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September 7th. Choices

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July 4, 2015 by Fensic

Quick! Any Trini!

What happenin September 7th 2015?


Ah tink dese two voices say too different ting in harmony.

Buh wait. Allyuh tuhgedder?


Buh you is . . . ah . . . ah. . .

Okay. I wasn’t going an use dat word doh.

An she. . . she. . .

. . . from Laventille.

Kyar! Kyar! Kyar! Ah like how she say dat.

Serious doh, dis eh startin orf like ah was expectin nah. Buh we in Triniland so leh we see where it go reach.

Allyuh marrid fuh true?

Just checkin.

Four. . . fourteen years?


An two chirren tuh prove it.

Oh, ah boy an ah girl?

Nice. At least allyuh have allyuh replacements an not addin tuh overpopulatin de place. LOL.

So where allyuh livin?

St. Augustine?


Well let mih get back on track. Yuh mine eef ah start wid yuh husband?


By de way, I eh need tuh know allyuh name. I eh need tuh know where allyuh livin eidder. De onlyest reason ah ask is because. . . actually I eh know why ah ask. Ah must be get bazodee from all dem surprise.

So, yuh answer was de West Indian Day Parade. Why?

Every year?

By yuhself or wid de family?

Just de wife yuh say?

How she get yuh tuh start goin?

Is de udder way arong?

Wow. Yuh know allyuh really mixin up tings. Dat is de beauty ah de country.

Yuh know long time ago dat parade was just anudder immigrant celebration but widout politicians? It didn’t have de same stamp of approval like de St. Patrick’s Day Parade, de Jewish celebration an udders had. Now it is de biggest minority parade in de US.

What yuh say?

Yeah, fuh plenty people it really is de best part ah de summer.

Wid how rough larse winter was dis year go be hard knowin all dem Trini visitors headin back home before de hawk reach back. But like always, we left behind go do what we have tuh do.

Allyuh does do anyting wid de chirren outside ah Labor Day?

By de ferry?

Is true yuh could drive orn at one port, stay in yuh car until de boat reach an yuh could just drive orf?

Okay den.

Gettin back tuh why yuh say Labor Day?

Uh-huh. . .

Ah-ha. . .

Okay. . .

Where he parse for?

Oh Trinity!

Dat nice. He go enjoy goin dey.

Yuh tink promisin dis NY trip help him do better tuh make Trinity?

Yuh right, it does be hard tuh tell dem tings.

Eef ah readin between de lines good, you want tuh be in de States on dat day regardless ah what else happenin in Triniland?

How much?

$3,000 US?

Just fuh tickets?

Ah know what yuh mean. Dat kind ah money hard tuh just give way.

Ah makin dis up along de way so let mih chat wid de wife lil bit.

So, is he get yuh into dis Brooklyn ting?

Dem is plenty years tuh be goin tuh it. Allyuh must be know dey like allyuh know St. Augustine.

Only four years?

Way allyuh used tuh live before dat?

Doh answer dat.

Anyways, mih suspicion is you doh want tuh go dis year. Why?

Sorry, ah wasn’t meanin tuh laugh buh de way yuh explode out de gates wid yuh answer cyatch mih orf guard. Ah wasn’t expectin tuh hear ah long list ah de times de govahment bounce it toe.

You too eh like Jack?

Hold orn.

Sorry man, is yuh wife turn. Yuh eh suppose tuh cut een.

Ah understand yuh feel yuh have tuh set de record straight an let everybody know you like Jack. Buh ah doin dis by turns an yours eh reach back.

How yuh could say I takin sides?

Me eh know you or de madam. Look how she shakin she head an smilin. She know I eh takin no sides.

Okay, okay, yuh could join back de conversation.

I still askin de questions doh, right?


Ah guess de one question ah have is how de two ah allyuh manage all dese years wid de wife fuh de PNM an de husband fuh de PP. Allyuh doh tork politics at home or what?

Yuh husband not PP?

He must be fuh Jack party den cause he say he like Jack.

Yuh not ILP?

Let mih try an figure dis out.

De wife is PNM. . . de husband not PP or ILP. . . dey supportin de same party. Dat mean. . . Wait. . . wait. . . wait!

Both ah allyuh is PNM?

You an she?

She an you?

Allyuh sure?

All dis time I readin it rong?

Give mih ah minute tuh digest dis.

Okay ah done.

Let mih ask dis. Since allyuh does do de Brooklyn ting ever year fuh all dese years, what is de problem dis year?

Sure, go first cause me eh tink yuh go go after yuh wife anyways. See she smilin again?

Slow dong man, sloooow dong.

Ah-ha. . .

Okay. . .

Uh-huh. . .

Oh. So ah promise is ah promise an yuh eh want tuh lose dat kind ah money.

Yuh understand way yuh wife comin from doh?

How bout you, yuh understand what he sayin?

So which one ah allyuh tink Kamla an dem pick dat day fuh spite?

Hmm, both ah allyuh ah see.

It have udders who eh like dat date buh fraid tuh tork?

Hmm, silence. Interestin.

Say dat again?

Buh Ramadan is ah religious festival. Goin Brooklyn is de same?

Yuh really want people tuh hear yuh say dat is how yuh seein it?

Ah bet Rowley care doh.

Allyuh tink it have Trinis who eh have no problem callin being in Brooklyn fuh Labor Day ah religious event?

Sure, tell mih de story.

Fuh real? Some Trinis do what larse year orn de plane allyuh was orn?

Start singin Ministry Ah Road?

De pilot go tink is he dey singin, Like Ah Borse, about when de plane land dis year den. Dat funny.

Tuh me is like yuh wife seein ah picture yuh eh seein. She picture big an about T&T future. Ah know yuh promise yuh son an all dat, buh is dat de onlyest picture yuh seein?

It doh matter man.

Yuh could call she devious all yuh want fuh pickin September 7th. Een politics one side should always expect de udder side tuh exploit it weaknesses. Ah know allyuh situation different, but it still de same. Yuh have choices. Yuh always have dat.

What yuh mean what eef was me?

What I would do doh count. Yuh go run cross de road widout lookin just because yuh see my behind runnin across?

Same ting here so doh even go dong dat road.

No you listen.

Allyuh marrid fourteen years. Allyuh have two chirren; one headin fuh Trinity. Allyuh representative ah T&T more dan allyuh know, trus me. Allyuh go figure dis out an do de right ting.

Is all about what most important when yuh have choices.

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