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Ah tinkin different buh still have questions

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June 6, 2015 by Fensic

Before ah get into eef Jack Warner complex, dotish, simple or whatever, let mih ask questions about two of 12 boats. Ah been boddered by not havin de answers since de middle ah May.

When de six aluminum-hull farse patrol boats was gettin build by Austal in Australia fuh de coast guard, I was orn de Austal website night an day followin dey progress. Ah know TTCG crews went dong under tuh learn how tuh sail de boats.

Ah was nosey again when de OPVs was gettin build. Ah was orn dat company website all de time checkin out how dem boats was comin along. Ah pretty sure de TTCG did send sailors tuh learn how tuh sail dem boats too, buh mih memory foggy.

Ah wanted tuh be nosey again wid dese new boats. Yes, de Damen Shipyard have ah website buh ah confused. Knowin how easy dat is tuh happen it have tuh have ah simple explanation.

When de govahment decide it was goin an trus dem 12 boats from Damen?

De company website say May 14 was when de agreement geh signed. What dat part about ah 4 year acquisition program mean? Was anyting goin orn wid dem boats before dat? How about de first one we know as de TTS Point Lisas?

Eef de answer is no, nuttin, den dat first boat is orf de shelf, so tuh speak? After all, it done reach T&T ahready.

Gary Griffith use tuh rant about boats dat doh fit de needs ah de coast guard. Dem six custom-built farse patrol boats dat de Austal company website say get delivered between Dec. 2009 an April 2010 included in dem rants? If so, customized boats doh fit buh ah orf de shelf boat like I tink de TTS Point Lisas is, make de grade?

Is not dat Damen doh custom build. Robin van der Zon say dey do in ah article about boats fuh de Royal Bahamas Defence Force.

Ah laughin at mihself cause like ah say, ah know it have ah simple answer tuh all dis. Ah hope dat answer could also help mih understand why de TTS Point Lisas registered in St Vincent Grenadines. So de laws ah St. Vincent Grenadines govern de ship an crew? Ah national security asset ah T&T governed by ah next country laws?

De questions de same fuh de next boat, de TTS La Brea. Dat reach T&T too, not so?

Once all dis clear in mih mind de onlyest ting left tuh ask wid be why anybody wid ah computer could know where dese coast guard boats is all de time. It legal tuh have dat info eef you not right where de boat is?

It always have more questions dan answers. Always.

Dat bring mih back tuh de first half ah mih openin sentence.

Dis week was just like de larse four days ah larse week. We boy was orn de stage in full denial. Next week go be de same ah predict.

Before ah had mih epiphany ah was seein Jack much like people who eh know him seein de man. Den somebody plant ah bee in mih bonnet. While ah still eh know de man or is ah supporter, ah more comfortable in mih new idea about him. What he doin might seem dotish tuh outsiders, buh dem eh Jack concern. De man not dotish, he orn ah mission.

Before ah did come tuh dat realization wid some help, dis is what de ole me was tinkin:

Ah bannin mihself from readin anyting more bout Jack wid one exception: Eef he start bringin proof tuh de table. He should ah start by givin he definition ah de word bribe.

Because ah Jack, ah have tuh read some ah de most ignorant tings about T&T. Dat is part ah mih reason fuh de upcomin ban.

Tings like Tuna Puna? Where dat is?

He is one ah de richest men in de country? Ah glad tuh know dat know. Ah more glad tuh know dat T&T does survive orf American aid an eef dat aid stop T&T bong tuh turn Jack over.

Most ah de nonsense from de wuss newspaper in de English-speakin world—ah online rag from England. Is long time ah know it eh have no shame buh it never jook mih in mih eye wid ah sharp stick before.

Jack approach eh go wuk. Especially eef he hopin tuh hold orn until de election where he expect tuh win de sympathy vote. He go be disappointed. He should consider my idea. It so devious it could work.

He need to get in de same position as Steve an Ish. How? Dat is where de deviousness come een.

Fuhget de US, get arrested fuh corruption in T&T. He go have tuh do all de investigatin heself since de poleece eh have experience in dat area. Buh how hard dat go be fuh Jack? Investigatin heself? Ah bet he could siddong in Tuna Puna an do it. Doh fuhget de invoices fuh de checks when he puttin tuhgedder de paper trail. No pictures ah de people he bribe pay? No worries. Draw stick figures wid dey names. Add arrows showin how everyting flow. Give it tuh de poleece wid all de arrows pointin tuh he picture in de middle.

He lawyers should do or not do whatever needed to get de first hearin before ah magistrate tuh happen quick. When de case call, plead not guilty. Somewhere in dis mess de High Court have tuh get involve an decide T&T have first dibs on him, not de US.

Put all dat ah next way? Pray Jack. Close yuh eyes an pray hard. While prayin listen out fuh anybody stickin plenty stamps orn yuh. Yuh eh want tuh open yuh eyes an yuh in de US.

Dat is it den. Now ah have tuh ban Jack. Farewell amigo.

All dat was before.

Yes ah still tonin dong how much ah listen tuh from him, but I eh bannin mihself from listenin. I want tuh see how dis govahment go fall. Like how experts does implode buildings in ah controlled fashion? Jack is ah expert.

So far, he doin ah excellent job ah muddyin de waters. All he have tuh do is keep orn wid de teasin.

Kamla could walk out parliament by sheself when Jack torkin all she want. De love gorn. Eef dey had ah dorg when dey was ah political couple dey would cut it in half now. Dey realize is ah country involve not no dorg? Who else but she tuh look tuh fuh why dis bitterness spreadin? I want she tuh answer one question.

Trinis who want de commesse tuh end go blank de PP. People orn de fence go steups an make de jump dat Rowley is de lesser ah de two evils. Jack party eh have tuh win ah damn seat. He eh have tuh form no partnership wid de PNM. Vindictiveness, not all de PP mis-steps, go give de PNM de elections an Jack could head orf tuh he time in de US ah smile orn he face.

In he mind he win.


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