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Adjectives in season, pick any or all.

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January 17, 2015 by Fensic

Ah startin wid odd; intriguin; dotish; questionable; shameful; brilliant; top dat nah an only we yes.

All or any ah dem available fuh use in all or any part of mih collection ah random torts. Eef dem not enough anybody could grab more since adjectives or descriptive phrases in season. Ah hope I eh use any in de torts deyself. Oops, ah have ah next one ahready an I eh even start: troublin.

Bus run orf ah cliff an crash in de sea killin half ah dozen or more in St. Vincent. De same St. Vincent dat rain try washin away 2013 Christmas Eve buh end up killin more dan ah dozen. Dem eh just tragedies dey is body blows dat does leave de insides ah small countries sore fuh years. Eef wasn’t fuh de regional media ah doh tink we would ah hear about dis latest nightmare. Buh den I eh see nuttin more about it except ah article dat say funerals start.

De ports have scanners or not?

Why? Well some foreigner study de international drug trade an how T&T get roped in. De person say most ah de drugs an guns doh get sneak een de country via fishin boats but does waltz een via legal ports ah entry. One ah de failures de writer point out is de lack of ah systematic way ah scannin imports.

In 2012 ah read where de US provide T&T wid portable scanners. Early larse year, 2014, ah read where ah minister say it was goin an have five scanners on de ports. Den ah read late larse year dat ah scanner from China geh commissioned.

Eef no scannin goin orn den how many scanners T&T have in ah backroom someplace, cobwebs on dem by now? Four?

Ah know how ah go feel eef scannin goin orn.

Ah juicy word tuh add: ecstatic.

De article headline scream de govahment say no more prize money fuh carnival. Dat was before ah next article say some ministry miscount an leave out like $TT150m from it budget an now dat affectin carnival. De second story only make de fuss one more, whichever-ah-dem-words-ah-start-off-wid. It had mih askin questions, tuh mihself an den mih PNM pardnah. Fuh once eh say is de PP fault.

Why de govahment underwritin carnival year after year?

Carnival cyar run like ah business?

Dem carnival events dat always beggin doh keep books showin cash flow?

How havin de govahment prop up carnival different from ah mudder breast-feedin she chile dat have ah mouthful ah teet an startin pre-school?

De image from dat larse question mean ah next word gettin add: sick.

Ah was checkin out we cousin newspapers. Mih smile was big readin how dey was doin maths Caribbean-style. Dat is where yuh usin all yuh brain-power tuh show yuh could still make ah target de rest ah de universe know not go happen. Is mainly ah sports ting. Dese 5th cousins twice removed, tink dey still makin de Under 20 World Cup after drawin wid T&T an losin dey udder games so far. Dey do de same maths wid dey senior World Cup team larse year. Mih smile turn upsided dong when ah jump tuh de Trini papers. Aldoh we doin slightly better dan dem on de field we doin de same maths!

People does tell we sports teams, good luck. Not me. I was steadfast in mih belief it eh have nuttin call good luck, not in sports anyway. Yuh have tuh be prepared fuh what yuh want an able tuh take advantage ah yuh chances. Dat doh mean success, just better odds. Eef ah football team not prepared fuh ah tournament is licks it go get. Dat is when one ah dem epiphany tings hit mih.

Luck is mostly all what T&T teams have goin into football tournaments. De players doh get de necessary preparations so dey eh know what tuh do when ah split second is all de time dey have tuh decide eef tuh shoot or parse. What else yuh could ask for in dem situation buh luck? So fuh de rest ah dis Under 20 tournament, good luck young Soca Warriors. Coaches? Keep doin maths Caribbean style.

Ah high muckety muck TTPS poleece executive say de average homicide detective have ah caseload of some 30 murders. Dem numbers mean de only ting ah officer have time tuh do fuh any murder investigation is tuh write dong de particulars. Now it get announce dat de homicide bureau gettin 100 more officers. Once dey geh trained, de odds should inch up fuh Dana Seetahal family who wonderin eef she murder go ever get solved. Plenty udder families in de same position. Ah five-murder drop between 2013 an 2014 eh easin no family pain nah.

It if have endless economists in Triniland since oil prices gorn in de tank. Granted everybody does have tuh do dey own budget buh ah tinkin ah national budget different from ah household budget. Like access tuh credit when yuh brokes. De owner ah de Chinese shop was de creditor when I was growin up. Tuhday, would ah govahment empty de treasury an sink de country just tuh win ah election?

De wrecker move een on ah illegally parked car in tong. From de video it look like dem lil wheels done under de car. De driver come back an jump een de car. Ah hear ah woman tell ah next one dat de poleece eh want she tuh take she car. Next ting ah see de driver an de poleece like dey een de WWE or whatever de wrestlin federation name is dese days. Eef de crowd did take one step forward dey would ah be on top de poleece an de woman driver, dey was so close. Orn de tv news later, some attorney name Martin give he take on de law. He say de poleece was not dey as traffic police on de beat but instead was providin law enforcement services tuh de wrecker driver so de woman should ah been able tuh move she car.

Akile Simon say he fed up, he real fed up. De endless postponements gettin tuh de former Express reporter facin ah gun charge from 2012. Dat remind mih ah de udder story ah did see of ah man an he ex-wife acquitted ah murderin he rich uncle an de uncle wife 13 years ago. De judge agree wid dey lawyer dat de prosecution eh had no case.

Someplace else ah was readin ah article dat was askin why it takin so long tuh bring ah madman tuh trial. He shoot up ah movie house in Colorado USA killin like 12 people so we eh torking T&T here. When he do it? July 2012. When de Trini couple dat get acquitted was arrested? Feb. 2012. It eh good tuh make comparisons sometimes nah.

Ah see Carnival 2015 activities start.

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