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If not Maxie what’s-his-name, den is you Rowley

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January 30, 2016 by Fensic

Me sayin, ‘connect de dots’, an de govahment ah Trinbago Communications Minister sayin, ‘connect de dots’, eh both mean de same ting nah.

Mine say no matter what yuh start wid in T&T, yuh go end up wid ah bigger picture an know how an why tings reach where dey is now. It go also show yuh where tings goin. In udder words, like ah say at least once before, mines show everyting connected tuh everyting else.

Now ah could be rong all doh ah doubt it, buh when Maxie Cuffy tell reporters tuh ‘connect de dots’, is he goal tuh obfuscate or make dem feel dotish? Because he eh have de answer de reporters seekin when dey ask him why de prime minister reach all de way into de Foreign Service tuh find Dennis Moses an name he ah minister in de Ministry ah National Security? De reaction tuh de appointment suggest ah significant portion ah de country scratchin it head over dis announcement wonderin what de so-an-so just happen. People didn’t know Rowley hand dat long. Eef, ‘significant portion’, is accurate, den PNM supporters scratchin too.

Anyway, Maxie Cuffie—what ah name eh, he should ah be in de entertainment business—explain dat de minister ah national security responsible fuh more dan just law an order; he responsible fuh immigration, counter-terrorism an, ‘national security matters’. Is when de reporters cheups an ask he what dat have tuh do wid Moses dat Maxie ask dem eef he have tuh give dem crayons.

Ah have news fuh Maxie, in case he eh know. Dem is not dots. Dem is what mih eye doctor does call floaters. Dey not real. Dey does start one place an float arong tuh udder places so it eh have nuttin tuh connect. However, ah encouraged dat somebody in govahment realize eef yuh want tuh see de big picture ah anyting, yuh have tuh connect de dots.

I eh pickin orn dis govahment. Lord knows de ones before it couldn’t connect no dots eidder. None ah dem ministers ever tork about no dots. Is not no race, buh dis govahment ahead.

Just so de honorable Minister ah Communications know, when ah connect mih own dots orn dis issue, guess who I eh see no more?

Minister Dillon.

I tink Maxie even give de explanation why Dillon could be de first major casualty of dis govahment. Ah look close an read closer; Maxie say de minister ah national security doh have tuh be ah military man. Me an Maxie is buddies orn dat point. Every military man appointed tuh head dat ministry, fail. Tuh be fair, everybody else fail too. I never tort ah would say dis buh Griffith was probably de best. Nope, let mih say dat de correct way: Griffith mout could make yuh tink he was failin less dan dem udders.

Ah Trini blogger say military men does walk into de position wid ah hammer in dey hand an every problem dey see does look like ah nail. In reality, de insightful blogger say, de position need ah manager. While I agree, ah only doin so in de context ah politics when yuh does have tuh look at seemingly unconnected ramifications of yuh actions.

Still, let we doh fuhget one reality: De one time it does have de fewest murders is when dem soldiers patrollin de streets. Connect dem dots Maxie.

De overall statements by Maxie give insight into how Trinis who too close tuh de trees, does tink an why dat tinkin is ah tomb. It have ah big difference when yuh start orf sayin de minister ah national security doh have tuh have ah military backgrong versus dat minister doh have tuh have ah civilian backgrong. I wid who say de minister primarily settin policy an makin sure who executin it have de tools dey need. De onlyest weapon dey need is ah pen. Unless govahments change dis military-better-approach, Genieva go end up being de retirement home fuh ex-Brigadiers.

Ah surprised dat wid de evidence of failure at managin crime litterin de landscape, dis govahment was not better prepared wid more original ideas orn what tuh do. Yes, 4 tuh 5 murders every 3 days could bushwhack de best ah plans. De violence dem numbers represent slam into Rowley an dem chest, not unlike how smaller buh just as deadly numbers leave Kamla an crew dazed too. But adaptin is what separates good govahments from govahments, especially when de new govahment parse dong dat road before. Ah disappointed dis one eh hit de grong runnin when dey moved from politickin tuh governin.

Eef tings keep slidin, ah go have tuh ask mihself ah question ah doh want tuh consider buh yet have tuh practice askin: Is Trinidad an Tobago no longer governable? Oil carry de country fuh as long as it did, despite all de tings it had tuh fight orf, buh now it just eh able. Is so all dem innate natural talents an goodness in de country slowly losin grong tuh evil? Tell mih it eh evil we seein orn nearly every front. Which fronts eh showin it is only because it eh reach dem yet. Is like we seein de comin tuhgedder of everyting being connected tuh everyting else or what?

Four tuh 5 murders every 3 days. More bars people go be puttin orn de windows an more places dey eh want darkness reach dem.

Except fuh Carnival fetes of course, for who have de festivities deep in dey blood. De fact dat ah doh understand how people could be so comfortable how de good madness ah carnival juxtaposition tuh de unhealthy madness mean mih Trini adaptability weak, eef not gorn.

I cyar argue dat one cause ah remember de evenin de sad news story about dem two schoolboys finish. De next story dive out de TV wid heightened emotions, excited sounds, carnival-esque loudness an ah fever-pitch pace. A jump one time wonderin what de arse, not even ah half second pause between stories?

Given de poleece ability tuh deter crime, actin CoP Williams promise on how safe carnival go be dis year would mean me eh goin no place near tong. Trouble would ah have tuh come look fuh mih from February 5th tuh de 12th. Even doh ah dis far away, dis go be de first carnival ah go be waitin fuh Ash Wednesday all tense.

But like wid every udder administration, mih faith wid de prime minister, dis time is Rowley. It not unshakable. As long as he have de country best interest at heart. Anybody who tink it about ah smaller groupin, cyar be ah true Trini.

De jury go be out fuh lil while longer as tuh eef he an de country ready fuh each udder. Dey better be since ah next 5 years waitin cyar be good.

In de meantime, he could start wid connectin dem dots.

An aside? I doubt Maxie larse name spell two different ways. Dat is me imitatin de local press. De man own byline in de offendin Guardian as well as de names ah govahment MPs show he larse name is Cuffie, not Cuffy.



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