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Drama in tong

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July 25, 2015 by Fensic

Ah cyar do more dan steups an shake mih head over de deadly drama in tong yesterday. Prisoners, armed wid guns, break out ah de jail an in tryin tuh make dey escape, kill ah poleece officer outside de jail. In return, one ah dem geh shot dead by de hospital. De udder two make good dey escape. De authorities lock dong de whole area. Wid rumors runnin wild an people, not knowin fact from fiction, tong empty out quick.

Dat seem tuh be de big picture. Details up fuh grabs. Widout details it hard tuh do someting else ah would like tuh do an dat is ask questions.

Eef dis didn’t happen, de road ah was goin an go dong dis week was already laid out. Dat topic at ah time like dis could never be right, so wid de full picture still gettin painted, ah goin wid de flow.

All doh it sounded ominous, de text ah get yesterday only tork about ah shootin by de hospital. In dis world ah immediate information availability, ah gorn an check de Trini papers. As usual was only one ah dem orn de ball wid dis late breakin drama.  Dey report help put de shootin in context as it tork about de prison break.

It had details: Prison gate openin tuh let vehicle een; men wearin Muslim garb rushin into de prison via de open gate; poleece officer shot in he bumsie; escapee shot by de hospital. Panic.

Of course dem details bring two questions: It dat easy tuh break out people from de jail boy, just rush de open gate behind ah prison vehicle? Why de arse de jail still in tong?

Ah remember de Sandy Hook school shootin it had in New Jersey few years ago. Initial details make it sound like nuttin too major happen. Well dem reports morph an morph until de full horror of ah madman shootin dead two-dozen school chirren an teachers geh revealed. Some ah dem early details even had quotes from people orn de scene. Now me eh lookin tuh get into no American conspiracy theory crap or minimize dis Trini jailbreak. De onlyest ting I was wantin tuh say is dat when reportin on violent tings as dey happenin, initial details does turn out tuh be rong. Just like in dis jailbreak.

Ah say dat because ah hear de poleece officer dead. Dat cyatch mih off-guard. Den ah hear de shot escapee dead. After dat was ah new story orn how de men manage tuh break out de jail. Apparently it didn’t have no men outside who storm it when de gates open fuh ah prison van. It eh had no men dressed in Muslim garb doin nuttin. Dat larse detail change was too late cause I did done say plenty bard words about Muslims given what was happenin wid Abu Bakr. De feelin dat he supporters feel entitled an untouchable still in mih craw.

Anyway, eef de new jailbreak details represent what happen, den ah had questions. Yes ah know it early buh so what? Time eh go make mih questions go away. Some ah dem might ah get asked hundreds ah time over de years buh again, so what?

De first question obvious.

How dem fellas get guns inside de jail? Later information tork about dey had ah special visit. Me eh know what special visit was supposed tuh mean before dis happen buh ah sure ah know what it mean now. Ah notice de news call de escapees, high-risk inmates. Obvious question again: Why all ah dem was een orn dis same special visit? De visitors geh searched?

Apparently de poleece had wind of ah jailbreak attempt. Dem self say so yesterday. As ah result, all de jails had poleece guardin. Mih assumption is dat de officer killed was one ah dem guards. Buh now is possible he was only parsin een ah poleece vehicle because ah read reports suggestin dat was de case. Eidder way ah still askin de question. It touchy since he dead.

Eef de constable get shoot in he belly does dat mean he didn’t have ah bullet resistant vest orn? I eh blamin Constable Maynard fuh he own death buh he superiors should know better dan tuh let ah officer go orn duty widout de blasted vest orn. By de way, eef he was in ah parsin poleece vehicle den exactly what did de poleece on duty outside de jail do tuh help foil de jailbreak? Is de onlyest way dey could ah know ah jailbreak happenin is eef somebody inside de jail make ah call?

Tuhday, ah read ah next angle tuh dis story dat look like it go be unfoldin fuh ah while. Some woman claim one ah de escapees jump een ah PH taxi she was een tuh make he escape from by de hospital. She even tork about phone calls he make an de advice de driver was givin he orn how tuh avoid de poleece, includin de ones in de two jeeps she say parse dem in tong.

Is just me or sometimes yuh supposed tuh keep some tings tuh yuh damn self? Especially in ah time like dis? Or eef yuh tink it dat important, why not tell de poleece?

Somehow dat inappropriate secret-tellin tied tuh how quick rumors does run amuck in T&T. Maybe is because people expect dem tings go happen. How dat infamous, chirren in de barrel rumor meet dat criteria, me eh know. In dis case was police stations under attack; ah shoot-out wid police an ah criminal in ah udder part ah de country; situation under control so no state ah emergency; dis kind ah lorse ah life not goin tuh be tolerated. Okay so de larse ones not rumors, dey is what Kamla say. Dat make dem true?

Eef she vision fuh ah redeveloped Port ah Spain in de next five yeas come tuh parse den de jail stayin right where it is. Yuh cyar have ah floatin cultural museum over ah jail eef de jail not dey tuh float over. Still, ah need tuh know more before ah officially call dat idea dotish. Until den de idea only dotish unofficially.

Is de National Operations Center really in charge? It on top any secret plans udders have fuh doin tings dat might have ah negative impact orn Triniland? Dat is one ah dem questions I mightn’t want tuh ask. Not eef ah want de answer tuh be yes. Not when ah could tink back tuh dat infamous day ah total policin. De NOC eidder fall asleep orn dat one or was complicit in lettin it happen widout regard tuh what ah say about negative impacts orn T&T.

Whatever de final details about dis jailbreak, de authorities have tuh cyatch dem udder escapees. Den changes have tuh occur tuh prevent dis kind ah ting an tuh protect de first responders so PC Maynard eh died in vain.

It have one more ting ah could do:

Condolences tuh de dead officer blood an poleece family, along wid he friends.

RIP Constable Sherman Maynard.

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