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Great minds tinkin alike? Nuttin tuh tork bout den

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November 15, 2014 by Fensic

Who eh know it yet out ah luck. Who want tuh challenge it dotish.

What ah running mih mouth about? Dat easy. Is de difference between me an de fellas ah went tuh school wid an de unfortunate fellas who went tuh dem udder schools. Dem fellas does only tink dey school was de best one it ever had in Triniland. Me an mih pardnahs doh operate so, we know we school was de best one ever. In or out any bush. Behind God back, in front, we eh care. Yesterday ah get anudder reminder why dem facts true.

It start like it does do sometimes, one ah we send ah email tuh de udders wid someting interestin tuh peruse. Dis time was ah link tuh YouTube tuh watch Harry Belafonte sing Mama Look Ah Boo Boo wid Danny Kaye in one video an in ah next one, wid Nat King Cole. Two tings ah cyar help nobody wid: One, who Harry Belafonte is, an two: what Mama Look Ah Boo Boo is. Dat is what mudders, fadders, tanties or grannies for.

Even doh he have Caribbean roots, I did always have trouble swallowin Harry Belafonte as ah calypso singer. Good fuh he dat he wasn’t waitin fuh me tuh buy he album name Calypso an take it over de million sold mark.

Day-O an Matilda? Back tuh dem family members ah just name if needed.

I tink he by heself responsible fuh de lingerin idea dat eef yuh born in de islands yuh supposed tuh spend yuh time under ah coconut tree drinkin rum an coca cola. Ah had ah borse who went dong tuh de Caribbean. De man bring back pictures ah he under ah coconut tree oui. Ah tell him he is mih new hero cause me eh know nobody who dotish enough tuh lime under no coconut tree.

While watchin de YouTube videos, ah remember de Andrews Sisters make Rum an Coca Cola ah huge hit years before Belafonte do he ting. Dat chune have ah interestin history. Stop de video 15 seconds in an look at who it say de lyrics by. It wasn’t de American Andrew Sisters who sing it first, Lord Invader do de original version. Hear how he handle de controversy when yuh listen tuh what he say before he start singin. So Harry Belafonte eh responsible fuh dat coconut tree scene by heself, must be dem sisters.

De discussions mih an mih ex-schoolmates does have rooted in logic. Nobody eh intimidatin nobody. Eef yuh cyar present yuh case, wait fuh de next discussion. Yuh doh have tuh agree wid somebody else position just be able tuh present yuh own logically. Is like dem early maths class. “Show yuh work” de teacher use tuh keep sayin. Even eef de problem was 393 divided by 3. Yes, yuh could put dong 131 just so, buh how yuh get dat is where de real maths is.

Between me an who readin dis, sometimes ah does tink ah have tuh parse on ah discussion cause ah eh tink ah could get tuh mih position usin logic. I eh know how tuh describe turnin sand tuh glass.

Eef ah ever bounce mih head an enter T&T politics is dem fellas ah want as advisors oui cause ah know none ah dem go say leh we invade Jamaica tomorrow an when ah ask why he go say he feel we should do it in he bones.

Anyway, when I jump back een tuh de emails ah had some cyatchin up tuh do as ah did went orf listenin tuh more from Melody an udders before endin up wid Lord Nelson an King Liar.

Somebody point out dat dem Andrew Sisters had makin fares back in dem days song romantic, glorifyin hard wuk by dem cute islanders—both mother an daughter workin for the Yankee dollaaar. Different imagery in de original version.

Ah next man post ah link tuh dis Trini woman blog where she was torkin about being de dark skin nappy-headed girl chile in she family an how it affect she life. Is when she fadder was dyin dat he an she connect; both ah dem was dark skin. Ah fella call it ah difficult piece tuh read an ah treatise in self-loathing. Somebody else express dey misgivings about de story.

Mih boy chime in sayin dat as far as he concerned it eh have no country in de world dat better at race relations dan T&T. It mightn’t be doin it de best ah ways buh nobody cyar point tuh ah place dat is while it respectin people freedom of association. Udder places have laws an whatnot tuh try an dictate behavior. What go happen widout dem barriers? Not in T&T, it right dey in yuh face. Still, it not ah absolute statement because he have stories ah people arong we age who have horrific stories ah racial intolerance misguided Trinis put dem through. Since it eh have no such ting as perfect race relations how yuh view it in Triniland depends on what yuh want tuh see. Your choice.

Even wid all de serious discussions goin orn de mandatory parallel picong thread goin too. Man tellin man is dem was de boo boo. Man torkin about bleachin out dey blackness an laughin, cyar cyar cyar. Man agreein dey ugly. Dat right dey is ah borse move. Tink about it. What is de best way tuh take de sting out ah gettin fatigue? Not tuh own up tuh everyting before de punch line reach?

It have ah serious side tuh de kicksin. We know bleachin skin not no laughin matter. Right up de road from Triniland it have people in ah country who see doin dat as de key tuh turnin dey life arong. Dis study was years ago, 27 tuh be exact ago. Can what it tork about lead tuh skin bleachin an if so is doin dat ah big ting in T&T? Udders bleachin while Trini women risk bunnin dey ears orf wid dat hot iron in dey hair? What would be de results eef it had ah next survey usin de same takers if possible, from 27 years ago? Ah could see me an mih pardnahs dissectin dem results.

De onlyest ting dat cause de discussion tuh stop was dat night reach. Friday night tuh boot. Man have responsibilities tuh de family. While we all know one anudder long before any significant udders reach on de scene, it wouldn’t be de smartest move fuh one ah we tuh tell we significant udder tuh cool dong since is friends from generations ago torkin. Dat would be suicide. Besides de topic eh goin no place.

Leh we doh fuhget how dis group ah independent tinkers reach quite here dis rongs. Ah fella decide tuh share ah couple YouTube links wid he pardnahs. Dat is regular fuh we.

Tanks fellas.

Allyuh is de best an ah eh just tinkin so neidder.

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