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Ah next reason fuh Trinis tuh ban dey belly — war wid Jamaica?

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April 23, 2016 by Fensic

It safe tuh keep takin de continually one-sided an escalatin war ah words Jamaica lobbin at T&T as nonsense?

Ah mean it all not ah example ah how misunderstandin, questionable jealousy an ah willingness tuh accept from yuh own family treatment you self does dish out? Or, accept from udders yuh does respect? Ah cyar remember de word fuh dat right now.

Anyway, who doin all dem tings depend orn which side ah de argument dey orn. Fuh sure, everyting is ah caricature ah reality.

Why ah say dat?


One ah de tings ah find damnin about Jamaicans is dey fierce loyalty tuh country. Any nationalism dat bright does blind people tuh reality. Is ah example of what ah does mean when ah say it not about what true, but what yuh could get people tuh believe. It wukkin cause yet again Jamaicans torkin boycott.

Just because yuh could justify yuh paranoia doh mean yuh shouldn’t be in St. Anns.

Regardless ah how, when an why de natural rivalry between de two countries reach dis stage, ah tink it fair tuh say fuh some; too many eef yuh ask me; de dislike ah Trinis runs deep. Dat dey seem tuh believe de average Trini does spend time wonderin how tuh make life hard fuh dem only make tings worse. So when Jamaica bounce up Trinis who feelings fuh Jamaicans match Jamaican feelings fuh Trinis, dat is proof positive how Trinis, “arrogant an rude,” as one Jamaican rationalize.

Everybody have somebody dey doh like. Dat person cheeriness does make we more mad an eef dey doh take we orn, Lord Faddah help we.

Like me an dis week blog. Ah write it before ah series ah articles about de exact same topic come out. Ah hate dat buh cyar obsess over it because it eh go take mih orn. So, ah doin what ah have tuh do.

De onlyest reason ah askin how dis inter-island rivalry escalate tuh which part it reach is so ah could offer up mih own theory, based orn relevant experience.

Several years ago, ah was orn dis West Indian forum. Just so ah get ah email from some forumite ah never hear about before. He cuss mih like he was cussin ah next Jamaican which mean me eh understand half ah what he say. After mih initial amusement, ah start cussin back, Trini style of course. He doh know me an me eh know he buh we cussin. When we done, we tork. He say Trini school chirren does get teach dat since is Jamaica who mash up de federation, chirren should hate Jamaicans.

Say what? Nobody eh tell mih tuh hate nobody.

Was Dr. Williams who survey de results ah de referendum Jamaica had an declare one from ten leave naught. I seriously wonder eef Jamaica feel it have tuh defend de move it make den by peltin bluff now. Dey really believe Trinis jealous? Ah who?

Why ah ask dat?


One ah de tings ah admire about Jamaicans is dey fierce loyalty tuh country. Any similar fierceness does wait fuh Trinis tuh migrate before appearin in dem. Wid de endless talent in Triniland, Jamaica might have reason tuh boycott Trini goods. Not ah good reason, just ah reason. An no, admirin ah quality doh mean anybody jealous.

Not ah damn ting eh change since William do dat piece ah mathematical wizardry so doh call what goin orn nonsense. Pay attention when ah Jamaican say dey size mean dey should be de senior CARICOM member wid de ability tuh set de agenda fuh de region. De statement is questionable buh de sentiment probably widespread.

I tired ah dis shit doh. Is time Trinilanders realize how serious dis is.

Go back in recent time. De same dislike ah T&T was at play when Air Jamaica was fuh sale. De caricature I have is of dis broken airline in de rubbish bin an no takers. As soon as de T&T govahment show ah interest was Jamaican mouths hangin open an arms folded while udder Jamaicans start scramblin tuh save ah airline all ah dem was parsin every day fuh months in de rubbish heap. De call fuh Air Jamaica pilots tuh buy de airline an donations from concerned Jamaicans would pay fuh it was as dotish as de, Jamaica big so it should lead CARICOM comment. As mih pardnar does say, “man I tell you . . .”

Is eidder de ting I admire or find damnin about Jamaicans dat at play.

Now war orn de horizon, de initial tactics ah offerin might surprise some.

Ah encouragin de boycott.

Yes man. All Trini goods, every larse one. Boycott dey baxide. Sweep dem orf Jamaican shelves. Not enough local items tuh replace dem wid? Import. Doh fuhget, de sellers eh want Jamaican money no more dan dey want Trini dollars when Trinilanders buy from dem. Ah sure Jamaican foreign exchange go run out before T&T’s even eef is by ah day. Dat mean T&T win.

Prove mih rong nah. Boycott away.

As fuh dem hundreds an hundreds . . . . wait, Gary Griffith updatin mih . . . thousands an thousands ah Jamaican who decide dey like Triniland better, make room fuh dem in Jamaica cause dey gettin shipped back. Flight after Caribbean Airline flight. Leh we see who more bard . . . dotish . . . ignorant . . . jingoistic . . . asinine . . . dotish dan who.

Make room fuh Trinis who tink dey is Jamaicans. Dey eidder livin in hotspots dey nickname Jamaican places or dey does tork like dey is Jamaicans or dey love Jamaican music more dan Soca.

Is ah giant dose ah Senna Trinis takin tuh purge Jamaica from T&T.

So doh look fuh Machel or Kes or Dystra or Bunji or Faye or dem udder Soca artistes. Dey gettin ban from travelin into enemy territory.

Oh yeah, tiefin carnival one bra an panty corstume at ah time? Dat dead. Every corstume gettin registered. Trinis doh care how light-skin Jamaicans go learn tuh wine like Trinis. Dey could keep daggerin fuh all Trinis care. As fuh dat name, Bacchanal Jamaica? Triniland go sue. Bacchanal next tuh Jamaica? Sacrilegious. Bacchanal next tuh de word Triniland? Now we torkin. T&T seekin punitive damages in de suit. No Jamaican dollars eh.

Dancehall artistes gettin treated like dey country folk who had de nerve tuh land at Piarco wid $10 US in dey pocket an tink dey gettin een. 

Entry Denied!

Progressive Trinis an Jamaicans who marrid one anudder go be collateral damage so kiss yuh Jamaican spouse goodbye. Eef allyuh livin in Stony Hill or ah next place, leave yuh pickneys behind. Dem is Jamaicans an probably hate yuh Trini guts anyways. Allyuh livin in Triniland? De Mighty Dougla done decide allyuh chirren fate. Sharpen de cutlass real good. Call de chirren one by one. Make sure an give yuh spouse de right half ah each tuh take back tuh Jamaica.

Before ah go orn, tell me, what more foolish, de current one-sided tork an threats dat could be addressed peacifully once de cussin done or, where ah could take dis.

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