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Jaishima an Rowley. Same breath, me eh care.

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March 21, 2015 by Fensic

Jaishima Leladharsingh endin dis week ah happy man. He might even vote fuh de PNM dis election despite being, among udder tings, ah UNC activist, whatever ah political activist is.

De week start fuh he wid most people not even able tuh pronounce he name. Before you could blink yuh eye good he done orn de front page an now, tanks tuh de PNM, he headin back tuh obscurity where he belong. In place ah he, de latest news is de contrived furor over Rowley’s statements about people pets.

Jaishima cyar tink he could crawl back under de rock, excuse mih, waltz back into he HDC house widout comments from me.

Fuh who eh know, before Tuesday Jaishima Leladharsingh was ah Chaguaramas Development Authority, CDA, board member who went orn ah unprovoked an unrestrained rant orn Facebook, callin people de ‘N-word’. It happen quite larse year buh it now come into de non-social media spotlight. Why only now, ah not sure. Anyway, dat was where dis man went from zero tuh he true self in like one post an stay in dat racist gear fuh who knows how many more posts.

Since de story come out he done lorse he CDA position an issue ah apology dat was missin crocodile tears.

Why people cyar simply say dey sorry? Instead, dey does say dey sorry eef what dey do or say offend you.

In he apology, Jaishima say he take de racist route because he did fraid de man he cuss. Callin Anthony McCleod de ‘N-word’ was ah defensive move?

Dat is de best rationale he could come up wid since dis ting happen? I tort leaders suppose tuh conceptualize an tink outside de box. Since he doh seem tuh tink before he tork den he need tuh stay in de sleazy box he een.

One ting puzzlin about dis whole ting.

Didn’t Dr. Moonilal say people get HDC homes based on economic need? So how dis Jaishima Leladharsingh character get one? It have poor people on de CDA board? What about poor UNC activists? Who else dat should be able tuh afford dey own home have HDC house? Moonilal really want tuh open dat Pandora’s box so close tuh election? While ah sure dis govahment eh start de practice, T&T politics is partly musical chairs: Which party in power when de music stop go be holdin de corruption bag. Moonilal need tuh hush when he dey torkin about he go look into eef it possible tuh take back Jaishima house fuh he racists comments. Steups.

Eef anyting shines an doh stink in all dis is de reaction ah Mr. McCleod, de recipient ah Jaishima ‘defensive Facebook move’. He reflected an represented his country well while he attacker showed it have Trinis at de udder end of de human chain.

Even some 3,545 kilometers away from Jaishima, I still manage tuh run into de effects people like he does leave. Fuh people like me who eh have ah clue how far 3,545 kilometers is, except dat it far, it is about 2,200 miles, give or take.

Is not what dis person say dat put dem in de same class as dat no class Trini. While I wasn’t dey tuh see, dis udder person spill coffee by de badge reader next tuh de elevator on de floor I does wuk orn. I suspect nobody else eh see dem when dey do it. Wid no witnesses dey sneak away widout takin de time tuh go tuh de kitchen 20 feet away, get paper towels an clean up dey mess.

When ah compare de two individuals ah tink ah despise de coffee spiller more.

While Jaishima prove he is ah racist, he do it in de way I does always say make T&T better dan any udder country in de world when it come tuh race relations. He do it in de open. Unless more tings about he come tuh light, he gorn back into obscurity.

De people I fraid are de ones who does do dey ting when nobody arong tuh say:

yuh know ah seein yuh?

Like dis person who spill dey coffee. Fuh all I know I ride de elevator wid dem plenty times. We might ah even exchange chitchat. I might even know dem. Steups.

So would Jaishima vote PNM even eef he is ah UNC activist?

Tings heatin up wid de wood Rowley just add tuh de campaign fire. As expected, each side lookin tuh take its version ah de moral high grong on anyting dat hint ah immorality from de udder side. It is dis kind ah pre-election sanctimonious babblin dat make dese times de silly season—say anyting tuh avoid de issues—dat include sayin de issues gettin ignored.

I sure all Trini woman who not flag-wavin members ah de UNC or de PNM smarter dan tuh look at dem fuh direction on how tuh take Rowley’s words. Not when each side suggestin it torkin fuh women, yet each side seein dese words he directed at Kamla different:

She could jump high, she could jump low. She could drink this, she could drink that. She could bark at my dog because I will ignore she cat.

Reaction, along party lines was fast an furious.





Non-Trinis doh have tuh know T&T politics good tuh know which side sayin what. As long as dey know Rowley is de opposition PNM leader an Kamla, de prime minister, is de leader ah de UNC.

But how offensive is dem words from Rowley? I not ah woman so I could never really really know. De best ah could do is use logic.

Was anybody, so offended now, as offended by tings dey see an hear during carnival?


Okay den rest allyuh self lil bit, someting new comin fuh dis election just now. Is de season.

It did seem like it was only about two seconds after Rowley utter dem words dat de UNC did done use dem in ah attack commercial against him. De supposedly objectionable larse part get repeated over an over, like ah echo.

Eef I was tuh form ah political party, mih first member would be Penelope Beckles.

She response tuh Rowley’s comments make more sense dan all de women who suggestin dat being female mean dey opinion is de right one. Doh study how dat opinion split along part lines.

Mrs. Beckles suggest dat Rowley eh used de best judgment in he choice ah words buh she eh takin sides since people just waitin tuh jump on what udders say tuh tear it apart. While de political purists go see dat as dodgin, I see it as allowin real issues tuh get discussed.

In de end, it doh have nuttin fairer dan democratic elections tuh prove what I believe about de power ah independent tinking. Election night go tell which side do ah better job ah gettin people tuh believe it version ah de truth.

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