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De agenda fuh after Sept. 7

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September 5, 2015 by Fensic

One more whole day den is de 7th. All dis go be done. Ah expect most voters go be up Monday night after de polls close listenin an watchin as elections results role een. Future voters should be dey too. Dey eh have tuh miss no school Tuesday because by midnight enough ah de results should be in tuh tell who formin de next T&T govahment. Dey could go an sleep den.

Yes, all dis go be done.

All de endless promises.

All de freeness.

No more innuendoes dat only party supporters believin.

No more buildin dat eh ready yet gettin dedicated.

No more lost pre-election opportunities fuh de press tuh question claims an not just report dem like dey is facts.

All de election bacchanal go be done. Back tuh regular bacchanal.

Trinis eh focused on nuttin outside de country, like in Brooklyn New York. What more important dan votin? Not when de next five years ah de future at stake.

Eef was me wid de obeah powers, I would ah have de election right after special votin done. Why wait dem extra few days? Who eh decide goin an make up dey mind in de votin booth anyway. All dey need is ah coin tuh call heads or tails wid.

So like everybody else ah have tuh wait dem extra days into Monday night tuh see who win. Will it be de PNM as represented by mih pardnah? He was oozin confidence fuh about ah year now. Would he admit ah cyatch him falterin lil bit comin dong de backstretch? Give him credit. Doh he eh stumble, he make up fuh he momentary lapse wid unqualified extra enthusiasm.

Or, will de winner be de PP as represented by. . . look at dat, me eh know no PP diehards. In dat case ah go just ask, will de winner be de PP? Said PNM pardnah would argue since me eh come out an support de PNM ah must be fuh de PP. De PP would say de opposite. Dey might have tuh do me what de late great Mighty Dougla sing about wid he Split Me In Two.

Dem Commonwealth observers gettin tuh see how Trinis does be passionate about dey party, cussin de udder sides left an right yet not gettin violent. Sure some eh go see dey name orn de voter rolls. Dey go get so upset spit go fly out dey mouth. Dat is par fuh de course.

Ah cyar wait fuh dem political pundits who eh had ah clue before de election tuh start jumpin up an dong sayin dey was right all along.

Ah hope it eh go have no more dan one dotish person who tink it was ah good idea tuh spoil he ballot. Monday night we go know all who lorse dey deposit an which side sittin in opposition fuh de next five years.

Is two tings de next govahment have tuh put orn it to-do list once it win. Both go hand in hand an involve udder tings.

Number one is how tuh break T&T’s dependency orn de energy sector. At least in de form it in now. Widout any scientific research, I say de days when oil ruled, done. Revenues from it go keep comin een buh it go be tricklin not rollin. Yes man dem days gorn.

Doh move quick an T&T might as well start producin really long long straws cause Trinis go have tuh start drinkin dat same oil. Of course eef revenues go be dong, an I eh meanin dong until dey back up, ah mean dong as in not gettin back up, spendin have tuh get cut. Eef cuttin waste easier, do dat den.

While number one happenin de next govahment have tuh stop de pretense an get serious about crime. Dis nonsense where de PP put in dey manifesto dat dey adoptin ah zero tolerance tuh crime only insultin people intelligence. De parse five years was what, ah dry run tuh see how close dey could get tuh zero? De poleece done close tuh dat in solvin murders. Dis level ah crime start back in de days ah Chin Lee. Eef some too young tuh remember he den dat show how long dis goin orn. De ole tork have tuh done.

Gettin serious mean no more actin CoP fuh starters. Find an fix de limpin processes. Eef de police go solve more murders den more prison space needed. More prison space mean more prison officers which mean improvin de jails. Tweak de judicial system so de courts could process cases faster. Dat probably mean more judges.

Somebody, me eh know who, must be hit mih over mih head when Kamla did win in 2010. Why? I tort she would ah announce ah program tuh encourage Trinis back tuh Triniland tuh tap een tuh dey technical an management skills. Maybe whoever win dis rongs go consider someting like dat. Buh five years done parse. People who would ah jump orn CAL in ah heartbeat eh budgin—dey fraid. I would be surprised eef it eh have Trinis who start lil business in Triniland buh let dem buss cause dem frighten too.

Eef I dare speak fuh dem, winter gettin colder dan ever an dong Macaripe nice. Doh even tork about de food by Jenny’s Orn De Boulevard. Before mih first time dey ah never get ask tuh go een ah restaurant cooler wid ah menu tuh pick mih order because de exhaust fans not wukkin an de place only fullin up wid smoke from de kitchen. Buh when in T&T do tings like Trinis does do. De end result is ah not buyin wonton soup from no place else unless is from orn de boulevard. I is mih own Soup Nazi. No wonton soup fuh me anytime soon.

T&T is ah teenager when it come tuh how long it independent, whatever being independent does mean dese days. However, eef we assume it still have someting tuh do wid controllin one’s future, den by de time 2020 reach de country not ah teenager no more. Is de larse chance tuh lay de foundation fuh adulthood in ah world full ah teenaged nations playin dey is man.

Dat same 2020 is when Mannin 20/20 vision was supposed tuh be realized. Wedder it was achievable is not de point. Preparin fuh it would ah do wonders. At least it had more short term plannin in dat dan I tink it does have at de national level. Ah ready tuh be rong.

Kamla an dem put anyting in Vision 20/20 place when dey scrap it? Is ah good ting dey eh dismantle nuttin else.

Come Monday night, whoever win could relax lil bit. Take Tuesday orf. Enjoy de victory, it was hard wuk, not so? Buh bright an early Wednesday prepare tuh roll up dem shirt an blouse sleeves. Two tasks waitin tuh start. Losers, be ready tuh keep de winners in check. Between den an 2020 go be scary an excitin at de same time.

Fuh everybody.

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