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Ah peek at Guyana since elections?

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June 13, 2015 by Fensic

Ah next week parse already? What is de big rush?

It cyar be so dat September 7th could reach farse, could it?

September 7th.

Election Day. Green light.

Let de bacchanal start fuh real.

Anyway dat is all ah have tuh say about dat topic dis week.

It have udder tings ah could tork about; two in particular. However, dey go eidder make mih bawl dong de place or get mih so blasted vex mih blood go boil.

West Indian cricket go start de bawlin. Dem players fuh real? How about de selectors? De media? Read dis part tomorrow Sunday June 14th: Australia winin dis second Test Match in ah canter. Dey mightn’t even have tuh bat ah second time. Ah stoppin cause ah feel de seeds of ah bawl sproutin.

Triniland football go make mih blood boil. Ah early prediction: De Gold Cup, eef it geh held? No wins fuh de Soca Warriors. Stephen Hart gorn back Canada. Who go blame de man, not me. Just knowin dat makin mih pissed cause eef I could see it so too can de poor players. De football administration? Dey powerless tuh prevent even doh is dem who at fault. Watch dem keep doin de same ting next competition. Madness ent?

Tournament ah month away an T&T only now gettin ah serious international game. Look how far dey have tuh go tuh get licks; quite Jordan. It have football pitches in Jordan? Same question ah had when de Warriors warmed up against India. Back den de powers rulin football try real hard tuh convince people it was goin an be ah quality match. At least dey eh even tryin on dis one.

Ah stoppin now cause ah tink ah seein steam when ah exhale. Must be mih blood startin tuh simmer.

So what ah could tork about an doh bawl or boil?

How about Guyana?

Guyana had dey elections recently. Let mih pelt ah dig at Kamla early o’clock.

Before dat election it had one in St Kitts Nevis. De date was Feb. 16th 2015. De next day Kamla was orn de warpath askin which part de results is.

Not part of ah day eh, ah whole day later.

De dotish Grenadian PM join he Trini counterpart.

Farse forward tuh de Guyanese election. It happen May 11th. De results start gettin announce May 14th. Dat was 3 days later. What Kamla an she follow fashion Grenadian counterpart say? Dey use sign language tuh complain or what cause me eh hear one peep. In retrospect ah would ah give de Grenadian more credit eef he did tork fuss an not wait until de big dorg bark before he yap.

Anyway de rulin party geh tossed out ah de Guyanese driver seat in ah close race. De new head ah de country is ah tall ramrod straight ex-military brigadier name Granger: David Granger. He lead ah multi ethnic coalition. De man look like he could parse de physical fitness test tomorrow tuh enter de army. No, make dat tuhday.

In response tuh dat victory de former president, Donald Ramotar issue ah statement dat include dis gem:

“Once again we are being removed from office, not through the will of our people, but by electoral manipulations.”

Wait, wait!

Before ah tork more about de election, ah hear dey find oil orf Guyana. Serious oil. So just now Guyanese go stop goin tuh T&T tuh seek dey riches or at least ah better life? No crystal ball needed tuh ask dat. Same way it eh take no big set ah sense tuh figure out dat Venezuela was goin an call orn Guyana tuh hand over de area where de oil geh find. Accordin tuh Venezuelan atlases, about 60% ah Guyana done belong tuh Venezuela anyway.

Like any country should, Guyana vowin tuh protect itself at all costs. Dat is code meanin until help reach, especially wid dis oil dey find. After all, how much attack helicopters Venezuela go need tuh send over de border tuh rout Guyana? One? Two?

I hope de next T&T leader doh entertain no dotish idea ah gettin any Venezuelan bomb tuh chip de paint orf any ah dem 12 new boats oui. Let de US play ‘piece-maker’. Bombin places tuh save dem? Dat is ah US specialty.

Anyway, dis new Guyanese president bring waves ah hope, nationalism an inspiration wid him. Guyanese in dey numbers gettin involve in cleanin up communities. Even soldiers takin part. Trinis could identify wid de kind ah hope ah torkin about. All dey have tuh do is tink back five years.

President Granger not no tie an jacket kind ah man. From what I could see, fuh formal occasions he more into someting dat resemble ah long sleeve shirt-jac. I did always tink dat should ah get adopted by de Caribbean given de climate. Ah guess dat cyar happen when yuh have countries dat does go into de, hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil, position when anybody mention changin dey constitution tuh stop payin allegiance tuh de British monarch. Ingrained customs almost impossible tuh change, especially when de people tink anyting from dey former Massa better. Look at how de T&T poleece does dress tuh wuk in de hot hot sun. When I see poleece in short pants an gun on dey hip, I doh tink, ‘lil boys’ nah.

Fensic boy back away from dis issue slowly.

De election had some interestin moments. Supporters ah de coalition party spray-paint two donkeys de colors ah de udder party den almost beat de two animals dead. Tork about jackasses.

De former Guyanese govahment was corrupt tuh de core, eef ah believe de country newspapers. One article say dey even had bloggers on staff. In dis day an age dat doh mean yuh corrupt. Long before de election ah did read about dey education ministry takin textbooks an photocopyin de livin daylights out ah dem an givin de copies tuh parents as textbooks. Now dat is corrupt. De new govahment lookin at everyting de former govahment do. De new opposition so vex it lorse de election it boycott de official swearin in ceremony.

Of course it have cynical Trinis who go wonder where all dem tactics get learn. Ah done hear from on ah dem buh ah cyar take anybody wid selective amnesia serious. Ask dat person about anyting related tuh de PNM dat happen before 2010 an he go tell yuh he never hear dem initials before 2010.

President Granger do something ah find interestin. He appoint ministers an junior ministers in de same ministry. He say de country need tuh train de next generation ah ministers so de juniors have tuh watch an learn from de seniors. On paper it make sense so it way too early tuh start makin jokes about dat move.

Guyana have endless potential. Who knows how dis election an oil find go affect dat potential. After T&T, it is de most fascinatin country in de region. Is like watchin before an after pictures.

Does dat mean it eh have nuttin from de Guyanese election T&T could learn fuh September 7th?

Time go tell.

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