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Dr. Ralph Gonzales . . . all ah know . . . now dat is

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November 21, 2015 by Fensic

Ah not out on ah limb tuh say before dis week one of de onlyest tings I did know about Dr. Ralph Gonsalves was dat ah was never sure how tuh pronounce he larse name. Is de v silent or not? Dat level of distraction suggest any story comin after he name get mention wasn’t gettin mih full attention. How ah did know he is de prime minister ah St. Vincent an de Grenadians den? Anyway, wid de week done, am I more educated about him? Yes in one way, no in udders. Ah more surprised at de tings long in de public domain ah now knowin doh.

Fuh who eh see it yet, dis article start de ball rollin. All I tort ah was going an do was read it den poke arong fuh what ah could find; tuh be mih own judge nah. After all, is endless ways yuh could describe how tuh macco. Well tings went parse dat. Intrigue had mih diggin fuh more. Ah chase dong article after article.

In de first article, de St. Vincent rulin party officials seem tuh have inside information orn dis phone sex tape dat ah callin PST from now orn. Dey say yes, de man voice orn it sound just like de prime minister’s . . . .buh is not his.

Wid St. Vincent elections comin up just now, in early December tuh be exact, ah could see why Dr. Gonzalves dismiss de PST as mischief from he political opponents. But de opposition steups. No need fuh PST tuh get he out ah orfice, it say. Remember, he in orfice since about when, 2001?

Maccoious me find an listen tuh de PST. As far as I care, de argument could keep goin orn who de man in de black boxers is. From dat tape ah reach an next one. It was not no PST an had nuttin tuh do wid anyting consensual. It wasn’t ah recent tape eidder. Orn it, dis Canadian Civil Rights lawyer, wid Vincentian roots, level sexual allegations against Dr. Gonzalves. Ah get cyatch orf guard. Ah next story get mention. Ah chase dat dong.

Ah find out dat in 2008, ah female member ah Dr. Gonsalves security detail accuse him ah rapin she while she was guardin he house. Ah rape charge? Ah earlier sexual assault attempt belatedly piggy-backin dat? An he still prime minister? Maybe he is ah modern-day Joe Btfsplk, yes, B-t -f-s-p-l-k, from L’il Abner. Why I doh remember seein anyting in de local press or is mih memory dat bad? Ah wonderin what going orn in St. Vincent an eef it still happenin.

Fuh who might be comparin any ah dis wid Rowley situation don’t, it different. He principal accuser hide behind parliamentary privileges tuh pelt she accusations. What about de video wid udder allegations release orn Facebook den? Rumors orn de grong did say dat was comin, once de shoppin arong was done. De carnival picture? If who complainin not suggestin carnival immoral an should stop den dey is hypocrites.

Besides, now elections done, listen. . . . . .

Yuh hear dat? . . . . . Is silence.

Allegations gorn? Back tuh St. Vincent where tings not silent den.

Activists doh tink dey prime minister under any cloud. Is years now dey say he typifin de abuse ah power dey believe rampant in de region. Dey see he behavior as despicable; examples of what men does do tuh women wid impunity. Udders lookin at how so much ah de country directly beholden tuh him. Nobody could go against him an win dey feel.

How far de rape allegation reach? Wikileaks. Yes Wikileaks, de association ah journalists whose response tuh govahment secrecy is tuh leak top-secret govahment documents udders sneak an give dem.

Could de universe be any more upsided dong? I here, cyar stop wonderin how dis eh explode all over de local press while ah organization protestin secrecy arong de world know about it. Steups.

Anyway, hush-hush US govahment cables between Washington an de US Embassy in Barbados geh leaked tuh Wikileaks. Diplomats in de region was doin like ET an phonin home. Fuh what, permission maybe? Permission tuh buy de poleece woman silence, offerin money, house an foreign schoolin? She deny it. However, she did change lawyers an drop she claim. She also did travel abroad but eh get in de university. Gonsalves defenders say dat right dey was proof nobody eh buy she orf or nuttin.

Even eef de average Trini eh know much about all what going orn, de country get mentioned in de mess, accordin tuh de same article. It say de uniform de poleece woman was wearin geh smuggled into T&T fuh DNA testin. Mih only question tuh dat was when did T&T stop sendin out it own evidence in court cases fuh DNA testin? Anyway, what happen after she clothes reach Triniland not mentioned.

Jump forward tuh now. De rape story back in de Vincentian news wid ah kind ah vigor an venom dat make it seem fresh tuh ah outsider hearin about it fuh de first time. Maybe is because it unresolved. It stayin dat way because now it is ah symbol of what some, maybe even many, see as darker tings in St. Vincent. I eh meanin de guilt or innocence ah de prime minister eh. I dey wid de social, political, cultural an economic fabric ah de country. Dem articles I see suggest fractures. Fuh what it worth, de opposition pointed tuh de country’s rate ah gender-based crimes.

From what I could tell, de PST scandal reignite de issues surroundin de St. Vincent prime minister. De poleece woman orn de tork circuit while de prime minister chief supporter yellin at an about she tuh everybody.

Wedder de prime minister get re-elected up tuh de people in he country. However, should somebody who have dem kind ah dark clouds arong be leadin any democratic country? Is it good enough fuh dem who support him tuh be dismissively heavy-handed even eef de law backin dem up? Is de judiciary fractured too?

Is he accusers lyin? Dat question cyar go unasked.

In addition tuh tellin what ah know now here, ah guess ah wanted tuh show dat tings not hunky-dory in St. Vincent.

Ah make note ah de various publications ah get mih information from but ah still have tuh ask dis: How many people clueless of dis mess right in Trinbago’s backyard? If is just me an de average Trini did know everyting an done fuhget parts den I obviously have tuh expand mih horizons. However, if it have ah pattern ah who in de dark den is ah different story. Everybody should have de option ah hearin widout havin tuh dig an dig. After all, when it come tuh Caribbean tings, de outside world doh make ah distinction between islands. Part of ah boat cyar sink.

One ting ah did know before findin all dis out is dat in dis 2015 election season voters cleanin house. Eef dat happen in St Vincent an de Grenadians ah would love tuh be ah fly orn de wall when Dr. Ralph Gonzalves an de udder losers compare notes.

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