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Treat chirren an de elderly good, judgin goin orn

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October 24, 2015 by Fensic

Wickedness is someting else oui. Who it doh infect? Some does adjust dey steps tuh avoid it. Udders does go so far as tuh try an avoid wickedness by refusin tuh hear or see reports ah what it doin. Wickedness like when dat happen because den it free tuh divide an conquer wid few any de wiser. Sometimes wickedness does slip up an show it hand when it want tuh wreck tings faster. Dat is when yuh have tuh take note ah what happen an respond. Den yuh have tuh acknowledge de bigger picture wickedness paintin an take de additional action needed. Is two parts tuh de prescription. Instinct go cause de focus tuh be orn only de first part but dat second part? It cyar be ignored. It is key. No skips or substitutes.

Dis larse week wickedness lash T&T hard. De sound echo all over.

De Wheeler’s brutal double murder in Tobago had tuh shock whoever does still jolt upright when de news of ah next grisly murder get parse dey defenses. In my fight tuh not be shocked as much, ah twinge lil bit.

Eef de answer is yes, it have serial killers orn de prowl in Tobago den Tobago eh ready fuh dat. While ah serial killer is ah murderer, cyatchin de culprit is not like cyatchin ah regular murderer, not fuh dem who job supposed tuh be findin murderers of all stripes.

Regular murderer.

Ah phrase dat evil should never roll orf nobody tongue dat easy.

Not everybody orn board wid de idea it might be ah serial killer despite similarities tuh udder killings over de parse few years. One such person, prominently positioned, is Orville, de Tobago House of Assembly Chief Secretary. He might ah be torking in Tobago buh he audience was wherever people was debatin eef tuh still head tuh Tobago fuh vacation. Like he eh take into consideration all what wickedness was showin when he open he mouth an say it eh have no serial killer prowlin bout de place. Dem kind ah statements should get de poleece attention. It would eef I was de poleece cause I want tuh know how Orville know dat.

He went orn tuh say it have crime all over de place. Ah not sure which he was meanin; all de place in de world or all de place in T&T. Eidder way, dem was de kind ah dotish responses wickedness like. Dey does make it tink not even de first part ah de solution go get implemented. Somebody must be kick Orville under de table as he hush up. None ah dat would ah been necessary eef he had limited he statements tuh how horrified an sorry he was by de killings an he sure de poleece go do dey best an eef dey need help dey go ask fuh it.

I hope de two Trinis an de Vincentian dat get hold fuh usin de dead people credit cards big enough players in de gruesome killings tuh provide information orn who commit de murders an eef it have connections to similar ones.

I hope too de bigger picture not dead. What de evil dis wickedness whisperin cyar go unheard. De focus cyar be on de negative impact de murders go have orn tourism in Tobago when CAL blank London—de airport in England, not de Chief Secretary.

Eef dem deaths wasn’t ah horrific enough event de country wasn’t ready for, ah video involvin Trinis, appeared orn Facebook. Is not de first child abuse in T&T tuh reach social media. Orf de top ah mih head ah recall it had one wid ah woman beatin she chile wid ah shovel an ah next one wid ah lil boy chained up in dis yard like ah dorg.

I doh like watchin none ah dem. Fuh dis one ah get snippets from TV an details from mih pardnah. Mih sense is dat it eh have no excuse, none, tuh explain how or why ah hard-back big-belly man would act like he wrestlin somebody he size an force feed ah toddler while he woman blamin de chile. How de two ah dem pick up an run when de video went viral prove dey know dey did do wrong. Now dey in custody, people would cheer eef dey get punishment like ISIS does dish out. ISIS would be dessert eef was my daughter dey was baby-sittin an mistreat so. Some people does forfeit dey place in dis world because ah how dey treat chirren. Just because dese cyar beat up nobody big like dem ah chile have tuh suffer? Sometimes turn arong is really fair play.

It have ah sayin about how yuh could judge ah society by how it does treat de very young an de very ole. Maybe is dat sayin ah was subconsciously tinkin about when ah tort ah didn’t want tuh comment orn tings dis week. Must ah been denial. Well mih subconscious clear now as ah recall dis next Facebook video.

One newspaper say she is ah nursing-home assistant. Ah next one say she is ah geriatric nurse. After seein de kind ah care she does provide I have mih own name fuh she. Eef she did know how incredible evil an sickenin she did look, dat nursing-home geriatric advantage-takin brute would ah never stand orn de bed wid she hoof orn de tiny ole man belly or chest. She was so much bigger dan de poor man. De onlyest name she could call she self is dotish bully.

Two chances an ah clean up de name ah had fuh she? Wow. She must be tort dat mean she eh do nuttin rong cause, unlike de two dat abuse de lil chile, she eh run no place. De poleece stroll by she wuk de next day an pick she up. Should she get run out ah T&T doh eef she not ah Trini?

Judge ah country by how it treat its most vulnerable; chirren an de elderly.

Because nobody eh accuse nobody of abuse, ah not addin de months-young baby girl who had problems at ah daycare center an end up dead. However, like all chirren she was  vulnerable. As fuh de Wheelers? Dey wasn’t dat elderly but dey was defenseless against tools ah death just like udder seniors, across both islands, who suffer de same fate.

Wickedness is someting else oui. In each ah dese situations it hope people go be short sighted. Despite dat happenin in Tobago it eh go wuk as a strategy. Trinis who know it have ah bigger picture done start movin tuh suit. Even de prime minister signal he willingness tuh tweak de govahment lil bit eef needed. Yes, de TTPS have ah big role but it not de onlyest player, society dey too like always.

Wid everybody involved doin dey piece, de spoon wid de medicine gettin lick clean. Everybody go be ready so it will not have ah next time like larse week.

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