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Being ah doctor fuh de Tobago Regional Health Authority? I eh tink so.

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March 5, 2016 by Fensic

It obvious de Tobago Regional Health Authority need ah doctor bard. Real real bard. Claudia Groome-Duke, Health Secretary ah de ‘bago House of Assembly not dat person. By de way, I eh meanin just any kind ah doctor nah buh ah spin-doctor.

Fuh somebody tryin tuh defend de indefensible she come out de startin blocks torkin nonsense. How else tuh describe she statement dat de man did geh cleared ah all charges in de United States? Not when he plead guilty Claudia, not when he plead guilty. Unless of course dey give him back de fine he pay an tell him doh tell nobody. Anyway, she say more buh I go cover dat later. Meantime ah need tuh go back tuh near de beginnin an put what ah know in context.

First of all, de man who Claudia Groome-Duke say geh cleared ah all charges is Trini-born Dr. Robelto Osborne.

From tings ah read, mih best guess is dat Robelto Osborne was at least in he early twenties when he leave T&T tuh find fame an fortune. Eef he did plan on going back home he probably didn’t mind he reputation goin too. In fact, he might ah be hopin it would ah announce he return. Well he get he wish. Only ting is what might be desirable yesterday could be bad fuh business next week.

All I have tuh go wid about he is de articles ah find highlightin ah dark period in he professional career. De onlyest ting ah could do tuh be fair was look at as many ah dem as possible fuh any theme. I eh want tuh read nuttin so biased it eh funny. Better yet eef couple ah dem articles was from sources considered reputable.

Once ah lay out here what he reputation say about he, ah go show why I is ah natural fit fuh de spin-doctor position. Den ah go sit back an wait fuh dat call from ‘bago or, as Tobago reporters like tuh call it, de island. Ah done know exactly what ah want in payment from de island. Two seasons worth eh.

One ah de issues dat does divide Americans is abortion. Eef de Supreme Court tort it 1973 decision would ah put de matter tuh rest, it was rong. All sayin ah woman’s right tuh privacy extended tuh abortion do was harden opponents, especially how dat right women had needed tuh be balanced against ah state’s right tuh protect de life ah de same woman an any viable life inside she.

Pro-lifers or anti-abortionists, whichever name in vogue now, continue tuh be in de news over dey actions against abortion. In de past dat included killin ah abortion doctor or two, blockin de doors ah Family Plannin clinics an shamin women goin in fuh services.

Orn de udder side, it have women who have had multiple abortions. It probably still have back-alley abortion clinics too. Dem is where yuh does hear what too many women does really endure.

In de early 2000s, Dr. Robelto worked in in one ah dem sleazy places. Inspector Alexander would ah slam he too against ah car fuh what he was doin. Instead, de doctor get tuh plead guilty fuh how he treat one patient an lorse he medical license over treatment of anudder. Den he drop orf de radar only tuh have he name pop back sayin he go be dis high muckety muck doctor in ‘bago.

Questions swirlin but wid dis latest chapter in he saga competin against so many udder tings dat keepin both island hot, it possible nuttin go come ah de supposed inquiry into how he manage tuh get ah job offer in Trinbago.

Wid udders not writin no more about him, dat period in he career defines him. He need tuh come better dan he try an come just recently. Self praise cyar overcome gettin known as ah back-alley abortion doctor who get he license revoked.

While ah was checkin out everyting ah could find about him, ah find out he was also ah lawyer. Fuh ah moment mih mind drifted as ah tort ah dat combination ah skills. Ah did even see him operatin orn udder lawyers, puttin brains in dey head. Buh den ah realize he was keepin regular lawyer hours so when was dis lawyer/doctor practicin medicine?

De name of ah next Trini pop up durin mih research: Kieron Nisbet.

Up tuh know I eh sure eef he was ah real doctor or not buh he too was supposedly performin abortions in de same seedy clinic run by de same shady characters Dr. Osborne choose tuh associate wid. When de authorities was ready tuh charge Nisbet, he did done take orf. Tuh where? Check see eef yuh doctor name Nisbet Trinis.

Now let mih apply fuh dat spin-doctor position.

Ah rollin out de professional history Dr. Osborne want we tuh read. While Mark Bassant look fuh dirt ah go ask eef dat resume doh show how Trini immigrants not committed tuh success when dey enter de US. Wid so much dat country have tuh offer? Steups. Fuh who want tuh get picky an ask why he wait until February 2016 tuh tell dat story, I go say he tort he post 2000 good work would ah speak fuh itself.

Hold orn let mih make dis note tuh mihself:

Note tuh self. Before openin mout, validate what orn dat resume. Leave lookin an soundin dotish tuh people name Claudia or Duke.

Okay ah back.

Ah would ask Trinidad an Tobago eef it remember Grenadian Conrad Murray. Wid people short memory, ah might have tuh remind dem ah he relationship wid Michael Jackson an how he serve prison time een Michael’s death. Trinis have tuh remember how too many ah dem embrace Murray when dey hear he was Michael’s doctor. All because Murray grow up in Triniland yes. Once he get released from jail dey was ready tuh hand him ah license tuh practice in Triniland.

Ah would point out dat is was de former Minister ah Health, Fuad Khan, who say dis about him:

“He has already paid his dues, you cannot pay for someting indefinitely. In that sense there is the possibility where he can make a case to the Medical Board and they will consider whether he can be registered.”

Ah would hold mih breath an hope nobody remind mih how part ah de T&T Medical Board Act require ah potential doctor tuh be of, “good character”, an be ah fit an proper person, whatever dat mean, tuh practice medicine in Triniland.

Ah doh expect tuh hear any reminders.


Fuh starters:

  • Baby Simeon
  • Rose Gordon
  • Sharlene Kowlessar
  • Keisha Ayers
  • Chrystal Boodoo-Ramsoomair
  • Baby Asia Marie
  • Sasha Bisnath
  • Kellane Hinds

All deaths related tuh childbirth.

Imagine eh.

One doctor doin sloppy work tuh abort pregnancies while who knows how many doin deadly work deliverin babies. In de first instance license get revoked. In de udder ones silence after de initial outcry.

Mih mind change.

I eh want dat spin-doctor job.

No amount ah juicy mango could get rid ah dis taste in mih mout.

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