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Christmas doh get better dan dis oui

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December 20, 2014 by Fensic

People from every generation have dey own memories of Christmas growin up. Now dat dey big, some ah dem boldface enough tuh say dey memories prove dey had de best Christmas. Ah sorry tuh break it tuh people from udder generations buh dey fightin fuh second best Christmas. Especially eef we torkin Trini Christmas.

While de onlyest prize is braggin rights an dat goes tuh de generation dat had de best Christmas, de ‘also ran’ do get rewarded. Dey get tuh read what de best Trini Christmas was like.

When ah was little an it was dis close tuh Christmas, I was well into de kind ah behavior dat wid earn de comment, ‘what ah well behave boy-chile she have’. As long as dat “she” was mih mudder an she wasn’t done shoppin. Eef she was done an me eh see what ah was expectin in one ah dem bag from de store? Man ah could become ah miserable lil boy one time oui.

On second torts, hearin not readin dis could reach more people. More people could den stop wastin dey time wid rong ideas dat dey generation had de best Trini Christmas. Especially eef dey living someplace else now.

So at dis season ah Christmas 2014, fuh readers an listeners alike, enjoy what it was like fuh me as ah well-behave boy chile or sometimes ah damn miserable lil boy.


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