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Ah lil philosophy before 2014 done an 2015 start?

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December 27, 2014 by Fensic

Is time fuh one larse look at de 2014 big picture before Ole Year’s Night reach an de Earth finish anudder orbit arong de Sun.

Each one ah we get tuh decide how big de big picture we want tuh look at is. Even eef is only one big picture.

Because it always have bacchanal in Triniland, it easy tuh fall in de trap I almost fall in dis week. It eh really ah trap trap buh it would ah make mih see only one big picture when it have plenty more. Ah spend one set ah time (dis)cussin ACP Reyes an he dotishness before realizin de people who supposed tuh see all de pieces ah dat big picture eh go see it. Not even eef dey get led by dey hand an dey face geh push in dat poop he put dong orn dat plane. Eef dey cyar see how he actions is de perfect symbol ah all dat rong wid de TTPS den all de rantin by people wid better eye-sight an insight eh go do one damn bit ah good.

All people could do is keep de area arong dey property clear from bush an big bad bullies from dark days dat done.

But tanks tuh ACP Reyes, I finally know why it call ah smart phone.

Ah cyar get sidetracked by de politician in Guyana who, implyin dat T&T suppose tuh look in de udder direction while Guyanese widout papers flood Triniland like tong does flood when it rain. All ah have tuh do is remember back ah few years ago when Barbados did run ah few illegal Guyanese out dey country. De stink Guyana kick up. Dat was de first example I ever see of ah country actin like nobody better dare enforce dey immigration laws eef doin dat go impact Guyanese who not legal.

Ah eh bodderin tuh comment on Dr. Wayne Kublalsingh an he 100-day plus hunger strike dat break de world record five times over. All ah go ask is, nobody eh squeezin ah wet rag wid dew in he open mouth?

Ah have tuh be strong an ignore how de Under 20 Men’s Soca Warriors gettin treated on de eve ah dis big regional tournament. After all, why should dem geh treated different dan de udder players wearin de national colors?

What tuh start examinin fuss den?

I say de big picture ah weself. How dis year treat each one ah we? As individuals we better orf dan we was larse year dis time? We learn anyting new dat go serve we well in 2015? An remember, adversity does teach indelible life lessons.

Puttin yuh head on yuh pillow Ole Year’s Night an wakin up de next mornin tuh ah new year not go change yuh. Yes, yuh could pelt ah grand charge an spout one set ah hot air about all what yuh go change fuh 2015.

Owners ah fitness gyms wouldn’t mind breakin up de Earth’s journey arong de Sun into like five stages, each wid its own new year. As long as people make new year’s resolution in each an join gyms sayin dey gettin in shape.

De reality is what yuh go do is mostly dictated by what yuh was doin up until yuh went tuh bed Ole Year’s Night.

So before 2014 done, look at dat big picture showin yuh actions between 2013 an now because dem same tings likely tuh be in yuh 2015 future. Yuh primary hope fuh change is dem lessons yuh learn dat was painful while yuh was learnin dem. Eef not dat den yuh have ah quiet determination yuh go change tings. Now eef only people who in charge could operate on dat principal.

Ah tink once yuh settle wid yuh own big picture yuh could start lookin outwards at udder bigger pictures—family, religious institutions, neighborhood; all de way tuh national big pictures.

T&T start orf 2014 wid ah bang; plenty bangs eef mih memory accurate. By de end ah January 2014 it did done have 40 plus murders.

Udders wid stronger constitutions dan I have go have tuh decide how fair it is tuh use dat best indicator ah future performance is parse performance yardstick. All I know is dat I stop gettin seduced by nuttin but ole tork promisin better days ahead long time now.

Not all ah we know fuh sure eef we go have we own life-alterin big event next year. Buh we know it go have ah nation-alterin big event no later dan September. Elections nah.

Ah kind ah addin fortune-teller tuh dis big picture because ah seein dis election as de mudder of all elections. It go expose de crack along wid every pimple on de country’s collective baxide like no udder election before it. Race issues go erupt geyser-like. Class issues go go along wid dat hand in hand. Rumors an innuendo go become fact. We go hear about tribal politics fuh so. As eef it eh have no place else on dis globe where people doh align deyself wid udders who look like dem. Steups yes.

Carnival 2015 might be de larse time some people get tuh tief ah small wine orf dey neighbor of ah different ethnicity or class. Cussin one anudder go start right after eef people buy into de claims ah politicians who only have one agenda—winnin.

How ah know all dis? Because Trinis eh politically incorrect in joke nah. At least we doh hold it een or back like udders. When dey erupt is dey insides comin out because dat poison was rottenin dey souls.

I could live wid democracy Trini-style oui.

At de end ah de day, as long as people vote dey conscience I could live wid de process. As long as one party eh tink it could keep doin shit an when elections reach skin it teet at its base an de base go run an re-elect it.

Yes, individually an collectively next year go be a year tuh remember. Ah hope people recover from it quick cause 2016 right behind it.

Since mih hat fuh lookin into de future orn, ah also predictin dat after de election, regardless ah who win, dat govahment go examine what de drop in oil prices doin tuh de economy an make de needed adjustments. Until den it go be like mih pardnah say, money fuh everybody. Just doh say de spendin spree is attempts at buyin votes.


Dat hard tuh do?

Try whatever yuh did do when yuh did hear about de govahment push tuh ‘expand de pool ah potential candidates fuh CoP’. Dat was de udder day. Johnny Abraham’s name geh presented before it get withdrawn because de poleece union didn’t agree. Den representatives from said govahment start runnin arong sayin de govahment doh pick de CoP. Yuh did believe dat ‘nancy story?

Anyway time tuh go see eef any ah dis philosophy practicable. Practice what ah tryin tuh preach ah guess?

Regardless, we go bounce right here on in 2015, happy new year or not.

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