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Takin ting fuh granted?

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September 26, 2015 by Fensic

“How come yuh doh romance mih or take mih out tuh dinner no more like yuh use tuh do? Now is eidder KFC or pork fried rice widout de extra duck sauce ah like. Why yuh does take mih fuh granted now so? Is because ah dotish an does give yuh givin yuh everyting yuh want ent? How come yuh doh kiss mih no more? Well tings changin startin now else ah takin de chirren an goin an stay by mih mudder.”

Who never hear never hear dem words or variations ah dem before? An een ah era when eidder man or woman could be tellin ah next man or woman dem tuh boot. Given de bacchanal dem words does cause, yuh would tink people wouldn’t take nuttin else fuh granted after, buh not so. Is like people does gang up an have leh we take dis fuh granted fetes. Ah sure ah been tuh my share. Buh should people always know dey een one or is okay tuh not know? Once yuh know yuh een one an de next day yuh cyar get up should you stop goin?

While watchin de ceremonial openin ah parliament de udder day, ah notice it had like five different religious heads representin different religion, sayin prayers. Trinis take dat multi religious aspect ah de country fuh granted. Someting indescribable about de ability tuh not beat yuh chest over what udder countries in de world cyar achieve. However, pointin widout dwellin orn it have ah certain power. Hopefully ah could explain dat better before ah reach mih word limit. However, ah stickin tuh mih idea dat de rest ah de world cyar achieve dat uniqueness usin de USA is de example.

As part ah he tour of ah trio of American cities de pope was een NY at de same time de United Nations was having ah member meetin. I not Catholic buh is history so ah listenin orn de radio. He decide he go bounce een by dem an tork lil bit. Tell dem how dey still messin up de world. Like how President Carmona rap de knuckles an dem knuckleheads in parliament. Just like wid Carmona, de UN say prayers. Man eef yuh hear how dem reporters orn de radio carry orn because it had, I eh know, four more religious leaders who say prayers too. Dey was amazed. Someting Trinis take fuh granted Americans een de most cosmopolitan city was amazed about when de same ting happen dey. But den again, de US is where it have ah whole set ah people who insist de country is Christian as opposed tuh it not promotin any one religion over de udders. Buh just like me eh here tuh provide no counselin tuh any man who get dat lil speech ah start dis week orf wid is de same why I eh lookin fuh no ole tork bout religion from nobody.

Eef Rowley would ah been dey een de UN he could ah walk up tuh dem an ask eef havin all dem religious heads was ah problem.

Dis whole business about takin people, tings or actions fuh granted is ah bigger issue when it orn ah national level. Ah get reminded ah dat larse week when de Chief Justice was discussin de judiciary larse week an he make he comment about ah dose ah what he tort de country needed. I eh feel all dat comfortable repeatin he prescription.

Dat eh stoppin questions dat could lead tuh de same medication. Like askin what is de purpose ah dem roadblocks de poleece does be havin. Are dey so common now nobody doh wonder eef dey effective? How many poleece officers de average roadblock does tie up an fuh how long? More important, what is de return orn dat investment? Dey cyar get de same results—I would argue even better results—usin good poleecin where intelligence—as in knowledge provided by people who know ting—drive where de poleece—an ah lot less ah dem dan in dem roadblocks—go?

But de reality is dat roadblocks doh just get taken fuh granted. It have adults in Triniland who born an grow up seein dem. Recently, ah see dis YouTube clip from right after de 1970 army rebellion. It was showin some jokey lookin poleece in short pants carryin guns almost as tall as dem. What pray tell dey was doin? Runnin roadblocks.

Ah ready tuh argue wid anybody who believe dat is ah effective form ah poleecin. Only when someting happen like dong like Chaguaramas an dey searchin all cars headin out ah Carenage lookin fuh de people involve.

Eef I was ah like de Prime Minister, President Carmona an Abdulah from de MSJ would be mih late evenin dose ah morality. After ah hard day in de orfice ah would go by dem tuh confess mih sins fuh dat day where ah had tuh cut udder politicians orf at dey knees an play hardball wid people who tort dey had mih good wid mih back against de wall. Once dey absolve mih ah sleepin good dat night an next day ah gorn again. All fuh de good ah de country of course. It used tuh be only Abdulah buh ah add de president recently.

When ah listen tuh he parliament speech an he tork about cybercrime legislation would ah prevent de orgy ah racists comments in social media ah eh had no choice but tuh wonder eef he not takin someting he shouldn’t fuh granted. Ah wasn’t sure what at first buh ah know now. Is heself.

Every now an den he does launch orf into someting dat might seem like ah good idea buh orn reflection eh likely tuh have legs tuh stand orn. But dat is part ah being human ah guess. Still, in dis Internet world widout borders what law could get parse tuh limit de nonsense people does write in cyberspace? Eef I siddong in mih house outside T&T an write vile an racists tings orn Facebook dat ah Trini papers choose tuh publish, how is dat my crime? He cyar be dat orf an takin ting fuh granted. Just because he say what I do is criminal mean I need court clothes? When I reach prime minister, me eh goin by he after wuk fuh no absolution den. Maybe de real solution is fuh de local press tuh leave de comments in cyberspace.

Just because somebody choose tuh make de solution tuh ah problem sound difficult eh mean de solution hard nah. Look how easy Triniland does do multiple religions.

Maybe dat right dey is de udder side tuh de coin ah didn’t know ah was holdin when ah did tork in de beginnin about de power in pointin widout dwellin. Fuh some reason nobody eh lookin at dat udder side. Explorin it could lead tuh answers.

Granted, dat peace an quiet when everybody gorn by dey mudder an grandmudder does have ah certain wicked attraction tuh it. Ent?

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