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He dots, he connect dem. I just listen

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April 17, 2016 by Fensic

“Well,” he ask. “Anyting yet?”

Ah was in two minds. De first one had mih vex how dis man wid ah dotish smile orn he face interrupt mih enjoyin mih roti askin mih eef ah know who he is. When I siddong tuh eat ah roti from Cynthia’s Bakery, me eh want nuttin interruptin mih. Dat is why ah does usually buy mih roti tuh go.

Buh since he done interrupt mih, ah was curious. Someting in de redness ah he eyes an orn he leathery lookin face.

“No” ah say, decidin ah was tired ah playin he game. “I doh remember you. Way I know you from?”

He ignore mih question.

“You does write ah blog ent?” He break into ah smile when ah nod.

“I does read what yuh write every Sunday.”

Was my turn tuh smile. Ah take mih readers where an how ah find dem.

“So way we goin wid dis borse?”

He turn serious one time. He look arong quick before leanin in.

“Ah does do what yuh say in yuh blog.”

Ah wrap up de udder half ah mih chicken roti den pushin de straw aside, put de glass tuh mih head an drink dong de rest ah mih mauby.

He eh wait fuh mih tuh done.

“It should have ah law in Trinidad makin it illegal fuh anybody who could vote now or de next election, tuh tink dey know what politicians meanin just because dey does use English words. Dem people cyar walk parse ah microphone widout stoppin an does tork ah different language.”

He did start torkin while ah was still swallowin so ah eye him over de top ah de glass. He pause eidder tuh take ah breath or see mih reaction. Until he say all dat, de idea dat he was mad did cross mih mind. He speech had mih reconsiderin. Ah crack ah smile. He misread mih reaction.

“Too many politicians does make up ting tuh say—“

“Just politicians,” ah ask.

“Mainly politicians. Eef more people stop listenin tuh dem an start connectin dem dots like you say den we go be orn de right road.”

“Hold orn breds.” Ah put ah hand orn he arm. “Me sayin all dat is one ting.”

He start noddin he head. Ah continued, “hearin somebody else say it have mih wonderin eef it easy like I does make it song.” He head was goin up an dong ah mile ah minute. Mih sense was dat he couldn’t wait fuh mih tuh done.

“Let mih give yuh ah example ah how easy it is tuh do as long as yuh ready tuh put some effort into it. Hear dese dots ah have in mih head since ah start followin yuh advice.”

Ah start breaksin. “Well is not really advice advice eh. Is more like suggestions.”

He steups an wave mih orf.

“Dot 1. Dat Mastrofski fella de govahment bring tuh Trinidad arong 2004-ish—”

“Tuh transform de TTPS? Ah remember.”

He look at mih like ah wasn’t supposed tuh help build no dots. Ah twinge ah anger flash een mih at de idea dat he was usin my suggestions to connect he dots yet tellin mih ah couldn’t say nuttin. Buh since he eh actually say dat, mih anger was more ah flash in de pan.

“Dot 2 is de white-man from Canada who was de larse person tuh hold de title ah commissioner ah poleece. Dat was 2010 tuh 2012.”

“Who was de larse Trini tuh be CoP,” ah ask. He eh skip ah beat.

“Trevor Paul. 2004 tuh 2008. Except fuh de Canadian who I tink was de best commissioner, all dem after Paul could do was act. An not good enough tuh be extras in any movie.”

Both ah we buss out laughin.

“Serious tings does be funny sometimes,” ah offered up. “Finish yuh dots?”

“Dot 3 real interestin. Is de onlyest one dat does move an still be de same dot.”

“How yuh mean,” ah ask.

“Anytime ah high-rankin poleece grumble how de public doh provide dem wid information so dey could solve crime, is ah example ah dat dot.”

Look how I would ah miss dis man eef ah did buy dat roti tuh go, ah tell mihself.

“Dot 4 is dem friends poleece kill in 2011. Dey claim dey bounce bullet at dem first.”

“Fuh de next dot ah goin wid de poleece who geh kill in de station larse year. Was ah next poleece who shoot him. Cleanin he gun was de excuse.”

Ah clear mih throat.

“Two poleece take ah robbery in progress call. When one open de backdoor, de bandits buss ah shot in he head an kill he. Was earlier dis April month. Dat is mih dot 6.”

He went silent.

“Any more dots?”

“Yes, de larse one is dot 7. De funeral ah dat same officer.”

“Ah funeral?”

“Yes, everyting connected tuh dat.”

Mih heart start pumpin. Ah rub mih hands. Ah could tell dat he could tell ah was excited tuh hear how he connect dem dots he create.

He lead de way.

De Minister ah National Security declare ah next war orn crime. He say de public have tuh help de poleece by givin dem information.”

“What rong wid dat,” ah ask.

“What rong wid dat?” He eyes was bulgin. “You just playin de fool wid dem questions ent?”

He lean een too close.

“He say dat in dot 7. It had ah policewoman from Dot 4 who turn State’s witness. She just pull out ah de deal. She say de state not serious.”

He get even closer. It had more dan flames in he eyes.

“Between me an you yuh know what I tink?”

Before ah could answer he went orn.

“I tink she read yuh larse blog an realize is ah next 10 years she go have tuh be frighten.”

He had ah point.

“But yuh startin tuh see how not even de poleece trust de poleece? More proof ah no trust? De wife in Dot 5. She travel all de way tuh beg de minister tuh look into she husband case. She say de officer who gun kill him still wukkin in dat same station.”

Ah wasn’t sure ah would enjoy de rest ah mih roti at home later.

“Now yuh see why it ridiculous tuh grumble about de public not helpin de poleece. One hand cyar clap.”

“Connect de second dot?”

“Besides bein de best commissioner ever, Gibbs show what rong wid de poleece force. He try 21st Century policin, it fail. He stop dem transportin accused in de tray ah poleece vehicles. He gorn, it start back. Wait until it have ah car crash.”

“What about de first dot?”

“He lean back in he chair. “Dat one show why de poleece force go keep havin problems until dem in charge hush dey mout an start fixin tings.”

Someting over by de counter cyatch he eye.

“How?” ah ask.

“Man, ah have tuh leave. Mih daughter finish buy out Cynthia. Next time nah?”

No more roti tuh go, ah tell mihself as he bounce out de door like ah ole time saga boy.


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