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It cyar be easy nah buh try?

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October 25, 2014 by Fensic

All de email tell mih was tuh take care ah dis. Take care ah what ah start wonderin. Attached tuh dat email was de one from de Compliance Dept. tellin mih borse dat up tuh now I eh take de mandatory online course all new employees an consultants have tuh take.

Ah sigh.

Is less dan two months I on dis new job an ah done in somebody black book ahready. Me eh like all de paperwork dat does go wid dis kind ah wuk even doh dis class was online an eh had no paperwork. Is de principle ah dey wid.

Ah not sure exactly what would happen eef ah didn’t take de class buh ah have mih suspicions.

All de years ah in dis field ah know de rules de govahment have tuh protect patient information. Companies like de one ah wid now does add dey own tuh tighten tings up even more. Break dem rules at yuh own risk. Fuh example when ah wukkin from home an want tuh go an pee, de rules say ah supposed tuh put orn mih screen saver first. Fuh who eh know what ah screen saver is, it not ah special ting tuh tinkle in.

De rules on conflict of interest far far harsher.

Right dey in black an white it say dat while ah cyar have ah conflict of interest, meanin ah cyar engage in nuttin dat enriches mihself at de company’s expense, ah also cyar look like ah engaged in nuttin dat enriches me at de company’s expense.

Ah cyar wuk fuh de company an be active in ah competin company. Ah cyar accept free tickets or free nuttin from anybody who might end up tryin tuh get ah contract wid de company.

Ah cyar even go an macco mih pardnah hospital records tuh see eef he was really in de hospital tuh get he tonsils out or was ah sexually transmitted disease. Break de rules an ah could lorse mih wuk. Not only dat, buh eef ah know somebody who breakin de rules it is mih duty tuh report dey baxide.

Oui foote. Tork about strict.

At de end ah de course it had ah test. Ten questions an ah couldn’t get more dan two ah dem rong. Ah start orf on de rong foot wid mih fuss answer buh ah steady mihself an get de udders right. Ah does always strive tuh keep mih Trini primary school an college teachers proud ah de groundin dey provide all dem years ago. No more emails from mih borse on de topic? Pure lagniappe.

Later in de week ah see ah story dat take mih right back tuh dat online class. It eh mention T&T buh ah still tellin it.

De Guyanese govahment tryin tuh encourage expats tuh return home by offerin dem tax breaks eef dey promise tuh do certain tings. One ah dem is obvious—spend more time in Guyana dan wherever dey livin. Who interested had tuh swear dey go abide by de rules.

Buh dis one man decide he smarter dan everybody. Ah newspaper I consider anti govahment find out what he do an write ah story on it. De man excuse? He didn’t know he was supposed tuh spend more time in Guyana.

I eh understand he logic. Eef he not goin an live in Guyana, why send ah expensive SUV dong dey dat he wasn’t even in de country tuh clear or register? Who drivin it while he not dey 20 out ah 24 months? He eh do all dat just because he an de Attorney General is family, could he?

Could ah man boldface like he take dat online class an get dem questions right?

Leh mih do one ah dem dotish polls de Trini TV stations does do during dey news. My question just as serious: Anyting like dat could happen in T&T?

Ah go provide de results at de end ah de blog like dey does do at de end ah de news.

Is one ting dat keep echoin in mih head. It eh just de conflict ah interest worryin de company buh de likelihood dat people go interpret what yuh was doin as ah conflict ah interest. Dat is ah unforgivin standard.

Now ah eh all dat dotish so ah know it does have gaps between what de rules say an what people does do.

So doh listen an keep patient information on yuh hard drive because yuh testin ah new system. Let dat computer go an get tief because yuh went an leave it in yuh car.

Companies here fraid de press an de power ah negative articles bad oui so let de press find out yuh lorse patient files. Doh wait fuh de company tuh fire yuh nah, fire yuhself. Start trainin fuh anudder career cause chances good nobody go hire yuh because yuh too damn harden.

De focus eh really healthcare since de Guyanese smart-man not in dat field. He is part ah de broader picture; de misuse of power nah. Dat include dem who eh have power buh close enough tuh attach deyself tuh de coattails ah who have it. Once connected dey misusin it as eef doin so is dey birthright.

Eef people doh geh punish fuh doin de rong ting it have any chance dey go get in trouble when all dey doin is appearin tuh be doin de rong ting?

Buh people is people every place yuh go. Dey go take whatever yuh let dem get way wid. Ah mean yuh does still read about wrong doin in de same country dat have dese strict rules.

Dat right dey is de big difference I does say. Yes rules an de punishment go scare some people, as it should. But fuh people like dat fella in Guyana, when yuh break de rules so boldface yuh should have tuh pay de price. De fella, ah successful businessman de article keep remindin, eh even take de de time tuh come up wid ah reasonable half arse excuse as tuh why he abusin de system. Based on de dos an donts in my trainin class, people like he nephew, de Attorney General, should be on de hook too. Remember de appearance just as bad. Different standards ent?

So be it Guyana, T&T or anyplace else, when yuh decide yuh brave or boldface go ahead an do what yuh want buh yuh go pay de price eef yuh get cyatch. Most ah de time.

What eef yuh just dotish an tink yuh go just pelt ah fake an laugh? Well people eh go tink yuh joke funny an dey go see yuh as just brave or boldface. Dat mean de penalty just as harsh. Most ah dem people who obviously doh have your sense ah humor is de ones enforcin de rules. Most ah de time.

So try dem nah.



Oh yeah, de poll results: 100% ah responders want tuh know how dotish I is fuh even askin dat question.

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