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Tings Not To Fuhget?

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February 8, 2015 by Fensic

Despite all dat happen I eh sure how much new ting ah learn from Triniland dis week nah. Fuh de most part was tings ah did already know buh over time did start tuh fuhget. Sure when I listen tuh Kamla dat Monday night ah learn tings I didn’t know but dem was details not anyting like life lessons.

As important as mih T&T world is, it eh close tuh being mih whole world. Is in dat expanded world were ah tink ah learn de most profound lessons dis parse week.

Ting Not Tuh Fuhget.

Dat is what ah callin mih stream ah consciousness when ah tink ah dis larse week an tings ah takin away, new or udderwise.

First Ting Not Tuh Fuhget: Everyting in dis world is political, even politics an nobody doh see de future better dan politicians. Even knowin dat, havin mih own lil world mean gettin left out or behind. Who want tuh play wid deyself?

Second Ting Not Tuh Fuhget: Ah shouldn’t bet on anyting ah cyar control. Dat is truer een politics dan wid anyting else. Well maybe except fuh women since dey from Venus.

Sure it easier tuh see de forest in spite ah de trees, or at least tuh tink ah have dat kind ah vision, buh eef ah doh glance at de trees often tuh see eef dey movin mih big picture could change leavin me behind or left out. It cyar be healthy tuh be dem who sure dey know how Trini politics does wuk. When ah run into any ah dem it go be mih duty tuh win dey money. Ah go be bettin dat dey cyar control de own disability.

Ah Next Ting Not Tuh Fuhget: T&T politics changin. De voice ah de people gettin heeded. Politicians could call dat anyting dey want. Dey could even try an make people believe is dem who invent it but at de end ah de day dat is all it is—people’s voices gettin heard. Powerful stuff.

However, when tings in transition dey messy. People does cyar wait tuh try out dey new power fuh size. Out ah dis current circus go come ah baseline dat future Trini govahments go have tuh follow. Is only one winner when dat become de norm.

Ah fourth Ting Not Tuh Fuhget: Ah never went tuh no lawyer school buh as still Ignorin lawyers name Martin. Only accountants should name Martin. Dis T&T lawyer name Martin did done get mih attention wid he ideas in de case ah de woman who car get wrecked in tong recently. Ah did steups an wave he orf. Buh after Kamla’s announcements ah hear him suggest dat people should get ah chance tuh prove dey doh have ah conflict of interest. Eef he keep dis up he go remind mih ah Ramesh Maharaj de ex, ex, ex an more ex attorney general de papers does run to fuh comment on legal matters. Why, because dey baxide lazy?

Ah Fifth Ting Not Tuh Fuhget: It have ah lot ah people dat love T&T so much dey willin tuh put up wid de bottles an stones dat does get pelt at dem from detractors. Dat is ah human condition anyways: Demoniize who yuh doh agree wid, especially in de political world. Do dat an de next time yuh eh go even have tuh bodder tuh listen tuh dem. Dat human condition does walk lock-step wid anudder one: whoever yuh agree wid cyar ever tork shit so any bottle peltin at dem eh comin from your stash, dat only fuh demons.

Ah Sixth Ting Not Tuh Fuhget: Why ah does keep not rememberin dat it eh about de truth buh what yuh could get people tuh believe. Why? Why? Ah tink de fuss day ah accept dat go be de fuss dey I eh feel is mih duty tuh mount mih platform an address de unwashed as eef I cleaner. Dis brave new world where news is entertainment an entertainment is news not tuh my likin. But den I ole an set in mih ways: ways dat take years tuh perfect. I eh want tuh learn no knew tricks. Why ah should want tuh change my ways fuh people who, as far as I concerned, always rong?

Ah Seventh Ting Not Tuh Fuhget: Dis one seasonal. Winter sucks. De start ah Spring sucks an de end ah Fall sucks too.

Why ah have tuh always put orn multiple people clothes just tuh go tuh de grocery store? How many times ah went tuh bed early hungry cause I eh see nuttin in mih fridge tuh cook an ah decide eef ah go in mih bed now ah go fall asleep before hunger hit mih good? All just because ah refuse tuh put orn pants over pants, long sleeve jersey over tee shirt. Sweater over shirt, jacket over sweater, hat over ears tuh prevent dem from freezin an droppin orf. Den walk out de door only tuh rush back een cause I eh have orn no socks an shoes an ah fuhget mih gloves? It ridiculous. Is at least six months ah de year ah does be vex, longer eef Spring late or Fall reach early.

Eight an most important Ting Tuh Not Fuhget: Reality an make believe is like two man rat. Maybe dey could live in de same space as long as dat space not in mih mind.

Dis week ah get pick fuh juror duty. On day one dey take about ah hundred ah we, prospective jurors, een dis judge courtroom. Guess what he name was? I kid you not. Twelve ah we was goin an get selected tuh hear de case. De judge tork tuh we den read out de charges. Indictment is what he call dem. Was about twenty-four in all. Two make mih heart shift gears an look at de defendant closer. De fella was goin an be tried fuh murder oui. All what de judge say about presumed innocent went out de door. Dem udder charges was tuh make sure he arse get put under de jail eef he was guilty. Wid only ah low barrier separatin me an he, ah start wonderin what make mih pick de first row tuh siddong in. Ah didn’t study nobody else cause ah figure it would be every man an woman fuh deyself once ting happen. Den ah get too frighten tuh look at de accused because ah was sure he was markin mih face or wuss, he was starin into mih soul when it should ah be de udder way arong.

All dat tuh say in all mih born days I never see ah accused killer in de flesh far less tuh have him ah quick jump over ah low barrier away. It wasn’t like on TV nah.

Dat is de biggest ting ah learn all week. What ah week.

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