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Suicide too late fuh de chirren of pedophilia

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February 6, 2016 by Fensic

Is me who initiate de call larse night. De conversation still orn mih mind tuhday.

It start as soon as he answer.

“Ah call dat one! Ah call dat one! Ah tell yuh he wasn’t goin an make it tuh no trial.”

“Yuh call what one? Who yuh say wasn’t makin it tuh trial?”

De possibility ah wake up de man flash in mih head. Ah decide nah, he would ah done cuss mih eef ah did do dat. De tort leave. Mih focus return tuh celebratin how ah connect de dots an call dis one.

“De scamp who violate dat lil chile nah. Ah know he wasn’t goin an make it tuh no trial.”

“Oorrrrr . . . de pervert an de five-year ole. What happen, dey kill him?”

Ah pause tuh pick mih words carefully since de article say he was clutchin ah loptop.

“Dey find him dead, hangin from some tree branch. Guess where?”


“In ah cemetery.”

He laugh was cynical as expected.

“Dey eh have far tuh take he body den.”

“Just dig de hole right below him den cut de rope,” ah offer up seein de matter of he disposal settled in two twos.

“Ah sorry he kill heself doh,” my pardnah in de conversation offer up.

“Yuh what?”

“Ah mean ah sorry he went an kill heself an eh get no licks first.”

Ah stop circlin mih chair an plop dong in it.

“Do certain tings in dis worl an yuh have tuh kill yuhself afterwards.”

“Ah still sorry he kill heself.”

“Dat was he best option.”

“Buh why he tape what he do she?”

“Fuh later when he by heself?” Ah toss out ah alternative theory. “I tink he wanted tuh geh cyatch leavin he phone which part he leave it. Look how he run when de chile mudder confront him wid it.”

“Like suicide by cop?”

“Yes, in ah way.”

He couldn’t see mih shakin mih head up an dong.

“Ah still say he should ah face de music like ah man.”

“He eh had de balls. He was only strong enough tuh molest chirren. Yuh tink he could ah take dem poleece beatin he baxide orn de way tuh de station? Not tuh mention udder prisoners makin he dey own five-year old in jail. He could ah never eat all dem salads tossed at him.”

He buss out laughin once dat larse vision sink een.

“Besides,” ah continue, “Triniland eh ready tuh accept de idea dat it have perverts like he arong. People is people all over de worl an some ah dem is real sick puppies. Trinis just eh ready tuh know about de ones in dey midst.”

Mih pardnah still wanted dis one caught alive. Ah wasn’t agreein fuh ah second.

“Listen man, it have some places in dis worl yuh doh go, some lines yuh doh cross. Go dey, cross dem an yuh onlyest hope fuh de slightest chance ah gettin considered tuh be hauled back up from de depths of ah place worse den Hell an den considered fuh gettin relocated to Hell is tuh kill yuh self oui.”

Ah tort about how de papers say he body geh find.

“He do de right ting.”

We keep torkin wid one ting leadin tuh de next. All de topics was related so dey was orn de dark side. While Trinis mightn’t explore perverts like dis fellah, ah few might touch orn some ah de related topics. Since me an mih pardnah gettin lil bit long in de toot an cyar learn no new tricks, we had more questions as tuh why dis or dat is so orn dem topics. But we sure we had de answers tuh ah few.

We decide gay men more womanish dan women an gay women more mannish dan de average man. We agree dat men skin does crawl at de idea ah two men doin de nasty, buh is not de same when we tink ah two gay women at play. Me an he believe men, eef dey honest, tink dey have de cure fuh women being gay. Just bring de women over, two at ah time, once ah week. In we case, once ah month.

Anyway tuhday reach.

Torts ah we conversation in mih head. Not so much de related topics part, eef at all. Dat was ah example ah what man does lean towards sayin when no woman arong. We eh testin none an dem theories.

My torts is about dis fellah, de hanged pedophile. Ah could find he name buh I not bodderin. He stayin nameless good enough. Nope, have tuh adjust dat first sentence. Mih focus orn he perverted actions an what systems it have in place tuh cyatch people like he cause more floatin arong de country. Ah also tinkin about de lil chile an she mudder who better be racked wid guilt. Plenty dots tuh connect in order tuh have any hope ah identifyin pedophiles regardless how yuh spell de word. Findin dem by accident eh go wuk. Social media revelations not a strategy.

Ah read where dis particular pervert hook up wid de chile mudder at dey job an dey was ah item lickity split. Ah know when yuh alone an somebody new come een yuh life givin yuh attention it could do wonders fuh yuh self-esteem. Perverts know dat too. Since most pedophiles is men it eh always de lonely mudder, dey after. Dey know de woman senses all fired up by de attention dey layin at she feet. Ladies, doh make it be in exchange fuh access tuh what should be yuh most valuable possession.

Ah read where ah next newspaper say de laptop was strapped tuh he stomach. Dat is not no minor discrepancy between accounts nah.

Ah read where he had related matters before de court. So . . . Lord, ah hate tuh ask ah dotish question . . . what happen tuh dis sex offenders’ registry? Dat question is tuh Ellen Lewis, eef she is still de head ah corporate communication fuh de poleece. Ah lookin at she picture in ah article from August larse year 2015. Ah was suspicious at how she phrase she statement about when de registry go be done, or as she put it, ‘expected tuh be done.’ De draft of it ah mean. Since DCP Hackett was draftin, whatever dat mean, dey might ah had tuh start over, eef he not in de TTPS no more. Heaven forbid it have anyting call continuity between outgoin an incomin.

Ah read where de poleece an dem chest about tuh buss. Dey torkin about how he, de pervert, did feel dey net closin een orn him. Tuh dat allusion of an illusion all ah have tuh say is, ‘yeah right.’

Ah read udder tings too, all related tuh mas. Tings jumpin dis Carnival weekend. Now ah wonderin eef from Ash Wednesday, anybody go be writin about how udder mudders go start gettin assured dey will not have tuh say what dis mudder say about dis pedophile.

Ah read she say he get orf easy.

Dat is no damn deal.

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