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Common sense mean being vex less

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August 15, 2015 by Fensic

How easy is it tuh be vex an doh know why? Leh we say dat is me now. Could it be because ah gorn an fuhget how ah wanted tuh start dis week blog? What bout mih pardnah liability? Could he be at fault? Ah mean he went an fuhget de seed he plant in mih brain. De seed ah was plannin tuh use tuh start de blog until ah went an fuhget how. Ah mean why is not he fault de idea eh stick? Why ah shouldn’t be vex he eh boddered in de least? Steups.

Ah know one ting dat have mih vex fuh real. It might even be playin ah role in any udder vexations ah sufferin. Yes, ah went an lorse mih wallet. Again. Eef wasn’t fuh mih neck, ah would ah done lorse mih head long time oui.

So here ah is, wallet less, vex at mih own dotishness an about tuh go dong ah different road full ah pockets ah vexness.

Ah orf.

All ah remember is he call mih amazed Trini newspapers had different facts about de same story. I used tuh keep ah log orn just dat buh ah decide life too short. Still, tuh humor mih pardnah, ah tell him go back tuh de first articles orn de story ah de 11-year old shot dead while limin wid he two friends dong Digo. De friends just geh charged. See what each newspaper say happen in dem hills overlookin Diego Martin, ah suggest tuh him.

By de time ah read about Rowley an he beefed up security mih only question was why? Why anybody in T&T need tuh know he had more security? Was dem plannin he demise? In all fairness, ah tink investigative reportin in Triniland questionable at best so I prone tuh start steupsin when certain people open dey mout tuh report what dey uncover. It have ah next part tuh dis eh.

Me eh like tuh read nuttin in nobody else newspaper dat clarifyin anyting ah read in de Trini newspapers. I eh sorry fuh feelin dat way eidder. One paper say CAL reviewin it London route. Ah next one say CAL scrappin de route. Eef was two Trini papers ah would ah sigh, ask why de arse MATT cyar insist it members get de damn story right, an move orn. Ah couldn’t do dat since one ah de newspapers was Jamaican. Dem lil bubbles dat does form when soup start boilin? Dey was een mih blood.

De Express article scream, “Murder Threat Real.” Dat de Minister ah National Security hear so from de deputy CoP. Tuh wonder what dat mean ah had tuh ignore de fact dat de actin CoP have ah deputy.

De poleece have evidence, ah ask mihself. Like who set de plot in motion or, who suppose tuh carry it out. Dey had ah note or de plot details orn tape? Who tork?

Later ah see dis in ah Guyanese paper: Report of death threat true.” It make sense one time. Ah tell mihself de police only get ah report of ah death threat against Rowley an increase he security. Wedder de report itself true was ah next story. Could de Express back up it headline? How about all de links de PNM makin tuh de PP? Wasn’t de way dey torkin not makin Rowley seem like ah livin martyr? Why shouldn’t I be vex dat de one institution tuh keep tings in perspective only addin fuel tuh de silliness ah de political season? Dat was de udder part.

Exactly who an why anybody need tuh know de TTPS upgradin dey weapons? So what eef reporters tink most guns is hi tech, hi powered an when dey get fired yuh does have tuh wait fuh de smoke tuh clear? Would somebody notice de poleece usin different guns? Besides de criminals dey bouncin bullet behind ah mean? Since dese new guns more hi tech, is no smoke tuh clear so de poleece go know when dey miss one time. Ah sure dem same criminals eh miss noticin all poleece in T&T go now be armed. Ah hope wid bullet resistant vests too. No free shot fuh criminals.

Criminals better armed dan de poleece? Ah never tort dat claim was true. Never.

Unless tings change, is two kinda hi tech assault rifles de poleece does use an one ah dem is what soldiers does use. So dat eh mean eef criminals better armed dan poleece dey also better armed dan de TTDF? Who believe dat larse part? Who does keep writin dis “better armed” nonsense anyway?

Now me eh suggestin it eh have de odd weapon or two in de hands ah criminals an dat de authorities eh fraid dat. However, tuh keep implin dat mean criminals better armed is not only inaccurate, it irresponsible eef I ever get ask what ah tink. An besides, it eh no, Stick ‘em Up, gettin play. Sayin dis go level de playin field is just more dotishness. Is ah battlefield.

When ah story get write, regardless which part ah de world it is at least 99.999,999,999,999,999 percent ah people eh have no udder information beside what dey read. De 01.000,000,000,000,001 percent dat have details probably does read de story an wonder where de hell de reporter get dey information. Sometimes mih pardnah does remind mih is about what people believe. I just tryin tuh reach dey orn de back ah common sense.

Criminals better armed? Ah death threat real?  Different facts on how ah boy geh shot dead? Orn an orn.De press too powerful fuh dem tings.

So how tuh take de Anika Gumbs story where she hint Rowley sexually harass she an or make she uncomfortable?

He deny it so one ah dem lyin. While ah agree wid Faris Al-Rawi dat she resignation letter read like someting ah lawyer draft, dat doh mean is she lyin. Buh fuh she tuh say she resign she job tuh uphold de “highest standards” of journalism? Dat call fuh ah kneejerk reaction from me. Here it is: All ah dem journalist need tuh quit. All. At least get retrained.

Even eef mih knee eh jerk ah not comfortable how she puttin de integrity ah some job before she well being. Not when she say Rowley actions have she mentally scarred an she traumatized.

Buh eef she account true den all Rowley doin wid he denials is hunt fuh political gain. How low is dat? Who tuh believe in dis she-say, he-deny saga? Fuh me it simple: It eh have enough information. Dat eh stoppin Rowley supporters. Dey done know who dey believe. De same ting fuh Rowley haters.

Dat, is not about de truth but what yuh could get people tuh believe, ting does wuk best when people abandon common sense. Any level of vexness ah reach should be because ah lorse dat damn wallet. Fuh everyting else, includin what I tink is dotishness in how de media does let dong de people, all ah could say is, come orn common sense. Prevail, prevail!


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