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Ah cyar fool mihself no more; we not sophisticated

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December 12, 2015 by Fensic

Give me enough time an I go figure almost anyting out.


Well, only de udder day I realize logic is ah luxury none ah we dare afford when tings arong we goin tuh hell in ah hand basket. Yes, just de udder day ah figure dat out while listenin an watchin all de madness goin orn. De onlyest difference between dat kind ah discovery an puttin tuhgedder de pieces of ah jigsaw puzzle is dat ah does know what ah tryin tuh do wid de jigsaw puzzle pieces. It was one ah dem journeys yuh doh even know yuh orn.

So now ah no longer believe we humans more sophisticated dan we ancestors despite all we technology. Ah now know dat belief incompatible wid someting I does always say: It is not about what true buh what yuh could get udders tuh believe. I just didn’t go far enough wid dat tort even doh ah firmly believe it so true ah could take it tuh de bank an get enough cash in return tuh pay de Soca Warriors dey money.

In takin dat additional step, I now eh have no choice but tuh admit someting fundamental of humans; past, present an de future too: At de end ah de day, we no different from udder animals; we hard-wired tuh de desire tuh survive. Dat mean we eidder go fight or run no tail when we tink de time reach.

I have mih opinion on eef what Donald Trump proposin fuh Muslims wantin tuh experience de American dream. What he say appeals tuh plenty Americans. When de next attack by radical Muslims happen as it will, more Americans go agree wid he. It could even get tuh de point where de govahment feel is time tuh act. Next ting yuh know is all kind ah restrictions orn people. Far-fetched? Before 1942, Japanese-Americans probably tort so too.

Extreme ideas does start out being de domain of people orn de fringes. Dey buy into dat; is what yuh could get people tuh believe, concept tuh ah “t”. Is only dey own logic dey recognize. But let what dey screamin about keep happenin, more normal people go abandon traditional logic an next ting yuh know is flight or fight time. De bandwagon go be long.

De onlyest ones who go still cling tuh traditional logic go be dem who does attend tea parties an hold dey teacup wid dey pinkies extended. Dey go be in dey own reality. De question any visitor from anudder planet go tuh have is answer is which group go be more removed from reality; de one wid wide-eyed people or de one wid people little fingers stickin out.

Decades from now, school chirren go be lookin at dey govahment-issued holograms watchin how life was in dis decade. Dey go wonder how dotish we was. Dey might even click de button tuh experience how life was in dis era we livin in. Eef de context is religion den it go mean de religious war I expectin eh happen yet.

Is not like ah didn’t know about de fear of de unknown since logic does always be out de door when enough people doh understand an cyar solve anyting dey see as ah threat. Despite mih belief dat everyting connected tuh everyting else it just happen tuh be part ah de jigsaw puzzle I eh connect. But mih revelation about logic not restricted tuh religious topics.

Ah remember how people did start tuh behave during de Ebola scare. Triniland not excluded even doh it did look like Carnival 2015 was more important.

Why so many Trinis eh followin de flow right? First comes, is what yuh could get people tuh believe. After dat, logic have tuh go out de window because of too much pressure or mauvais lang. Den comes actin irrational. Why Trinis goin from sense tuh dotishness faster dan how Brazil drop dem 11 goals orn de second string Women Soca Warriors an de 6 de US drop orn de first string team? Look how dat family member say he was tryin tuh shock de lil toddler back tuh life. Like eef offerin up someting dat ridiculous as ah excuse as tuh how she died doh sound as bad as admittin she dead from continued abuse.

Ah next example of where logic like it orn vacation have tuh be dis situation wid de man who geh taped beatin de woman like how dem Australians just finish doin de West Indies so-called cricket team. Was kick an cuff an tire iron in she tail while she coverin up better dan dem cricketin clowns. Tank de Lord de poleece find someting tuh charge him wid since she didn’t want tuh press charges.

Given she inability tuh choose between fight or flight, right an rong, it shouldn’t be no surprise she now want he home tuh spend de holidays wid she. But where de logic sayin authorities have tuh go along wid dotishness an grant it? Why dey couldn’t say she an he could spend de holidays tuhgedder an lock she up wid he in de cell instead?

Would dis be too logical fuh de authorities who tink grantin she wish is ah good idea: Drop de charges against him now an leave de two ah dem tuh go figure out eef he killin she before she kill he or she killin he before he kill she. Or dey leave dis world hand in hand, after all, dey een love.

While ah know ah could take de idea about, is what yuh could get people tuh believe, tuh de bank, ah doh know eef is some kind ah calamity T&T headin for because people eh followin de sequence. Maybe dat is ah next set ah ting ah have tuh wait tuh figure out. In de meantime, ah could find more examples outside T&T.

How could I be ah innocent bystander when ah orn ah train next tuh ah man wid ah accent dat have mih tinkin he from ah Arab country. An dat big suitcase he had wasn’t frightenin mih in joke nah. But logic tell mih everybody have ah accent, eef yuh put dem in de right settin. It point out dat somebody carryin ah suitcase orn de train not unusual. Dat explanation eh larse long. Next ting ah know ah fightin panic. Ah tellin mihself eef what in dat suitcase explode, I go dead nanoseconds after he cause we was dat close tuh each udder. Ah did prefer tuh hope dat since he did ask mih ah question an ah answer him he would spare mih life because somehow he would ah know I from Triniland an in Triniland all races does live in peace. Maybe he would go tuh ah next carriage wid he suitcase bomb.

Dat one incident had mih goin from believin mih own version ah what I tort was true tuh dismissin all sense of logic. Ah suspect mih next move was to go park mih own self in ah next carriage. Would it have been safer? Dat irrelevant since logic would ah been gorn long time.

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