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Ah shouldn’t twitch when we win

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April 2, 2016 by Fensic

Despite all de excitement yesterday, Friday, ah still find time tuh get ah lil schoolin. It was more ah refresher as life done teach mih de lesson long time buh like does happen more often dan ah like, ah did done fuhget de message.

De reminder was simple: When ah so happy ah could hardly stand it, de onlyest way tuh not start twitchin is tuh share mih excitement wid udders who happy too. However, when nobody like dat arong, mih glee does feel like it wasted an ah does start tuh twitch.

De backdrop tuh dis is dat cut-tail de West Indies just finish puttin orn India in de T20 tournament. Once I did know what time de game was goin an start ah was dey in mih hotel room orn de computer takin it een.

So what eef dis match interrupt mih mornin schedule? It not de semi-finals?

So what eef ah had tuh brush mih teet later or not at all, ah sure ah do dat more dan once before.

So what eef ah had tuh bade late? Push come tuh shove ah could take ah cowboy an spray orn Ole Spice den Brut.

Buh what eef ah couldn’t go upstairs fuh breakfast until late? Ah had tuh tink hard about dat one. Free food is free food an nuttin eh suppose tuh come between me an dat.

Ah decide ah could do everyting later as long as ah reach een de orfice in time fuh mih daily 9.00 a:m meetin. An eef ah did feel ah mightn’t reach before nine, den ah would stay an call een from mih hotel room.

It was simple: Principle had tuh take over sometime. At some point in he life ah man have tuh make ah stand an defend what important. Dis was goin an be yet ah next chance fuh mih tuh try an play man.

So dey ah was, alternatin between de computer, volume up, an de bathroom. No, ah wasn’t cork or nuttin, ah was tryin tuh brush mih teet buh ah had tuh make sure no Indian batsman eh cyatch ah vamps an hit like 5 straight sixes. Eventually ah decide ah could compromise lil bit so ah had mih shower, brush mih teet good an rush back tuh see de score.

India 192 fuh 2.

In ah flash ah dress an is upstairs ah gorn upstairs fuh breakfast. No time tuh savor how good free food does taste, ah just grab ah few tings, stuff dem een mih knapsack an ah bolt out de door. Is elevator time so ah could head dong de road tuh de orfice.

Along de way ah decide not tuh bodder de Lord wid any plea tuh not let de West Indies collapse orn de people cricket pitch. He have tuh be tired hearin dat request anyway an given how de team does play, who doh know what He answer does usually be. Still, ah eh know what ah would ah do eef ah reach de orfice an match done, India win.

In de orfice ah scan all ah dem orfshore consultants face, at least de ones who know I is ah Trini. Udder places ah wuk before when India beat de West Indies dem faces does have dis smile dat ah doh like buh cyar do nuttin about. Dis time all ah do is jump ornline an open up ah browser. Ah search fuh, T20 West Indies versus India 2016. De screen full up wid choices. One sayin someting like India 192 – 2, West Indies 160 – 3 after 17.3 overs, cyatch mih eye. Ah click orn it.

Bramps, de screen full up again, dis time wid big letters in red font. Apparently ah was about tuh run afoul ah de company Internet usage policy. Ah decide I eh breakin no rule eef ah just keep refreshin de screen.

Mih first refresh show ah next ball bowl but no runs eh score. Ah bawl an cuss in mih mind so nobody arong mih could hear. Not goin tuh de website mean all ah could do is imagine de batsman makin forward defensive strokes an tinkin he lookin good. Ah refresh de screen again. Mih heart sink. De score still eh change an de over done. Ah must be refresh dat screen two hundred million times. Most ah dem times not even ah next ball eh geh bowl yet. Buh when de score change, it was leapin.

190 fuh 3 wid 19.3 overs bowl.

Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.

196 fuh 3 wid 19.4 overs bowl



H-E-double hockey sticks yes!!

Ultimate happiness.

Ah glance arong. Dem consultants eh know what just happen or what? Dey actin like is just anudder day in de orfice. Obviously me an dem have different principles. Dat was when ah realize I eh had nobody tuh share mih happiness wid.

Ah does go tuh lunch wid two ah dem. Computer in hand, ah gorn by de first one. What was orn my screen eh had nuttin tuh do wid wuk. Ah show Sreekanth what did give mih ultimate happiness. Was he turn tuh bawl. Ah doubt mih smile could ah be bigger. While he dive orn he cellphone fuh details, I gorn lookin fuh Rohit. Before ah could reach him he went an spoil mih planned surprise.

“West Indies win.”

Ah try not tuh steups

More lookin arong. It eh had no udder West Indians. De onlyest one it used tuh have was dis Jamaican buh he name doh geh call no more. It hard tuh tell eef he gorn because most ah we does wuk from home most ah de time.

Anywy, de joy ah was feelin was startin tuh choke mih wid nobody tuh share it wid. Nobody tuh stand een ah corner wid an ask each udder eef dat is de same West Indies while acknowledgin is T20 an not test cricket. Tellin one anudder we hope de team not over-enjoyin de victory since is England up next.

England. Ah want dem destroyed in de final.

Ah long time ago, somebody say England prefer losin ah war dan ah test match. Dat person was being polite as dey leave out, “tuh de West Indies”. What would be de equivalent statement about England now it have T20? Is not like dey batsmen burnin up cricket grongs wid scorchin boundaries. De licks ah want de Sammy-led team tuh inflict orn dem is in repayment fuh allowin dey name tuh get used tuh pelt digs at who make dem great before de sun went an set orn dey empire.

While ah orn former colonies, de licks also fuh not payin reparations. It have more tuh come as I eh fuhget how Peter Crouch pull Brent Sancho hair tuh score dat goal in Germany.

Ah gorn back by Sreekanth.

“Sreekanth, yuh want tuh be ah honorary West Indian fuh ah day? We could go drinkin tuh celebrate dis victory. Allyuh was ah colony too, ent? Yuh want tuh give it ah shot?”

Sreekanth smile, he head bobbin an he eyes flashin.

Only one day, he ask.

Any twitchin I had stop one time.

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