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Call it what it was an still is . . . Christmas!

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December 19, 2015 by Fensic

Is one ting we Trinis know how tuh do better dan anybody else, regardless which part we live. Yes, we know how tuh have ah good time, even in de middle ah hard times. While 2015 had its share ah hard times, Christmas right rong de corner an Carnival just waitin fuh de Christmas tree an lights tuh come dong.

Eef de time-worn Trini tradition ah followin fashion still at play—I say yes, it still is given de dotish Christmas idea of de powers dat be at Piarco, all carnival waitin orn is de holiday tree tuh come dong.

I stuck in time, at least when it come tuh what I does tink of when dis time ah year reach. De larse couple years ah reminisce out loud. Ah know some ah what ah say is Greek tuh ah couple generations ah Trinis well. Dat is okay doh as de way time does fly dese days, dey time tuh be outdated comin just now.

Fuh de rest ah we who know what true Christmas is, an tuh de younger folks who curious as tuh how it was, ah tape mih reminiscing since ah cyar take all dat nostalgia.

So once again, dis is how I remember Christmas.



Dis, I go always love: Tell Santa by Nap Hepburn. Always.

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