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Mih hero ridin tuh de rescue ah everybody

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January 31, 2015 by Fensic

David West versus Attorney General Anand Ramlogan. David West headin de Police Complaints Authority, PCA. David West exposin de Financial Investigation Unit, FIU. David West doin what else wid who?

How about President Carmona pushin David West?

Why? All dem instances ah David West connected, dat is way. Dat big picture nah.

So, who is David West?

He not only ah lawyer buh ah expert in de area ah anti money launderin. Ah tink de Guardian refer tuh he as ah certified anti money launderin specialist.

Back when de country was under de gun tuh cyatch up wid de rest ah de world an implement measures tuh address money launderin, West name was common. In dem early days arong 2009, 2010 when de PNM was in charge, dey put he name out dey tuh be de director ah de FIU. However, wid de speed tings does move in T&T, de PP govahment end up rejectin de nomination. Was de AG who explain dat it would be ah conflict of interest. Eef yuh ask me, conflict of interest is ah phrase dat does mostly geh used when it suit de purpose ah who invokin it, buh since nobody eh ask . . . . .

De role an power ah de FIU cyar be overstated. Conceptually it suppose tuh examine questionable financial transaction in de areas it have jurisdiction an parse tuh de TTPS Fraud Squad de ones wid duck-like qualities.

Since money powers de world, eef yuh could identify crooked financial transactions yuh supposed tuh be able to get tuh white-collar criminals or smart law-breakers yuh cyar cyatch no udder way. Remember de infamous Al Capone?

Often understated is dat de FIU also supposed tuh disrupt de flow ah finances goin tuhwards terrorism. Everyting cost money.

In my mind de FIU would be de most powerful agency in Triniland once it had unfettered abilities tuh examine de books ah any entity in de country. Imagine ah political party benefittin from dat kind ah maccoin. Fuh dat reason it have tuh be independent.

Could it have been dan tort or fear what make de way T&T handle implementin de FIU, includin de needed legislation, so messy?

Since Mr. West eh get de job tuh direct de FIU who is de head? One Susan Francois who sister get murdered May 4, 2014 in Woodbrook.

Ah tink dat as far as Rowley an de udder side concerned, de director in de position illegally an should resign. Eef people did resign every time ah politician make ah call fuh dem tuh do so it wouldn’t have nobody runnin de country nah.

Let mih toss someting else een tuh sharpen de picture: In President Carmona acceptance speech on assumin de presidency, he mention people tink he have powers he didn’t have buh dat he had powers people eh know he had. De way he say it was excitin. Ah tort ah was hearin ah Midnight Robber give de ultimate gun tork. After waitin fuh ah show dong dat never happen ah steups an decide he was lyin; he eh have no damn power. Ah go come back tuh dat just now.

Ten days ago, ah Guardian article report David West as sayin dat de FIU eh send nobody tuh jail in 2013. From what he say, de country fail ah critical test. Given he expertise he should know what he torkin about. Still, how come people wid ah plaster fuh every sore eh challenge him? Somebody could ah ask eef he torkin about de Triniland where it does take years an years tuh bring ah high profile case tuh court.

I goin parse what he say. I askin eef not prosecutin ah soul mean dat T&T turnin ah blind eye tuh dat crime. Given de global goals ah de FIU, does no convictions mean de country not only ah money launderer’s paradise buh it could also become ah place terrorists go want tuh examine? Does T&T go after low hangin fruit in white-collar crime only when it in season? When is dat again?

Anyway de larse sentence in dat Guardian article ah Jan. 21, 2015? Ignore it. Ah mean 1.12 billion questionable transactions reported tuh de FIU in 2013? T&T awash in money launderin or what? De Guardian sure dat number eh de value ah de financial transactions? No kind ah expert would make dat kind ah rookie mistake.

Back in Nov. larse year is when de president appoint David West tuh head de PCA.

In my world, President Carmona make use ah some ah de powers people eh know he had. He read de poleece complaints authority act an do just dat—act. Brilliantly too. De act say de president appoints de PCA head on joint advice from de Prime Minister an leader ah de opposition. De prez done know West was ah picker in de PP baxide so Anand would tell Kamla not West even eef Rowley bald head was glistenin at de idea. Wid no unified voice in support ah de selection de same law say de president could make de appointment as long as he have ah consultation wid de two leaders.

Ah consultation doh have tuh be nuttin more dan ah meetin or discussion. It eh have tuh have no big set ah tork.

Ah namin David West head ah de PCA.

Consultation done. Unlike de war ah words dat erupt between Anand an West. Now we findin out dat eh flare up just so.

West well versed in political table tennis. Chop fuh chop, flick fuh flick an smash fuh smash wid de AG. De man could loop wid anybody on de political landscape who tink dey is ah polished ping-pong player. Look how quick Prakash get sense an stop playin doubles wid Anand against West. Like ah true champ West get Ramlogan in ah corner an buss ah shot dong de next side ah de table. De AG couldn’t touch it wid he backhand or forehand. Underhand not allowed. De president must ah clap fuh so. But I eh tink even he expected de deafenin silence after West make he FIU comments.

Most people eyes on how de latest development go go as de poleece probe de AG’s actions tuh see eef he was tryin an subvert de law. Kamla an de PP in serious trouble. All dem udder times dey bounce dey toe was just warm up fuh dis one.

Eef I was advisin Kamla ah would tell she no second term eef Ramlogan at fault so doh wait more dan ah week before jettisonin he tail. Doh take orn Rowley wid he call fuh elections, de govahment eh collapse. Two different times he make dat dotish claim.

Eef ah was advisin Rowley ah would tell him tuh take de high road. Pelt digs at Ramlogan by praisin West talent. Tork about how dat talent lead de PNM tuh pick him fuh de head ah de FIU. Hope out loud dat de poleece probe done before elections.

None ah dem eh want tuh listen tuh me? Dat is awright. I go keep admirin de president since he eh need my advice. De man have moves an more powers tuh showcase.

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