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Ahhhh Tim Kee. . . . Tim Keeeee!!

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February 13, 2016 by Fensic

Tuhday was goin an be different. Mih topic was lined up ready tuh go. It wasn’t controversial or nuttin, just me an mih torts orn pilots an planes. Ah was happy. Den he went an open he mout. All hope wasn’t lost. Ah could still salvage mih original idea once ah make ah quick comment about what he say. Den he story reach ah different level. Now ah couldn’t just follow de crowd. De drummer I does march too demand ah change plans. Mih original topic had tuh wait while ah give dis new issue mih best shot.

Ah dey wid Mayor Raymond Tim Kee an dis story dat gorn international. Just sayin mih piece quick an movin orn wasn’t goin an be like ah had figured. Not eef ah wanted tuh look into de mayor’s claim dat he comments was taken out ah context. Dat would take time.

Still, ah review de clip ah what he say tuh see if I see anyting tuh support he contention. Mih examination dismiss mih pardnah spin dat de mayor didn’t have all de facts before he make he inappropriate comment. He had enough tuh steer clear.

Once de story went international, de landscape change. Fuh starters, it have all dese people now walkin arong wid no head orn de shoulders—dey holdin dem in dey hand. Yes, Trinis hidin dey shame over how de mayor ah de nation’s capital city, make Trinidad an Tobago look in de eyes ah de world. Tuh be honest, me eh know what dat look like. All ah could do is repeat mih position orn dat phenomenon: It eh have anyting I aware of dat could happen in Trinbago an it go worldwide resultin in me hangin my head in shame. What troublin is dat it look like since de story gorn global, more Trinis tink Tim Kee need tuh get fired. By who ah not sure buh one name raised is Rowley. He an Tim Kee is PNM nah.

De closest I was tuh being ah Tim Kee supporter was when he win de election tuh head de country’s football association an promise change. Dat stop two seconds after ah realize he was not goin an deliver.

So fast forward back tuh now. Me eh have no problem sayin de timin ah he comments about de vulgarity it have in carnival show dat he slow orn de uptake. Not only dat, buh givin he dual experiences as football head an mayor, he have tuh be aware ah de power of de press, especially when de press see red meat like ill-timed controversial statements. I not go even mention how de press good at tellin people what tuh believe.

Trini Carnival always had elements ah vulgarity. Watch dem fellas dartin from woman tuh woman tiefin small wine. Watch bra an panty masqueraders doin dey best tuh get ah rise out ah dem poleece by all but dry-humpin dem.

Anybody else ever wonder what dem women would do eef bright an early Ash Wednesday dey get ah knock orn dey front door an is dem same officers rubbin dey hands in glee sayin dey ah orf duty.

Put dat tort aside.

Ah cyar see how Tim Kee could defend de statements he make. Dat is essentially what he do in he so-called apology. It directed at only dem who unhappy wid what he say. Dat mean he stand by dem same comments fuh who agree wid he. Whatever happen tuh unconditional apologies . . . allyuh ah sorry, ah should ah never say nuttin, ah wasn’t tinkin straight. Forgive mih.

End ah story.

It hard tuh believe it really have people who just like he. None ah dem eh had no clue how Asami Nagakiyarom died yet dey was acceptin he comments dat because de Japanese pannist was wearin she mas costume when dey find she murdered body so people should use dey imagination. At least he eh ask dem tuh put one an one tuhgedder. Tuh he an any equally dotish supporters, (it cyar have more dan enough fuh ah maxi taxi), sometimes yuh just cyar get udder people tuh believe your version ah de truth.

While dese murder statistics is from de US, nuttin I could find suggest is not de same scenario anyplace else dat does solve murders. Eef de TTPS could do dat more it would have statistics tuh determine eef de same patterns apply tuh T&T. So eef most murdered people know dey killers, why wouldn’t de mayor tink chances good Asami did know she killer? She was ah regular carnival visitor wid Trini friends tuh go along wid she Japanese ones. How what she was wearin come into play?

Eef Tim Kee want ah discussion about carnival behavior dat is ah different topic. Expand it tuh include how men visual. Dat is no more right or less rong dan women’s belief dat what dey wear not ah indicator of eef dey lookin fuh man. Ask Dave Chappelle about how dem two positions does clash. He point out when he need de poleece an bounce up ah woman dressed look like she is one he does assume she really is dat—ah poleece.

I doh give automatic credence tuh ah story about T&T just because is de international press reportin it. Nope, my head fine which part it is. In fact, ah more likely tuh be super critical ah de story so nuttin better doh be spell rong or no semi colon better get used instead of ah colon even eef I does only guess when tuh use which. Dat doh mean I eh tink too many Trinis fuh my likin doh start hyperventilatin when de microscope orn T&T.

Yes, de murder rate in de country at unacceptable levels. Yes, it obvious de poleece doh treat all murder victims anywhere close tuh equal, at least it obvious tuh me. De reality is dat given de odds, eef Asami was ah local, she murder stood ah better dan average chance of not gettin solved. Being ah murdered foreigner who story gorn international improves de odds dis crime go get solved. While dat good, maybe de poleece should see all murdered Trinbagonians as foreigners an visualize de international press runnin ah story orn each.

So, yuh goin an recommend Tim Kee resign?

Deryck Murray in he prime could never stump mih so good. But de poster ah dis question was mih mentor, spiritual advisor, confidante, go-to right arm an possessor of de kind ah insight dat does make mih squirm. Dis rongs ah was still tryin tuh figure out what slant tuh take orn dis Tim Kee issue when de question come. Since den Tim Kee announce he quittin he mayoral post dis comin Monday.

Could I have come out an say yes when ah get asked? De more ah did dig into what Tim say de more ah was leanin dat way. By de time ah heard he plans fuh Monday ah was listin like 46 degrees. One more degree an ah would ah fall.

Maybe next week go be different in many ways.

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