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WASA, hydrocarbons in de water an dat word

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February 28, 2015 by Fensic

At first me eh take it orn nah; it was just someting else gorn rong; ah next ting tuh fix.

Turn allyuh water orf until we fix de problem. Meanwhile? Doh worry.

Is afterwards, while watchin an listenin tuh de news, ah sure is de related govahment minister who use dat word, buh in parsin. Dat set mih tinkin cause, at de risk ah over-repeatin mihself, everyting connected tuh everyting else.

Leave it up tuh mih pardnah tuh sum it up real good when he say dat de world change since me an he was boys. T&T cyar bury it head in de sand an ignore de increasin dangers it have out dey, he expound.

Okay, so he eh say dem exact words, buh ah sure he would say ah have de gist ah he position. However he put it, he was respondin tuh mih question about dat word an eef Triniland could keep orn actin like it immune from it because ah who God suppose tuh be.

Tuh be honest de emphatic nature ah he stance surprise mih.

De whole discussion come up because ah was disturbed by dis story ah WASA an de oil dey find in de water. It more dan ah lil bit frightenin dat someting dat wasn’t supposed tuh be in de water was een de water an manage tuh reach people lips.

Was it de smell dat alert WASA tuh de ‘oily substance’ an dat in turn force dem tuh shut dong de Caroni Water Treatment plant an alert consumers? Eef people up tuh no good on ah massive scale wanted to, could dey sneak an put someting different, buh more deadly in dat water? Someting dat eh had no smell? Like de minister was suggestin in parsin, what would WASA do? Of course dat question applicable tuh more dan WASA so ah hope no udder entity eh relieved dat it eh dem.

By de way, how much ah Triniland does get dey water tuh drink from dat plant, ah wonder.

Never in ah million years I would ah tink ah associatin dat word or ah derivation, wid sweet T&T. But de sad truth is de word eh new tuh Triniland. Before it had de Boston Bomber een 2013, T&T did done have it own Dustbin Bomber.

Wasn’t it in 2005 dat PoS was transfixed an transformed fuh too long de same time every week because ah some kind ah explodin dustbin? De first one eh cause damage tuh people who up tuh today have tuh manage de best dey could?

Ah cyar argue wid mih pardnah—de world change—big time.

What come tuh mih mind one time is de Trinis who all accounts say fightin fuh ISIS. Ah tork about dem already. Is because ah dem we know dat T&T eh immune from de repercussions ah dat word.

Okay so Ebola wasn’t de threat I tort it was goin tuh be. However, dem fellas, wherever dey is fightin tuh eradicate we way ah life, still is. I couldn’t be one ah dem nah cause fundamentally I is ah coward. I does always say let de fool on de udder side die fuh he country eef he gung-ho. I good de way I is.

Eef I was tuh wake up one mornin an realize I transformed an now is ah, dat word, I go still be ah chicken so ah go be goin de route ah deadly stealth. Nobody eh go be smellin no pitch oil, diesel or kerosene, nuttin eh go be shinnin in no water fuh nobody tuh raise no alarm an cyatch mih.

Ah tink de Triniland powers dat be have some sense ah de position de country een. De question is how vulnerable dey tink de country is.

Rowley in comments larse year tuh Kamla UN speech seemed tuh suggest de country potentially very vulnerable. How he put it again? Someting about why Kamla callin attention tuh Triniland by co-sponsorin de US resolution callin on member states tuh prevent dey citizens from goin an fight wid ISIS.

Yes, ISIS again.

Me eh know eef Rowley was playin politics or was serious, buh he eh say nuttin when he voice was truly needed. Dat was when Gary Griffith was still minister ah national security. He tort de lone gunman attackin de Canadian Parliament was de perfect opportunity tuh boast about how T&T was preparin itself fuh situations like dat wid de armored personnel carriers. Armored personnel carries dat might not have reached de country up tuh now.

Now who was playin politics?

Wid nobody puttin him in ah corner wid ah duncy hat on he head, Gary was back at it after French fanatics storm de Charlie Hebdo magazine an de Jewish deli killin people. His continued statements was untimely, not tuh mention dem being dotish provocations. Is dat kind ah tork dat could ah cause ah coward tuh decide tuh prove him rong. Ah welcomed he removal fuh dat reason alone. Yuh never could tell when ah mad person listening go try an carry water in ah basket.

Is dat lack ah knowledge dat make it frightenin no tail tuh know dat udder countries wid far more resources dan Trinbago does still fall short in monitorin people dey suspect want tuh cause harm; tuh disrupt people way ah life; tuh take people out dey comfort zone; tuh cause fear up close an personal.

Ah hear de argument enough times: one man’s, dat word, is ah next man’s freedom fighter. Israel’s Mencham Begin was ah freedom fighter. Tuh white South Africans, Nelson Mandela was ah, dat word. Both men not only win dey fight, dey went orn tuh lead dey respective countries. Good fuh dem because while ah not insensitive tuh de strife in udder countries, dey orn dey own eef dey need my feelings tuh keep goin. Ah pre-occupied elsewhere.

Since de best predictor ah future behavior is parse behavior, me eh holdin out real hope dat WASA go pinpoint de source ah de contaminant in de water or prosecute anybody eef it was ah act ah sabotage. Petrotrin ever resolve dey issues wid dem oil leaks?

Gary Griffith was not an anomaly wid he constant torkin. Since he gorn, it eh look like he replacement does eat parrot bottom. So far. Still, I eh seein authorities at any level backin away from gun tork when at de end ah de day, dat is all dey have tuh offer.

So WASA an de Environmental Management Agency go conduct dey investigations into de ‘hydrocarbon substance’ in de water. Ganga Singh could announce dat WASA go be more “proactive” in monitorin de water supply all he want.


Let me stop right dey.

More proactive? What dat mean?

On second torts I eh want tuh know, ah frighten. Me eh want tuh hear dat wid all de changes in dis world WASA water intake system dey skin up, open tuh insidious action by people who could den boast about what dey do an all de people dey kill.

People like . . . like . . . dat word terrorists.

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