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Seven weeks left fuh de TTPS 2015 Operational Plan

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November 7, 2015 by Fensic

I not expectin no miracle tuh change how tings go come out. Not wid seven weeks left in 2015.

Eh, somebody say?

What ah dey wid?

Just dis:

Is no secret de TTPS lookin tuh make massive change. Orn it website, two interestin documents detail de tings expected. One is dis Strategic Plan coverin 2014, 2015 an 2016.

De udder document is de organization’s Operatin Plan fuh 2015. It say what de organization suppose tuh achieve by December 31st 2015. Only seven weeks left.

Ah cyar answer eef all dis goal-settin an measurin start wid de larse person holdin de title of CoP as opposed tuh wid who only actin CoP. Also, ah cyar say eef de approach tuh implementin different now from before. However, dat de TTPS even have dem two documents is ah good sign. But, I not here tuh praise or bury de TTPS, only wonder out loud.

Tuh do dat ah pull ah few tings out de plans ah just mention. I eh do it random-like nah. Everyting ah pull de public want tuh see happen as dat would mean de TTPS startin tuh be what John an Jane Q want it tuh be. Mih examples so fresh orf de website dey eh even trinspeechified yet. Mih goal in all dis is tuh gauge as best ah could how de TTPS doin usin it own numbers it surprisingly have in de public domain.

Key 2015 Initiatives:

  • Reduce and detect crime
  • Improve safety on the roads and other public places
  • Improve level of citizen-centred services
  • Strengthen the organization

Since de TTPS know yuh cyar manage what yuh doh measure it have measurements:

  • Serious crime – 5% reduction
  • Violent crime – 20% reduction
  • Murders – 20% reduction
  • Serious crime – 30% detection rate
  • White collar crime – 10% increase in detection rate
  • Illegal firearms Seizure 5% increase
  • 800 new officers

Mih assumption is dat murder get separated out from serious an violent crime so it could get tracked by itself. Dat rong?

Any ah dem goals require new laws? I eh tink so. What else new officers need but tuh understand dey job an buss dey tail doin it?

Eef it turn out any ah dem udder 2015 goals require new laws laws den shame orn de TTPS fuh tinkin laws an tools could ever be in place in de same year. Not een T&T. So:

Acquire 400 speed guns

Lobby for the implementation of a “points system” in which penalty points are assigned to drivers for traffic offences

Set up National Firearms registry

Dis goal prove mih point: Establish Sex Offenders registry.

August gorn, de TTPS say it hope de registry go be ready before de end ah de year. I eh sure ah understand dat because by now yuh wid tink dey would know eef it go be ready. Is it more dan just ah database wid line after line ah information on whoever; ah, look-up file, in de parlance ah computer geeks?

It have udder tings ah see dat interestin. Take tork about de need fuh fleet management tuh make sure it always have enough poleece vehicles up an runnin. Dat make sense until ah check VMCATT website. Dey boastin about being de premier fleet management organisation in de region. Who it claim is one customer? De TTPS.

Me eh watch Beyond De Tape in ah while but in a recent week ah cyatch de larse half ah one, Dat program not as informative no more. Now it is ah bad semi reality show where Marlon an de inspector—hmmm, dey could rename it dat, Marlon an de Inspector—does try tuh outdo one anudder wid dey corny jokes.

Listeners does still call een wid serious issues. Tuh me dey doh get complete answers because Marlon an de Inspector too busy playin orf each udder. It does be funny sometimes buh I eh tink it supposed tuh be. Not when Inspector Alexander find heself apologizin fuh de behavior ah poleece officers somewhere een de country.

Dis one woman call tuh complain about de officer who ask she what she want he tuh do about it de traffic durin de larse day ah dem political rallies. She wasn’t happy about de TTPS customer service. So too was de fella who claim when he went in de station tuh make ah report about ah man who grab him in ah sexual way. He say de poleece laugh at him.

Ditto de woman who geh tell at de poleece station dat she had tuh bring she husband wid she. Even de Inspector shake he head at dat one because de woman went tuh deliver ah restrainin order dat de police was den suppose tuh serve on she husband. Ah man dat she say was violent, de same reason why she take out de same restrainin order. So dat goal eh gettin reach in dis Strategic Plan. It might have tuh have it own plan oui.

All dat mean dis TTPS 2015 goal have ah ways tuh go: Police officers will receive additional training in customer service which will contribute to an improvement in the delivery of service to citizens wherever they interact with police officers.

Like every poleece organization, de TTPS, charged wid ah trio ah tings:

  1. Keepin law an order
  2. Preventin an detecting crime
  3. Prosecutin ah offenders

De most visible measure orn how de TTPS doin is cuts in de murder rate it hope go happen an de jump in solvin murders de organization set fuh itself an hope go happen too. People usin how safe dey feel as dey measurement. Yet dat tied back tuh how de poleece managin crime.

So how den is de TTPS measurin up tuh its goals based orn it own numbers?

De answer call fuh ah visit tuh de TTPS website an goin tuh dey dey Statistics web pages. Hmmm, ah wonder eef ah by mihself in sayin whoever design dem graphs an charts need licks?

Since ah say goin tuh dat webpage go provide de answer, listenin tuh what out in public provides ah clue too as tuh de answers even eef de audit ah de TTPS eh start yet. Is two stories I say tellin de tale ah law enforcement in T&T. Eef dat tale was ah baby, it would be de first one not even de mudder could claim to love. It eh have tuh do wid ugliness doh, just de drumbeat ah more ah de same dat doh wuk cause dat ugly too.

Tell de ministry all de tool yuh want an we go provide so yuh have what necessary tuh fight crime. Someting along dem lines is what de Ministry ah National Security tell de TTPS.

Buh wait.

Who usin dem tools? Officers who eh provide good customer service tuh residents who report de abandon car in dey neighborhood? De same car wid de body who head get decapitated? Or is de kind ah officers reported orn Beyond de Tape?

Dat really need any studyin tuh answer?

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