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September 19, 2015 by Fensic

Is only one udder person in recent weeks ah know who could describe gettin lash when not expectin it. Still, it best fuh dem tuh keep dey mouth shut cause what dey say when it happen eh make no sense. Dey should come back tuh reality slow, maybe start wid shakin school chirren hand. Someting simple buh wid meanin. Even eef was ah bull pistle dey get. I could tork about my lash because was ah figurative two by four dat scramble my brain. It was more dan good enough tuh knock sense into mih. Especially when ah tort ah was in ting.

Dey ah was, pretty much done wid mih searchin an searchin—researchin nah—orn what ah tort was goin an be de topic fuh de week. As memorable as 2015 is so far, it still headin into de larse quarter an ah was finally gettin tuh macco de TTPS business. It business is de country business. Besides, is dem self who put dey 2015 Operational Plan orn dey website tellin de world, maccos too, all de tings planned fuh de year. Dat was all before de blow tuh mih head.

Ah had pull out what ah tort was ah few interestin numbers de poleece was aimin tuh reach. Tings ah tort ah could check easy an see eef dey was on course tuh achieve or, eef dem was ah next set ah tings dat wid God’s face, dey would never see in 2015.

Den it happen.

“I DEFINITELY will never be washing this hand ever again!”

Mih first tort was tuh ask who is dis person tellin people dey plannin orn havin ah stink hand fuh de rest ah dey life? What could ah possibly happen in dey life tuh make dem declare such ah drastic move? Was it unanimous?

Ah see de picture next. One time ah realize while ah still care eef de TTPS meet whatever it was plannin tuh meet so it could claim it winnin it fight against crime, mih desire tuh find out, wasn’t burnin no more.

Okay, part ah dat not true. Unless mih lash was wid ah bull pistle, ah cyar be disingenuous just so. Ah did done know how de TTPS was managin. Was just de desire tuh carry orn like was news dat did dim. In its place was ah light shinnin brighter dan anyting I could ever put orn any table.

Ah sure by now everybody done read school girl Aaliyah plans an see de pictures goin wid de story. Dat is awright, ah still showin all again just now. Dat interaction too special tuh see once. It powerful enough tuh make even ah hardback man face melt.

It remind me dat it easy tuh get an stay caught up in tings dat while important, not de onlyest or most important tings.

Look at dem facial expressions.

Look at everybody body language. Dem hands reachin out not powerful symbols on so many levels?

Ah hope someting so representative ah what Trinis really is, could shame dem Facebook foul mouths. It would be nice, wouldn’t it? It not vital doh. Not as long as enough adults wid de power tuh shape lives, embrace de future ones still untainted by we. Dat happen, an everyting go be in good hands.

Ah really didn’t have tuh finish de story about de TTPS journey fuh 2015 tuh know it long. So too is de one T&T orn. As long as de focus where it suppose tuh be—people doin not people torkin, especially shit, den tings cyar be dat bard. So fuh ah moment or two, why not soak een what below. Aaliyah in de larse picture. She classmate; I assume is she classmate, right dey wid she. Aaliyah comments have tuh be unrehearsed an she expressions unrestrained. Dat make she euphoria priceless. Tanks Aaliyah fuh dat lash.

“I DEFINITELY will never be washing this hand ever again!”

That was what ten-year-old Aaliyah Headley screamed having been able to shake the hands of Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi, Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Minister in the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs Stuart Young when the procession for the ceremonial opening of the new law term passed along Abercromby Street in Port of Spain yesterday.

Headley is a Standard Three pupil of the St Rose’s Girls’ Roman Catholic School located along Henry Street in Port of Spain.

Her teacher Karen Blake brought the class to witness the ceremonial opening of the 2015/2016 law term.

“We heard about this (Tuesday) and I thought it was important for them to come and witness the opening of the law term and for them to get to experience the parade,” Blake said.

Blake and just over a dozen girls from her class gathered to witness the event.

At first the group lined the eastern side of Abercromby Street, shaded by the trees of Woodford Square, but police eventually asked them to cross to the other side of the roadway.

The girls were not daunted by being placed in the sun.

Some of them opened umbrellas and shared with their classmates who did not have any.

‘Oh my God. Prime Minister Rowley!’

As the girls stood waiting for the procession to start, a black sport utility vehicle (SUV) with Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley drove slowly by.

Rowley rolled down the window and waved at the group of girls.

They screamed and waved back.

“Oh my God. Prime Minister Rowley!” Shekinah Abraham, 10, screamed.

Some of the schoolgirls gave each other high-fives.

When the procession began, Chief Justice Ivor Archie waved at the girls as he walked past them. They waved back.

When High Court judge Gillian Lucky walked past with the procession, she asked the girls how many of them wanted to be lawyers.

Several of them raised their hands in response. Lucky smiled.

As the procession continued Al-Rawi and Young were walking side by side. The duo walked over together to interact with the schoolgirls.

Pandemonium broke loose.

“Breathe, girls, breathe,” Young said. Al-Rawi and Young shook each one of their hands.

‘We real lucky’

Further down the procession Persad-Bissessar was walking alongside former House speaker Wade Mark.

“Look it is Mrs Persad-Bissessar!” one of the girls shouted.

Persad-Bissessar walked over to the schoolgirls. She shook each of their hands.

“I definitely will never be washing this hand ever again!” Headley said.

“We real lucky. I feeling to cry,” one of the girls said.

The Express spoke to the girls following the procession.

“I feel coming out here was the best thing we ever did,” Abraham said.

“I feel so amazing right now,” Headley said.

Trinis Reaching Out 1Stephen Doobay. —Photo: AYANNA KINSALE


Trinis Reaching Out 3Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi greets students from Molton Hall Methodist School during the opening of the law term outside the Hall of Justice yesterday. PHOTO: ABRAHAM DIAZ


Trinis Reaching Out 4

Reaching out: St Rose’s Girls’ RC pupils Shekinah Abraham, right, and Aaliyah Headley reach out to Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi, left, and Minister in the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs Stuart Young during yesterday’s procession along Abercromby Street, Port of Spain, following the ceremonial opening of the 2015-2016 law term at the Trinity Cathedral. —Photo: AYANNA KINSALE



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