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Dis contrariness is fuh spite or what?

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March 12, 2016 by Fensic

It eh de sun alone dat makin T&T hot lately. Dem newspaper stories doin dey part tuh keep de heat goin. Is like ah stove wid no back burner.

Take Simba de dorg an de baby it maul tuh death, Maleek Khan.

Den it had de head ah Transparency International. He waltz een T&T an use he speech tuh de local arm ah de same agency tuh tork about corruption an call out ministers Marlene an Camille fuh dey perceived actions. Dat put PP supporters in hog heaven.

At de expense ah workers, trade unions just find out which side have 50.1% ah de real power now dat management gorn an shut dong Arcelor Mittal.

De timin ah dat ironic given de earlier story ah why de country highest award dat de PP govahment bestow posthumously orn trade unionist Rienz reach eBay where It sell fuh $25k US. Anybody ask he family how it reach dey? But good news; it headin back tuh T&T.

Dem an udder stories have angles fuh bloggers tuh rail about unless dey is political bloggers who see everyting as ah nail.

I not in dat dis time.

Only one story so stick in mih craw it leave mih askin about society an de greater good. Ah keep wonderin since when how society treat who cyar fend fuh dey self stop being ah reflection ah dat society.

Tuh me ah society could be as small as ah family. After all, de same doctrines apply tuh it as do tuh ah country, ah school, ah club or any comin tuhgedder of people tuh share tings an enrich one anudder.

Readin de article again eh make mih like de answers ah was gettin any better.

How, why an when does ah society of any size deal wid members who want tuh go left when everybody else goin right?

Let we start wid de weed since dat was de essence ah de story. Fourteen grams, not even half ah ounce, is what get Michaeline Wall in trouble. She is dis unemployed woman wid ah medical condition name congenital tulips equinovarus.

How is finin she $2,500 fuh 14 grams ah weed ah positive application ah de greater good principle? Why not fine she $2,500 million? Make it US. Look at de picture ah de woman. She differently abled all 26 years ah she life. She stand as good ah chance payin dem millions just as easy as payin $2,500, not so?

Anybody feelin safer wid what happen tuh she? Ah family member? What about ah school chile, teacher or guard? Ah neighbor? Anybody ah miss in de ultimate society ah Trinidad an Tobago?

I eh know why sometimes it does seem as eef de letter ah de law does be more important dan de spirit ah de law. Especially when de law is ah baxide tuh begin wid. Imagine ah marijuana case against ah woman wid all de strikes she have. She went from arrest tuh persecution prosecution in what, 48 hours? Arrested March 6th, dragged tuh court an fined, March 7th?

Nobody wid any sense should be against swift justice. Buh where dat kind ah speed when it come tuh serious criminal activity? Look how long some accused in de Remand Yard—years an years. Ah sure ah read is 10, 12 even 16 some waitin. Fuh what? It cyar be justice.

What does happen eef yuh spend 12 years waitin an when yuh day in court reach yuh geh convicted an yuh sentence is 11 years? Fuh justice tuh be justice it have tuh be swift, seen as ah deterrent an show compassion when needed. Who gettin deterred when de state beat up orn de Michaeline Walls ah Trinbago?

Is ah good ting she wasn’t cussin too. When it come tuh makin sure de greater good prevail, is two tings de TTPS doh make joke wid: language considered obscene an marijuana. It does be so quick tuh arrest when it come tuh weed dat sometimes is only de drugs dey does arrest. Ask Ian Alleyne about cussin.

An why de handcuffs orn Michaeline? De spirit ah de law couldn’t ah come into play? How far or farse she could run? I see pictures ah hardback men who yuh know eef where de poleece was takin dem was anudder block away, is take orf dey was goin an take orf oui since dey not in handcuffs.

Nuttin about dis case I like. Nuttin. An I only now reachin de part about she applyin fuh disability. She say is eight years now she tryin wid no luck. She say dey tell she she fadder does wuk. What she parents have tuh do wid anyting? She not ah big woman? Ah adult? Why Sgt. Gordon Maharaj didn’t arrest she fadder when he see de weed in she pocket?

Sgt. Gordon Maharaj?

Of course ah cyar leave he name an go just so. Not when he have two larse name. Wid dem two names he could be de poster chile fuh good race relations between sycophants orn both sides ah de Trini political divide.

Ah takin everyting ah read about Michaeline Wall case orn face value since ah wasn’t dey tuh macco any ah what lead up tuh it. De two larse name officer could well know eef she does make ends meet by being ah scruntin, lowest level possible, pusher. He might even be sayin tuh heself, she smokin weed tuh ease de pain in she foot my foot. He might even enjoy he own puns.

Yes, de woman could be ah free wheelin soul not tied dong by society’s rules. She might even survive de best way she know how, adjustin she tale ah hardships tuh she audience. In udder words, Michaeline could be lyin she tail orf. Dat would make she no different dan udders in trouble wid de law. Ah mean she quoted as tellin reporters she could handle she stories. Dat better not be no trinispeak fuh being able tuh keep lies straight.

Ah prefer tuh believe she had ah dream once of being ah orf shore or underwater welder. Maybe she does still mention it because she remember it fondly an does wonder how she life could ah be different. I relate tuh de fond part wid my own dream from yesteryear.

Bottom line? Nuttin cyar dislodge dis story from mih craw. Not ah ting changin mih feelings orn how de poleece an courts mishandle dis powerless woman.

Buh late developments in de saga renew mih faith in de decency ah mankind. Not govahment agencies eh just so dey know. De lawyer sayin he go help she get de public assistance grant? Dat right dey show far more compassion dan de inconsistent poleece an gung-ho courts. Maybe being arong de paraplegic doctor who offer tuh help go make she do she part tuh help sheself.

Individuals still know how tuh bend dong an lend ah helpin hand. Dat is de real greater good. Dat is livin de principle ah treatin who less fortunate, wid kindness.

Now eef only de powers dat be would bend too an stop stoopin so low.

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