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Guyana done, next up, T&T

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May 16, 2015 by Fensic

Ah not sure how tuh view what happenin in Guyana five days after larse Monday’s national election. Should I follow every twist an turn an de lack of ah clear picture dat detail does paint or, should I wait lil bit tuh see where dem twists an turns go lead? When ah follow tings at de twists an turns level ah have tuh be prepared cause after ah while mih head does start spinnin, ah does get giddy an have tuh go lay dong. Eef ah check tings every two days ah doh have dem side effects an ah does start seein de big picture. Dat mean missin all de bacchanal, someting ah cyar do when de action close tuh home an could have implications.

Given dat on de surface it have similarities between Guyana an T&T, how safe it is tuh miss dem twists an turns eef dey could happen when Trinis vote later dis year?

Or could dey?

Eef dey could, wouldn’t it be ah good idea tuh know dat after ah hip twist was two turns tuh de left?

What in de public domain about de Guyanese election is dat it take de better part of five days after votin done tuh have ah formal announcement of who win. Earlier tuhday, Saturday, ah new president get sworn in. He name David Granger. Even while dat was happenin de now former president, Donald Ramotar was issuin ah statement dat included dis gem:

“Once again we are being removed from office, not through the will of our people, but by electoral manipulations.”

Until dis development, not dat de ‘electoral manipulations’ part, de swearin in part, I was confused. I would ah insist dat reports I see showin de opposition get more votes was official. Dey wasn’t. Is only now twists an turns slow dong.

All what happen before not as relevant now. Dat is exactly what does happen when de big picture start formin. So it doh matter as much dat de international election watchers gorn back tuh dey countries after tellin Guyana de elections was fair. Who care eef de president at de time, de man who invite de observers, tell dem dey was full ah shit, dat it had ‘irregularities’? Dat twist did mean de govahment wasn’t concedin.

What I was findin amazin was while all dis was goin orn, individual govahment ministers was removin files from dey orfice an drivin away wid dem. Ah hope de question obvious cause ah eh askin it.

Bottom line? Bacchanal Guyanese style. Oh ah fuhget dis one: Monday, during votin, rumors cause mobs bun dong ah few places an torch cars. De Guyana Defense Force respond. All dem tings in de papers.

So de opposition in Guyana is now de new govahment. Mih openin dilemma solve. Ah doh have tuh pick between each movement an de big picture dem movements paintin.

De next two questions is dis: Can what happenin in Guyana happen in T&T? Who dotish enough tuh tink so?

Ah know fuh sure it have Trinis who say yes, it could happen. Dat is only because dey want de results tuh be de same in de two countries. By dat ah mean de opposition winnin.

Eef dat happen it eh go because ah no similarities. Any similarities does fall dong de fuss time breeze blow. Yes, de two major ethnic groups in both countries is de same. While Indians are de majority, in T&T dat majority is less dan two percent ah de population while in Guyana it over ten percent. I tink dem numbers significant in what dey mean fuh de current rulin party in T&T an de former one, de PPP, in Guyana. Fuh one, I say de PP is Indian based while de PPP is Indian. Buh leh we discount dat fuh kicks.

Yes Trinis does bawl about how one party does ignore de areas of de opposition. Roads doh get paved, WASA doh put dong pipes fuh water, nuttin tuh occupy young people time, orn an orn. While ah sure people eh makin up dem claims, de reality is given dat both ethnicities separated by no more dan two percentage points, de people in T&T better positioned dan dey Guyanese counterparts tuh put ah stop tuh dat. Yuh cyar have dat kind ah ballot-box power when de udder side have ten, twelve percent more people dan you.

Ah hearin it now: How could de opposition party in Guyana win dis election eef Guyana politics is raced based? Well de opposition do like what happen in Triniland an form ah pardnahship. Is it similar tuh de initial pardnahship like when de COP did pop up an eh win ah damn seat or like dis one de PP have? It make ah difference? It might in de future eef de onlyest reason fuh de coalition was tuh geh rid ah de former Guyanese govahment. But all dat is dem business an might only affect T&T at de borders.

So what is left about Guyana politics dat could make anybody tink what happen dey could happen in Triniland? An hope it eh more dan ah few people who have dat dotish belief. Ah also hope me eh know none ah dem. Tuh de few ah dem I say never happen.

Before ah close de books on any idea ah lookin tuh Guyana tuh see T&T future, let mih explain de reason dat cyar wuk, not when it come tuh elections. One word. Okay make dat two: Political maturity.

We could rant an rave all day long when it come tuh T&T politics buh is ah fact dat while de electorate still maturin it done more mature dan what dem udder islands have. Dat include we South American brethren. Austin Warner could speak tuh dat after de debacle wid Jailall Kissoon. Austin tort it was ah good idea tuh fly dis Jailall fella from Guyana to help in de campaign fuh de seat in dat Chaguanas West by-election in July 2013. All ah could say is dat what Jailall say prove mih point about political maturity.

T&T an nobody connected tuh T&T shouldn’t be lookin tuh any place in de region tuh lead it in how tuh campaign, run elections or communicate de results in ah timely fashion after de election.

Mih pardnah go be happy tuh hear mih say Rowley an dem could well win de elections. He might be upset I eh say dey go win fuh sure. Buh fuhgettin he an he dogmatic position, ah would be more dotish tuh say de PNM cyar win.

Is dat same dogmatic pardnah who say democracy alive an well in Triniland. De people just waitin fuh election tuh kick Kamla an dem out he claim. How ah could argue wid logic? I agree. Democracy indeed alive an well in T&T albeit Trini style.

Somebody should print dat orn ah tee shirt before elections. It go sell.

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