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Is all about Jack

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May 30, 2015 by Fensic

So since Wednesday all de tork is about Jack Warner. As mih pardnah like tuh say, “well I tell you”.

It had plenty hours before daylight so was still night when ah wake up dat mornin cyar sleep. Ah tell mihself once ah check de papers online ah goin back in mih bed. Why not; ah do it before. Den ah see de FIFA story. Sleep done one time.

Oops, mih manners.

Ah takin dis opportunity tuh apologize tuh all de people in Triniland who ah text long before fowl wake up dat mornin. I eh vex none ah allyuh eh reply buh ah lil hurt allyuh still vex. Ah mean up tuh now nobody eh answer mih back. Mih advice? Change allyuh phone option tuh not make no loud noise when mih text reach too early.

Soccer, or as de real fans ah de game does call it, football, not on de same level as American pro sports. Dat eh stop dis from being ah huge story. After all, is millions ah people who does follow it; national ties nah. Fuh who eh like football, was ah chance tuh point an laugh at corrupt FIFA. Fuh who left was ah chance tuh say doh bring allyuh corruption tuh de US, we have we own. Is me add dat larse part fuh dem.

Jack name get call more dan any udder Trini at any udder time. Ah glad ah not one ah dem, head-in-hands-bawlin-dong-de-place-torkin-bout-shame, people. Ah savin endless tears an energy.

I eh know how much office wuk mih pardnah do dat day cause me an he discuss all de evidence, makin up we own along de way.

What aspect ah it we eh tork bout?

Steve an Ish?

We tork about dat. We even had de same brain wave—Steve, Ish an Jack orn de same plane headin tuh de US.

It had ah time ah was tryin fuh ah bigger picture but de onlyest ting ah was seein was dis one clip.

Assumin Jack break T&T laws over he years in CONCACAF an FIFA, why Trini authorities eh look fuh nuttin tuh charge he wid? Yet all de US had tuh say was,

“Mr. AG ah T&T, what yuh name is again?


Nick, here read all de shit Jack do. We want he baxide cause he do some ah it in we yard.”

De Trini govahment salute an ready tuh hang Jack. Vexness sweep over mih.

Mih pardnah decide race at play so he cancel he part ah we brain wave. He focusin only on Jack since Jack lookin like de only one who gettin put in de box.

One ting comin out ah all dis is de role ah de Express followed by de Guardian in keepin lovers of commesse informed.


Pathetic Newsday pretendin it have ah online presence buh still operatin under de days ah de printin press model.

De Express was dey master, on de ball wid breakin stories. It was even allowin readers tuh comment widout bleepin out four-letter words. Commentators was rabid. One was showin how de PNM was actually in power only 8 years. Ah next commenter was agreein. Dey logic look dubious doh.

Readin all dem sycophantic comments had mih certain ah was right in reviewin how ah does tink, someting ah start when mih pardnah offer de, ‘oppressed Black Man’ slant tuh de story.

Ah go deny ever sayin, far less writin dis, buh at one point in all dis ah did feel sorry fuh Jack. It eh larse long doh. Ah still wonderin doh eef he believe what he does say. Or maybe he only sayin dem tings as long as he not in no court. Is one ting tuh appeal tuh yuh supporters an de public emotions. Is ah next ting tuh convince ah court wid facts. Dem is two different standards. However, some ah what he spewin in de larse day or so eh makin no sense.

He takin orf de gloves since Kamla jail him he say. Files goin an get buss. De onlyest people who waitin fuh dem revelations is people who eh have nuttin better tuh do an like bacchanal. Since ah in dat ah go read dis latest expose after de one he promise de time. What he did say it was goin an be, ah tsunami? Den ah go decide eef ah waste mih time.

De onlyest proof ah anyting I need is ah clip showin Jack former bosom buddy under de influence ah spirits. It have tuh be unequivocal proof. Wid all dese cellphone cameras nobody eh have dat? It was never true, ent? Dis Integrity Commission ready tuh declare de charge spurious. Punitive damages time.

But dis about Jack.

He brush off he sons gettin charge. He say everybody does illegally structure financial transactions. Is only me den who eh do it yet since ah never had enough money in de bank tuh move arong in increments less dan $10,000 an avoid suspicion?

Wait. Since ah never had dat much money ah guess ah already does do it. De man right. Is everybody, innocents included.

Eef he want tuh be believed when he say he focus is now de people ah T&T, he have tuh start wid ah apology. Especially tuh who went Germany tuh support de Soca Warriors usin de travel agency dat had exclusive rights tuh tickets, hotels an plane reservations. Or was de newspaper article rong?

After watchin pictures ah Trinis outside de jail, waitin tuh see dey hero, ah ask mih pardnah eef ah would see he in dat hot sun. He say not he. Dey make him do it as ah lil boy tuh see some Queen an nobody better look fuh he tuh do dat shit again.

I watch video, probably dem same supporters, carryin orn outside de jail because Jack was nimble an slip parse dem in ah ambulance. Dat one act on ah level dat make it deep an symbolic. Not tuh he supporters doh. One ah dem tork about how dat move offend de people ah T&T. No hyperbole dey fuh sure.

Ah next one say how Jack geh treated drawin people tuh de ILP party in droves. Ah really cyar argue dat since ah break biche de day Mrs. Woodruff tell de class what droves mean.

Mih new approach tuh reactin tuh tings eh fully form yet. Ah shouldn’t call it new doh. Is more like knowin when tuh engage in protracted discussions given de tie between opinions an navels an de relationship ah dem same opinion wid ah certain udder body part. We only know how useful dat part is if we cork.

It have tuh have ah big picture in all dis. Ah still searchin doh. Mih pardnah had ah answer when ah ask him how come de US know about de supermarket in Triniland where Jack was supposedly launderin money. How come de T&T authorities was clueless, ah wanted tuh know.

How ah know dey clueless, he ask mih back. Dat shut mih up one time.

Maybe it eh all about Jack. Is pretend we pretendin it is fuh now.

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