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Kamla an Rowley

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March 14, 2015 by Fensic

De video I just finish watchin ah Kamla an Rowley engaged in what is now regular wid dem was real cute.

From what I see, each one lorse widout de udder: She posin fuh picture an guess who in de backgrong? She eh lettin he get way wid nuttin, no matter how hard he try or how innocent he look afterwards. When de borse did get tired ah de two ah dem no words nah, just dey tail in trouble. Only one would get discipline at ah time doh. While dat was happenin de udder one would be orn dey best behavior. Yes, Kamla an Rowley. De two names ah some real camera hongs. De way dey was showin orf fuh de press was like dey was born fuh dat.

Before any fanatical supporter jump orn mih fuh insultin dey deity, let mih clear up one ting quick. De Kamla an Rowley I torkin about is de two White Bengal Tiger cubs born in de Emperor Valley Zoo tuh Rajasi, dey mudder. She is dey borse.

Of course Kamla an Rowley not dey cubs’ official names. However, eef people who vote get dey way dem wid be dey names.

When I did hear about de namin competition all kinda ah names parse mih head. On reflection, some ah dem was real dotish. One did have ah kind ah KamlaRowley-like tone. Trini Gyul an ‘Bago Boy?

When ah tell mih pardnah de people’s choice I tort ah would ah have tuh send de paramedics by de man house, fuss he laugh an laugh an laugh.

What I adore about dem names is how dey show de biting wit in Trini humor. Is de ultimate in what I callin picongism. When yuh away from dat it easy tuh fuhget how powerful it is, especially in light ah life’s daily grind. All de bacchanal dat does go orn; all de back an forth between govahment an opposition; all de mauvais langue, all de snipin. An dat is just wid dem who are or want tuh be de leaders. In de middle ah all dat people want dem two, too cute, cubs tuh name Kamla an Rowley. What is not tuh love about dat? What more about Trinis character anybody need tuh know?

Eef anybody realize de value ah promotin ‘Kamla’ an ‘Rowley’ is dem zoo people who see ah marketin bonanza. It done have ah Facebook page fuh de two cubs wid regular updates an lil video clips. Dat is where ah just come from—watchin Kamla an Rowley act like . . . well like Kamla an Rowley.

Dey was born January 10 an still cuddly up tuh today.


By de end ah March month, early April, dey go be big enough fuh me tuh have tuh run from dem eef ah was tuh bounce dem up. Is no way dey gettin tuh use me tuh sharpen dey teet fuh when dey mudder start teachin dem how tuh kill an eat meat. I alive an I meaty so why make dey job easier?

None ah dat doh seem tuh frighten people who I tink goin too far by wantin dey picture take wid dem cubs. Some even want dem fuh pets. Ah adult tiger is ah killin machine so who go really be who pet once Kamla an Rowley get big?

Unlike de udder Kamla an Rowley, dese two real hard tuh tell apart. But even doh ah makin sure an stay far away, is still me dey up against. After careful analysis punctuated by plenty cheupsin, ah know which one is which.

Kamla have more stripes orn she face. She done shave orf she eyebrow an put black makers where she want de new eyebrows tuh be.


Look how weak he is. I eh even pressin dong hard an he bawlin fuh he mudder.

Rowley on de udder hand not into all dem fancy lines stuff. Like he was late fuh j’ouvert or it had ah young ting waitin tuh wine orn him so he just dab orn some black spots on he face an call dat George.


Who me worried? She could file all de no confidence motions she want yes.

Of course is me dey playin wid so fuh all I know ah could have it all backwards an she is really he an he is really she.

Kamla and Rowley

She name Kamla. No he lyin, is I name Kamla!


Kamla OR Rowley just now


Who tink ah tiger cub go make ah cute pet? Dis is ah future picture. Eidder just before yuh get yuh baxide eat or right after.

Somewhere along de line de zoo people was torkin about possibly givin way one ah de cubs. De Prime Minister jump up an say dat eh happenin, dey is Trinis. Dat was before people say name dem Kamla an Rowley.

One ah de arguments fuh splittin dem up would be tuh avoid inbreedin, which ah understand is common wid dese kind ah tigers. Why de Prime Minister mout een what happen wid dese cubs, me eh know, buh eef she was tuh change she mind which one she would banish, Kamla or Rowley?

Ah pretty sure White Bengal Tiger rare an worth plenty in trade. Maybe de zoo people could trade one een fuh energetic buh safe elections; Brent Sancho remainin Minister ah Sport; more wreckers; radar guns fuh de poleece; ah CoP who doh have actin as part ah he title; no more hard-back male teachers wid froth in dey pee sayin dey in love wid 11-year old female students an ah port authority wid de cojones tuh fire every one ah dem workers who cause people tuh get stuck on dem ferries fuh hours.

So far, de Rowley wid de bald head eh say nuttin. He might be someplace in Arima makin sure de area party leaders eh mess up de PNM election plans wid dey no Penny, no vote, tork. Ah cyar believe she failed challenge fuh de party leadership reach dis far.

Zoo people? De way tings goin dese days, just now political correctness run amok go close dong T&T. People go have tuh get what dey want tuh say approved before dey could open dey mout. Allyuh want tuh be part ah dat? Name de two damn cubs Kamla an Rowley fuh now. When dey get some size trade Rowley fuh de male dat de zoo in Argentina have from de triplets born dey in 2013. Dem Argentinians go change Rowley name before he reach by dem. By 2020/2021, it go have so much White Bengal Tiger cubs in de Emperor Valley Zoo dat tradin in dem could rival de drug trade. Less murders an fuh drug dealers who have cubs as pets, well dey days go be numbered. Wins all arong.

Eef Kamla de politician eh pull up she stockings, it go be Kamla de cub who vex allyuh name she Kamla.

Trinis deserve tuh sit back, like I was doin, an enjoy Kamla an Rowley play fightin. Unlike me de brave ones could even go by de zoo an watch de cubs in person.

Quick, dey gettin big farse.

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