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De ship sailin under new crew. Who hands not orn deck?

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September 12, 2015 by Fensic

Who eh stay up tuh watch de election results? Okay, now dat ah ask dat ah takin it back cause ah know one family dat had tuh geh wake up so dey could hear who win. Dey spoil mih question.

Of de two sides ah de country dat show deyself between election night an de swearin een ah de new cabinet, only one worth embracin by anybody who consider deyself ah true Trini. Nobody eh need tuh get wake up tuh see dat.

So dey I was, switchin between TV stations, answerin mih phone every time it ring, Skypin away, an cookin. Dat larse one was mandatory cause ah was expectin tuh stay up late late an ah wasn’t goin an do dat orn no empty belly.

Was arong half ten when de television stations call de election fuh de PNM. Rowley present de first side. In de progression ah tings it should be de second side since more Trinis go focus orn it goin forward. So let mih jump ahead tuh de second side ah see. It should be the first side, de one most people should steups at.

She being disingenuous an nasty.

Dat was mih comment tuh de group in Triniland ah was ornline wid. It summarize what ah tort ah Kamla so-called “concession speech”. She eh come across as ah gracious loser at all. Not wid dem vague reference tuh “de udder side” or “de winners”. Certainly not wid no reference tuh de man who ah good part ah de PP campaign try tuh vilify. Tuh say she disappoint mih would be ah damn good guess. Even when she manage tuh offer half arse congratulations she make it clear more people wanted she side since it win de popular vote. Dat was de disingenuous part. De rude part was how she was answerin de reporter questions. Snippety snippish.

De former PM actions boddered mih enough ah try tuh come up wid reasons why she was showin she bitterness. Ah was findin it hard tuh believe ah was seein she true colors an losin bring it out. Maybe ah didn’t want tuh believe mih eyes. De best ah could come up wid was dat de lorse was like she gettin hit wid ah two by four an she eh see it comin. Even doh she could tork an make sentences she had tuh be goin in an out ah consciousness. Even eef dat was what happenin why should Trinis accept it? It was ah damn election after all.

As ah watchin she an tellin mihself she spoilin whatever positive legacy she was leavin behind. Ah had no clue worse was arong de corner.

Maybe ah go get mih pardnah tuh cool heself now. In he post election euphoria de man lorse he mind oui. It was ah eidder hidin mih yellow jersey or ah bun it Monday night buh dat ole. He bodderin mih now complainin he miss Kamla an de bacchanal. Ah tryin an next way when ah say by de time de election did roll arong ah wasn’t supportin one side over de udders. Eef dat eh help ah go have tuh go after he reputation. It eh like dat go be hard tuh destroy. Who tell him he need tuh give de people time tuh count more ah de ballots when he call dem all panicky? Is who tell him he cyar give up orn he party dat quick when he was doin he maths an did have only 19 seats. Who?

Anyway I dey listenin tuh what Rowley had tuh say after it was obvious de PNM win. De man speechify oui. Unlike Kamla, he reach out tuh all Trinis, like he should, sayin he not de prime minister ah de PNM buh ah all ah Triniland. Okay so ah could be naïve sometimes buh what he say was de right ting tuh say.

However, words alone eh go change de attitude ah dem who vex dey side lorse. Dey done start showin dey true colors orn social media long time. Dem places where too many people tink dey invisible an free tuh eidder exchange venom wid udders who dotish like dem or intimidate innocent people wid dey bullyin. Ah guess readin Trinis being politically incorrect is not like hearin dem. It harder tuh handle, it disturbin.

Anyway Rowley stay on topic de udder times he tork which was after he get sworn in an after de new cabinet geh sworn in too.

De PP sourness eh done. It continuin all now. Dey challengin de extra hour de EBC let de polls stay open in Trinidad because ah all de rain. Eef ah understand it good dey want de election nullified so it eh even happen. Steups. Dat move as sensible as de when Rowley threaten when he say he was goin an sue Kamla fuh someting she say orn Facebook he didn’t like. He did need ah bull pistle fuh dat idea, heat ah de election season or no heat. He redeem heself buh not Kamla. From now orn anytime I tink ah de PP all I go remember dem for is dis dotish move an ah go want tuh drop ten bull pistle lash orn dem again.

De answer obvious as tuh how bard dey want tuh hold orn tuh power—more dan dey want T&T tuh stay one country. Dis dotish challenge could be de spark dat go cause de place tuh erupt. Will dey reconsider it now it come out de PNM get de majority ah all de votes?

Den tuh read de additional nonsense from one ah dey candidates, de one who use tuh act as president when President Carmona was out ah tong. At least so ah hear. She eh win de seat she was contestin an sayin now de extra hour tuh vote was ah injustice. Could I roll mih eye any more widout dem becomin dice?

It ironic dat Gypsy who is more dan familiar tuh both sides an do he own abandonin ship, might have left one side wid it anthem in Sinkin Ship. As much as ah like dat kaiso_—it is yet anudder example ah how good dat man is at he craft—I eh helpin nobody link tuh it. I lookin ahead, not back. Who orn board have tuh have dey hands orn deck. Ah bet dat number more dan de 51.68% dat vote PNM. Eef dis new skipper an he crew eh perform it have de ultimate remedy in five years. Sure we eh know what de future go bring buh it comin regardless ah who help shape it.

Who want tuh stay wid de side in de rearview mirror free tuh do so. Dey eh have tuh participate in shapin de country future. I have ah better idea however. Do like Gypsy an abandon dis bigger ship before it set sail. Somebody go take yuh place.

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