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Why I disagree wid Sebastian Ventour

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May 23, 2015 by Fensic

Dis week ah goin an take mih pardnah own words, turn dem into ah bull pistle den touch him slightly wid it. Just fuh spite. Dat is because ah hear when yuh get de fuss lash wid ah bull pistle yuh does stop an wait fuh de next one. He go have tuh wait until Kamla call election fuh dat second lash.

Yesterday de man hurt mih feelings. He tell mih ah not suitable tuh be orn any commission ah inquiry into anyting. Cussin followed intrigue as tuh why he say dat. Still, ah wasn’t worried cause is only from commissions he control dat he blankin mih from. In all de years ah know de man he never been orn any kind ah commission, far less in charge ah any so what he bannin mih from? Steups.

He eh banning mih because ah logical. He say is because ah doh see de big picture, ah into minutiae an ah not fuh de greater good. Right dey mih intrigue done.

Is he have mih dedicatin dis post tuh ah member ah de mortally wounded Integrity Commission. By de time ah done we go see eef is me de rant of dat madman really referrin to.

Dear Honorable ex High Court Judge ah T&T, Sebastian Ventour.

Ah takin de liberty ah assumin “honorable” is still part ah how people does refer tuh ah ex High Court Judge. Leh we go wid trinispeak even doh not everybody who tork it could read it. Lawyer-speak too hard.

Anyway enough chitchat.

Ah eh read yuh comments tuh de press about why yuh resign from de Integrity Commission one time nah.


Ah read dem multiple times. Ah even make allowances fuh de disparity across what de various papers does report orn any given topic by readin de Express, Guardian an Newsday. Fuh once all ah dem had de same story.

Ah also checkout reader comments tuh de article. Not orn Facebook or dem udder social media sites as ah cyar take de mini wars dat does erupt dey. Anyway ah tink ah have enough information tuh parse along mih torts.

I tink you do de people ah Trinidad an Tobago ah huge, ah mega-huge injustice when yuh resign from de Integrity Commission.

Unless it have more tuh dis dan is in de public domain you would ah be de bigger man eef yuh did stay an fight tuh get udders tuh your standards.

All dis tork about integrity an what was goin orn wid de committee wasn’t what yuh signed up for is music tuh de airs ah some Trinis buh yuh seriously tink abdicatin yuh responsibility is ah trademark ah integrity? How yuh put it, you didn’t like what yuh see goin orn an yuh didn’t want no part ah dat so yuh quit?

When I was a boy pitchin marbles, how many time an didn’t like what was goin orn? Ah wanted tuh tell mih mudder tuh run all dem udder boys out we yard.


Because my knocks would never come een so I was always losin. Okay so ah couldn’t pitch an so what eef ah girl used tuh win mih marbles? Ah sucked it up an continue losin. Ah I was ah boy yuh honor. Doin de right ting.

Some commentators of yuh actions suggest you was ah PNM plant. Udders say dat yuh leave because yuh did see de writin orn de wall an yuh point ah view was losin. Defenders say de IC chairman have PP connections.

I not speculation. However, you sayin yuh leave during discussions an den yuh was surprised when yuh read de press release? Dat doh hit mih de way someting wid sense does hit mih.

Doh get mih rong Yuh Honor cause ah read what yuh say about not wantin tuh be part ah misleadin Trinis. Eef only dat sentiment would predominate de landscape. Dat said, what Trini would tink yuh was misleadin dem eef yuh did announce while yuh was stayin tuh help better de workings ah de commission dat yuh was ah 101 percent against de statement it put out?

Okay so it would still have ah few dotish people. Me an you remember Auntie Kay an Uncle Bob. We eh done know yuh cyar do everyting tuh suit de lowest common denominator?

Tell mih I eh tork dey.

As it stands yuh actions pour kerosene over ah already combustible situation. Dat cyar be fuh de greater good.

Rowley fans, an by extension, PNMites tink you is de best ting since bake an shark. Yuh conscience might be clear buh T&T go just spiral dong more. Ah tink yuh lorse ah teachable moment dey oui when yuh miss dat bigger picture.

In case yuh eh realize it yet I not fuh eidder one ah dem jokey parties dat have ah chance ah winnin de next election. Ah put it dat way cause it have udder parties more jokey, in de race. Ah does always mix up de initials ah Jack party an dat ah de Indian cricket league.

Ah get de impression yuh tink it have more tuh examine besides wedder de email addresses fake or not. How yuh put it? Something about substance?

I am one ah dem who say eef de email addresses not real den it eh have no content tuh investigate. Yuh doh tie de contents of ah email tuh ah address, yuh tie de address tuh de contents.

Yuh Honor, mih intent is not tuh take up yuh challenge fuh somebody tuh dare contradict yuh assertion dat de investigation still open. You could run rings rong mih easy easy. But de commission chairman, retired justice Zainool Hosein have ah interestin argument so he might be de one takin up yuh challenge. He say eef multiple people supposed tuh be in conversations an yuh could prove two ah dem wasn’t dey den de conversations eh happen. Allyuh was een de judiciary, is dat analogy bogus like dem Gmail accounts or is dat annuder situation where, eef yuh was still orn de commission allyuh would have tuh agree tuh disagree?

Yuh mind eef ah philosophize fuh ah minute? After all ah have tuh reach near 1,200 words.

Dis whole mess an yes, it is ah mess, is ah perfect example of what I does say. It, whatever ‘it is’, not about de truth but what yuh could get udders tuh believe. You sir now shinnin bright in de eyes ah Trinis who agree wid yuh stance. De udder party faithful hate yuh guts. Den it have udders, not me per say cause I cyar vote. Eef ah could ah would have ah devil of ah time pickin one loser from de udders.

Eef politics was de fardest ting from yuh mind when yuh make yuh decision tuh resign yuh in de center ah de political storm now. Yuh could ah avoided dat an still sleep at night knowin yuh eh compromise yuh values.

You would ah be dealin wid de minutiae an still see de big picture. All while pursuin de greater good as de Integrity Commission vice-chair.

What it have more principled dan dat Yuh Honor?

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