to more effectively treat with Jamaicans, and all nationals as a matter of fact, who use the Piarco Airport and who are denied entry.”

Larse night, Dillon pick up ah brush an try tuh paint ah different picture. . . It is not specifically for Jamaicans. It is for anyone who has been debarred entry based on immigration status.”

He say dat apparently unchallenged.

De onlyest ting dat could ah shock mih more is eef ah was ah lawyer an de udder side say all dese terrible tings about mih client, includin how he kill de victim wid ah Swiss army knife only tuh have he jump up an say it wasn’t no Swiss army knife, was ah army knife.

Why was de Minister ah National Security an by extension de govahment denyin, clarifyin, illuminatin, whatever yuh want tuh call it, someting nobody eh say?

It eh have no junior minister in charge ah torkin nonsense? Maybe dey figure because de press eh go ask no questions de statement better come from Dillon?

Where Moses?

Before larse night, I was so much ah T&T supporter ah was even darin Jamaica tuh go ahead an boycott T&T goods. Givin dem basket or, rope tuh hang deyself nah. Fuhget Griffith, de silence from T&T use tuh be proof positive T&T didn’t care, maybe wasn’t worried about no one-sided war of words an ah scruntin boycott. Look how one night does change tings eh.

Is not everyting change doh. Ah still believe Jamaicans eh know how dis CARICOM ting supposed tuh wuk. It go be ah cold day in Hell before CARICOM Country A let citizens of ah CARICOM Country B just waltz in dey country. De region tryin buh me eh tink it reach where it open minded enough. Country B reputation go always affect eef its citizens could enter Country A.

Granted I eh see Jamaica officially say nuttin about Triniland givin up it right tuh question arrivals, it have tings ah still believe is true just like it have Jamaicans who tink no Jamaican should be denied entry into Triniland an eef it happen den boycott T&T.

It have something insanely delightful about dat logic. Before somebody tief de idea maybe ah should write ah book about ah boy who love Julie Mango buh cyar reach dese ones so he say dey must be sour.

De cartoon at de end ah all dis is a great example ah someting ah notice. From de comments orn it plenty Jamaicans cyar see parse T&T stackin its goods orn all de shelves in de store so dey rip T&T. Tell me dat cartoon eh suggestin more dan any narrow interpretation.

Anyway I cyar carry dis torch no more. Not when de govahment might try clarifyin someting else an hang itself. At least it have plausible deniability wid Gary Griffith since he not in govahment. Besides, Jamaicans did say earlier orn dey like he style. Earlier orn like before he start mentionin who country have how many illegals in Triniland.

Ah cyar ask Trinis tuh judge eef dat retrofittin could count as yieldin since Dillon gorn an admit it does. Unless yuh believe dat T&T was always plannin tuh build ah place tuh hold people gettin sent back home an Jamaica’s bold face demands was coincidental.

Buh wait nah, what is dis?

Ah lookin over dat blog before ah put it in de rubbish bin. Ah noticin de part where all I say was dat T&T was goin an build dis place fuh Jamaicans. Me eh mention nuttin about anybody else citizens usin it.

Is dat what Dillon see — what ah write?


Is de connection de Strategic Services Agency, SSA nah. Dat is de T&T spy agency most Trinis eh know much about. De same agency dat right now Faris Al-Wari hopin tuh give more power but de opposition an independent senators say dat eh happenin.

Could it possibly be . . . nah dat idea too outlandish . . . . Buh what eef it not? Could de SSA have mih IP address? Could it be readin mih hard drive? Did somebody mix up de notes Dillon get an is my comments he see an tort come from Jamaica? Outrageous idea?

Den just so de SSA pick me an my blog tuh spread de message ah how much power it done have? Ah hearin Dillon in de backgrong sayin at dis point in time he not at liberty tuh issue an acknowledgement or denial applicable tuh de matters at hand. Is only he does tork like dat. Idea not outrageous now ent? Buh why pick me tuh spread de word? Is because I did suspect de SSA could already spy orn any Trini? Ah mean dat not obvious, is what spies does do.

How bout dis den: Maybe ah driftin orf into paranoia. Before larse night happen ah would ah know which country tuh ask dat question to, buh now? Now is only one ting ah know an dat is ah done. No more ah dis madness.

Jamaica Observer Cartoon

Jamaica Observer Cartoon



From de Jamaica Observer.

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