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Finish dis quick so ah could go back tuh being ah hypocrite in private

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January 3, 2015 by Fensic

Exactly what Roger Rajkumar family torkin about when dey suggest dat de full tape eh come out? So what eef dey Roger know karate years now, he cyar still be ah troglodyte? What dotishness is dis about how he eh slap nobody? People cyar see? Dey cyar hear good? I eh understand what dey mean, is only when dis one person tork on de video yuh does hear Vibes Kartel.

De tape in question was shot on High Street San Fernando. It show ah man, Robby Ramcharitar, ah wheel chair bound paraplegic, in de hands ah two Special Reserve Poleece officers, Roger Rajkumar an Tamika Phillip. Dey wasn’t treatin de man nice tuh put it mildly. Like most people, I did only see de clips de media show. Dat was more dan enough. Ah was ready fuh ah Tuesday mornin hangin buh secretly ah was uncomfortable fuh so.

Still he family claims was enough fuh mih tuh go diggin fuh anyting tuh clear de air. Ah start wid ah search fuh de video on You Tube.

De first ting ah find out is dat poleece doh seem tuh like people in wheel chairs. Is one set ah clips showin poleece abusin people who cyar stand up an fight back. Notice I eh say nuttin about T&T in dem two sentence eh.

Since ah does get distracted easy, ah get distracted an watch one clip dat eh had nuttin tuh do wid wheel chairs. Robby could still identify cause de man in it was drunk.

In de clip dis one officer holdin de man by he collar an pushin him back. Ah woman dey like she torkin tuh him. Probably remindin him dat he drunk an drunk people does do ting dey does regret. He should ah listen tuh she. Instead de man gorn an slap de officer.

Is no way I believe de poleece in dat clip didn’t say tuh heself from before: eef dis fool only touch me he gettin licks. Dat is exactly what happen.

Back tuh de tape ah Trini poleece behavin badly.

Except fuh somebody orf camera cussin, it eh had nuttin more tuh see. Officer Tamika Phillip, in full uniform I might add, still tun she back after pushin de man in he wheel chair dong de road. Officer Roger Rajkumar, in plain clothes still slap de man. Roger Rajkumar family reachin in suggestin de tape doctored.

Family? Allyuh hear dat? Allyuh son, brudder, uncle, nephew, husband or cousin, slap Robby. More dan once too. Is because ah what he an Tamika do an de reaction in T&T why I uncomfortable now.

How much time I read about ah man in court tellin de magistrate poleece beat him? I never take dem articles orn.

How much time I hear about people goin tuh dey poleece friend orn de side askin him tuh have ah quiet tork wid de man who abusin dey daughter, sister, aunt, niece, mudder or cousin? Dey want dey friend, de poleece, tuh tell de abuser eef de woman so much as bounce she toe an bawl out, he in trouble. Eef during dat ‘quiet tork’ de poleece friend feel ah sample ah what de abuser go get is needed, dat is fine. Tap up his baxide.

In de discussion ah how de SRPs behave ah put dat ‘quiet tork’ scenario tuh mih pardnah. He say dat different. Why, ah wanted tuh know. It eh about sharin licks den but who gettin it?

No question dem two Special Reserve Poleece need to lorse dey wuk. I comfortable wid ah lil jail too, especially fuh de slapper. I just want tuh know when we, ah mean me, when I suppose to be okay wid poleece administerin street justice.

Was it okay wid dat udder officer back on August 31st 2012? Ah remember de date good. On T&T 50th anniversary ah independence he buss slap on ah man in tong while askin de man eef he tink he, de dotish poleeceman, is ah idiot. He even hit de man wid charges of resistin arrest. What happen tuh dat officer? He get away wid dat abuse ah power?

Meantime me eh torkin tuh none ah dem vendors in San Fernando nah. Dey see everyting an say Robby lucky dem slap was all he get. He was playin de fool dey say. Dat reasonin too close tuh my logic fuh gettin ah poleece friend tuh have dat ‘quiet tork’. Could it be different like mih pardnah say? Dat make me ah hypocrite den?


Leh mih see how tuh wiggle out dis one.

*** Ten minutes later *** Geez, ah still tinkin. Ah must be tryin tuh not be human or someting.

Wait, dat eh it?

Ah eh tryin tuh ignore human emotions an flawed logic dat does allow fuh de same ting tuh be okay in one instance an not de next?

Yes, dat is de link—de inability tuh protect yuhself. Like de vulnerable family member an de Robby Ramcharitars ah de country.

Sorry tuh tell yuh dis Officer Tamika Phillip, buh what you do was easy. You really cyar believe shovin ah drunken helpless man dong ah road in he wheel chair an turnin yuh back is ah sign ah toughness.

Me eh care eef he describe in detail how yuh mudder reproductive system does wuk. Dealin wid people like he widout abusin dem is yuh job. Was now.

Roger Rajkumar? De public demand de same from you as from Tamika. She do it in real buh de two ah allyuh tun allyuh back on protectin an servin.

How long yuh doin karate again?

I remember when ah did just start college. Classmates sign up fuh karate. Before de second lesson done dey was askin when dey go learn how tuh kick men in dey stones. De sensei tell dem karate is about control an avoidance. Fightin is ah larse resort. Roger, yuh sure you eh went straight tuh de larse option?

I like de pace dis investigation movin wid. Ah cyar wait fuh de day when dis kind ah ting rare doh. Dat when it happen it doh transfix de country because by den people know de process quick an it go take care ah de offenders. It eh have ah level ah deterrent tuh udder poleece officers in dat?

In de meantime eef ah honest, de sooner dis one over wid de sooner ah could go back being ah hypocrite, in private.

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