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De church see ah horse, what you see?

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April 30, 2016 by Fensic

After readin de letter tuh de Guardian dat somebody name Ramesh Maharaj write, mih mind start wanderin.

Anybody ever really study dis free will ting, it wonder. It claim it just study it an decide free well eh wukkin so is time tuh treat humans like some cars buh recall all ah we. It argue two people shouldn’t be watchin de same ting an one ah dem call it ah horse an want tuh ride it while de next one call it ah wild animal an lookin tuh kill it fuh food.

Mih mind eh stop dey nah. It want tuh know eef dis Ramesh Maharaj fella middle name is Lawrence. Ah cyar stop it from tryin tuh make sure ah know who dat is. It tellin mih dat mean he was Basdeo Panday attorney general. De same fella who now representin de gymnastics federation against de gymnast who dream de federation turn into ah nightmare den kill. Ah do mih best buh ah couldn’t prevent mih mind from wantin tuh know since when gymnasts is regular size. Buh once ah ask it back eef it wasn’t Thema dat have some gymnastic move name after she an it steups, ah know who runnin dis blog.

Before ah dive orn Mr. Maharaj, he might as well read recent torts ah had.

Sheldon Henry fit tuh ah tee.

Now he know mih wavelength, ah free tuh ask ah set ah simple questions.

Tell mih Mr. Ramesh, exactly what I gettin away wid eef I pick somebody pocket an spend eight years waitin fuh mih case tuh go tuh trial. But, because of ah new process tuh hold de state accountable, ah get release wid time served?

Who gettin away wid what eef dem same facts at play, except tings just like now so de state free tuh restrict mih movements fuh years an years keepin mih lock up in Remand Yard widout due process?

Which yuh believe more: De Catholic Church idea is ah wild animal dat go curry dong good or dat once de flaws fixed, it go give good rides?

Yes, questions always good eef de goal is tuh make tings better. So de question we have tuh ask is why we does get stuck in ah cycle ah questions.

What de church proposin is not no clemency. Dat word caterin tuh its constituents. What de church suggestin is just one bullet in ah gun dat have tuh eventually have ah mixture ah humanity an no shit-takin, each applied when appropriate. Dat go be tough when people fed up. Not tuh mention de people who have de power of life an death over who dey does deal wid yet feel dey have tuh show who is borse at every turn. Is dem extreme positions helpin keep tings where dey is.

Add dat tuh ah problem wid takin solutions from udder places dat had de same issues an adaptin dem tuh local culture an yuh realize is endless spinnin top in mud goin orn. Well, de church come up wid ah idea dat nobody eh put orn de table before. Leh we see who else go criticize it because dey tink de church hands not clean, who go offer dey own ideas an who go see nuttin but ah wild animal.

Purgin de system ah low-level accused is ah good start. By itself it eh go stop de same ting from buildin up again doh.

Me an mih pardnah does speculate about what supposed tuh happen after dat pick-pocket case geh call an dey find he guilty an buss de maximum sentence orn he tail only tuh find he done serve enough time fuh de next five pockets he go pick. What eef he get orf?

Ramesh, yuh ask eef de state free dese accused before trial wedder dat mean de state admit it do rong, so de accused could tun arong an sue. Something like dat yuh ask. I say de scent ah lawsuits fillin de air. Why it eh have ah cottage industry in Triniland wid lawyers linin up tuh sue de state, me eh know. Would you be in dat line eef yuh name Lawrence?

Yuh wastin time writin dat eef we doh get justice from Man we go get it from God. What eef people did say dat when Panday was prime minister? De AG den an de AG now in charge ah tings legal, ent? Yuh comment just softenin up people tuh accept de failure ah dem in charge.

Regardless ah who you was an who you is now, dat is some serious dot connectin yuh do when yuh say what does happen eef we doh take responsibility fuh what we should. Well dis ting de church proposin is ah next dot. Connect it too nah.

Let mih ask yuh dis, what is your solution tuh dis problem? Write ah next letter tuh de Guardian wid it. I would give it plenty weight because I in two minds as tuh yuh identity so ah have tuh give yuh de benefit ah de doubt. Dat mean yuh should have ah unique perspective havin been orn both sides ah de legal arguments.

Doh feel like ah zero in orn you comments eh Rammie. Is just dat dey is de onlyest ones ah see so far dat ah could follow. It have a smatterin ah comments in de same Guardian. Mushrooms would love de area ah see dem comments.

Obviously ah disagree wid yuh arguments buh every long journey have tuh start wid de same first step. People have tuh be innovative in dey tinkin. Questions still have tuh get asked, as long as dey is for de right reasons. Solutions cyar take years an years tuh materialize widout losin dey effectiveness.

In ah way dat put me an you orn de same side. After all, sometimes de best solution does come from positions dat have de same goal buh goin at it from different positions. As long as people willin tuh compromise, ent?

Buh enough preachin since one ah de groups in dis done have dat covered.

Just de udder day, al Rawi was presentin information about de cost ah housin inmates an de length ah time dey does spend in jail watchin dey court clothes get too small. Rawi was tryin tuh look like he didn’t know what tuh do. I didn’t buy it. I say he was doin he version ah softenin up citizens buh under de guise of cuttin costs. He well know de hardest mind tuh change is dat of somebody who tink dey make ah decision fuh deyself when is you who feed dem all de pieces tuh reach de place yuh wanted dem tuh reach from de beginnin. Buh now de solution he wanted people tuh reach, de Catholic Church gorn an put orn de table. Ah seein de proposal gettin implemented under de guise of religious pressure.

Does dat mean everybody go start singin dat ah horse is ah horse of course?

Not widout dat recall of course.

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