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Is not about Sheldon Henry alias Sheldon Thomas alias Sheldon Shaka Ajuju Henry

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April 9, 2016 by Fensic

Mih assumption is dat it was sometime arong 2004 when Sheldon Henry alias Sheldon Thomas, alias Sheldon Shaka Ajuju Henry, den about nineteen, geh arrested an charge wid murder.

Why de assumption? Since I cyar remember major events from two months ago, ah had tuh use what was in de papers about him.

Ah start wid de report dat dis parse March 28th, twelve years after he arrest, he escape state custody. Dey cyatch him in less dan ah week. End ah store den? Not fuh me.

Dis not about he time orn de run. Not about he guilt or innocence. Heaven forbid it be about wedder he quick re-capture make de poleece look good.

Dis about dat fabled bigger picture. About how so many parts ah so many systems comin up short. How people so used tuh what dey does get dey doh even bodder tuh steups. Why should dey tink anyting go change.

Yuh could say den dis about dysfunction.

Tuh start showin what ah mean, ah have tuh make one ting clear. Dis Sheldon fella wid multiple larse names an multiple pendin charges, wasn’t in jail servin he sentence after ah trial. He was in jail over de parse twelve years waitin tuh go tuh trial fuh dat murder.

Twelve years. Dat not dysfunctional?

Accordin tuh Al–Rawi, 11% ah who in Remand Yard waitin over ten years. Dat is across all crimes. My question tuh dis possible PM—AG fuh now is simple. Is de percentage higher fuh who accused ah murder?

What yuh see when yuh look at how easy some murder accused does get orf when dey case make it tuh court is nuttin but more dysfunction at work. Once de state present it case, too often all de defense does do is turn tuh de magistrate an start, “yuh honor—’” Before dey could finish, de case done dismiss fuh lack ah evidence. Questionable poleece work doh help nor does de one dubious witness de state case does seems tuh always rest orn.

Ah watch ah clip ah dis Sheldon fella tryin tuh explain why he escape.

Ah cyar speak tuh he mental state, after all, is St. Anns he escape from. Buh ah could understand eef he orf lil bit. How orf would I be eef I get lock up an could only watch de wheels ah justice geh lapped by molasses over an over. Fuh twelve years an countin.

While criminals not choirboys, ah still get de sense dem few days ah freedom fuh he was worth whatever punishment de system go legally parse dong fuh escapin. Ah say ‘legally’ because ah suspect it go have ah next kind ah punishment he in line for.

Given he want we tuh believe licks he get is one ah de reasons he escape, he go have tuh escape again, geh cyatch again, get more licks, escape again, geh cyatch back, more licks. Orn an orn, until he trial. Trinis go done gorn back tuh dey self-imposed exile, drawin dey cocoon ah safety closer arong dem while wonderin when de madness go stop.

Which madness, de system’s or he escapin all de time?

Time tuh connect de dots between de two. End de band-aid solutions. Eef de plaster didn’t stick de first time one party try it, why de next party tink it go stick wid dem? Dat eh de height ah dysfunction?

I plead guilty tuh being one ah de people who read about families ah murder accused criticizin de long wait fuh trials. Ah tell mihself dem must be criminals too. Dat make it easy tuh not pay dem no mind.

Ah confessin dat however long dem years was dey was waitin, dey was abstract. Who does get excited about anyting dey cyar touch, feel, taste or smell?

Watchin he say why he decide he wanted tuh taste freedom have confirm all like he are no more dan de symptom of ah system in crisis an as bad as it might be, only systems dat collapse does get attention. How far away is dese from dat?

Radical action needed. When de govahment was de opposition it hang Section 34 when de PP did play try dat card so any similar option cyar be used. Buh dis is Trini politics, ah hallmark of it is dysfunction. So watch Al-Rawi sniff arong de idea ah early release. He go just come at it from de opposite direction while walkin backwards.

De problem is no side eh givin de udder side credit fuh good ideas. Dat not totally dysfunctional; not puttin country first is.

De udder day Rowley say de crime situation in Trinidad an Tobago is ah national crisis. Dat point reach an get parse long time when all kind ah leaders used tuh tork about de solution had tuh be holistic. Holistic dis, holistic dat. I sure some ah dem wasn’t even leaders. All dey wanted tuh do was use de word holistic.

T&T cyar lock up its way back tuh being ah safer country. Not when de ones doin de lockin up done show findin who tuh lock up is ah challenge. Not when de prisons an judiciary show handlin an processin who de poleece manage tuh charge does tax dey abilities.

Me eh suggestin de problem easy tuh solve, not when it systemic. But ah refuse tuh believe just because someting hard mean solvin it should be delayed. Not when time of de essence. Not when solvin it tomorrow go be harder dan tuhday an doin it tuhday was harder dan yesterday.

Even eef God is ah Trini.

He not sittin back sayin Trinis safe, dey eh have tuh do nuttin. Not when He give Man free will. Look how hard Jamaicans tryin tuh be like Trinis—tiefin carnival one corstume at ah time; gettin vex when every now an den immigration at Piarco judge dat some cyar enter Triniland. It doh matter eef dat turn out tuh be about two out ah every hundred let een; boycott Trini goods!

Ah know by digressin ah only makin enemies buh ah had tuh get dat een an was runnin out ah places. De point is being Trini is special. It is ah brand dat have tuh be nurtured.

Dysfunction an nurturin doh mix.

Please, powers dat be, take de lead.

No more like dis Sheldon Henry alias Sheldon Thomas alias, Sheldon Shaka Ajuju Henry fella. De next one mightn’t do like dis one. Dat one might touch ah icepick or knife, eef criminals does still use dem tings. He mightn’t waste time an go straight fuh what else dis Sheldon say he stay away from too. It done have enough guns in de rong hands.

Once de prime minister take de lead, de country go follow. Kamla die-hard supporters go dead. Doh let it come dong tuh de larse person orf de island turnin orf de lights.

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