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Dis one fake even me out

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October 4, 2014 by Fensic

De steupsin crong goin an be mines yes. Eef anybody have it, hand it over else ah makin mih own. After all, it have plenty reason fuh mih tuh be suckin mih teet.

First, ah goin an beat ah dead horse. Dat right dey worth weeks ah non-stop steupsin. Dat it go be de TTPS ah dey wid worthy ah more cheups. More fuh realizin how Mickey Mouse de players in yet annuder ah bacchanal is. De onlyest ting dat go save mih from doin de steupsin version ah people who does get de hiccups an cyar get rid ah dem is all de digressin ah seein in mih immediate future.

First ah basic fact:

Nobody in de poleece service in charge ah de TTPS. Sure it have ah fella dey, buh he remind mih ah somebody de real borse does tell dey in charge. Den de borse does tell dem doh tork tuh nobody an doh touch nuttin. In de TTPS dis fellah name Williams. He title say ‘actin’ an he does do it so good, yuh swear he eh know nuttin. Ask him anyting an he doh have ah opinion cause he eh read de story or he eh have all de facts.

Why he doh wing it sometimes me eh know.

Ah cyar even call what happen wid he “unintended consequences” because ah not surprised dat now he finally give he opinion on someting important, de govahment eh pay he no mind. Since I is ah compassionate person, when ah ready, ah feelin sorry fuh de man. He destined tuh be ah asterisk in de annuls ah de history ah de TTPS. He eh go have tuh worry doh since it go only be dotish people like me who go read de story.

Like ah say before, ah doh really spend too much time on ah event. I is ah big picture man. Dat hard tuh be here. Especially how de current Minister ah National Security ask Williams what he tort about de govahment plan on buyin out ACP Dick leave an den Cabinet ignore de man opinion dat it was ah bard idea.

Ah sad cause at one time I tort Williams was de man fuh de TTPS. Just before Manning start pattin him orn he head dat was. Ah still did tink he was de man afterwards. Even when he get de reins an start doin shit ah was still in he corner, buh ah had tuh start tip-toein away. All de while listenin tuh mih pardnah laugh he head orf while findin ways tuh tie mih naiveté loyalty tuh all kinds ah shit.

Is ah shame no govahment eh show no respect fuh poor Stephen. Startin wid Manning who pat him on he head den punch de man in he belly tellin him he turn tuh lead de TTPS go come. Den Manning, ups an name Philbert as actin CoP. How much in-depth research it go take tuh find out who was de larse Trini widout ‘actin’ in he name tuh lead de TTPS?

Dis rongs de PP eh even pat de man on he head, dey went straight fuh he guts wid dey sucker punch.

De big picture in dis commesse by de govahment tell me dat at de end ah de day is dem runnin de TTPS. Regardless ah who dotish enough tuh tink is dem in charge. Was de same ting when Gibbs was dey an he title didn’t even have ‘actin’ in it.

De govahment pretend it was givin he de power tuh run de service. Dey give him control ah de police budget, de fuss time dat ever happen in de TTPS. He geh tell he eh have tuh come hat in hand beggin tuh spend up tuh just under ah million. Dey even put teet in he mout so he wouldn’t be ah tootless bulldorg. Yes, he could discipline wayward officers.

Was all fuh show.

When Gibbs went an exercise he power wid de plane ting, de den latest Minister ah National Security, Sandy, say Cabinet might consider lowerin he spendin limit. De level he mention wasn’t even enough tuh buy ah used poleece car tuh run PH.

I eh know why ah surprised dis current govahment want control ah de poleece. Six thousand officers could make ah potent weapon tuh do “non poleece” wuk.

All de tork about changin de TTPS is just dat, tork an more tork—doublespeak nah. Ah usin Beyond de Tape as mih example. Ah does hardly watch dat now. Ah tired wid de inspector apologizin fuh he colleagues’ unwillingness tuh protect an serve. Dat eh mean professionalism eh takin root. I just tink it eh where he want people tuh believe it is—right arong de corner.

How much proof ah need ah dat? Ah better not ask in case ah get tell bring all de evidence ah have. Here it is anyway:

Ah know somebody who do dey civic duty an call de poleece one night about ah unfoldin situation. Afterwards dey wait an wait.

No poleece.

Still in civic citizen mode, dey call back askin what happen tuh de poleece. De operator act surprise tellin dem dey parse orn de info long time. After de now not-so-civic citizen hang up, dey phone ring. De person callin start askin about what de situation dat prompted de original call. Dey questions was dotish buh based on de answers, dey decide no police was necessary.

I bet dat person askin de stupid questions was de police self tryin tuh figure out eef tuh respond tuh ah civic citizen’s call fuh service.

De onlyest ting dat prevent dat abdication ah responsibility from makin de news was tings calmin dong.

Sorry Inspector Alexander buh I eh tink dat was ah unique event. How much apologizin yuh go do eef yuh multiply dat event by even ten ah night fuh two weeks?

Too much is my answer. Besides, I believe yuh show start as ah direct result of ah fallin out you an Mr. Show Orf had.

Mr. Show Orf?

De man who run fuh political orfice while he had matters pendin before de court. De man who have ah show like yours. De man who went on ah raid wid de poleece dressed like ah poleece officer dong tuh de fingerless gloves an ah bullet resistant vest. De raid target? Illegal Guyanese. How tuh take any ah dat cast ah characters serious? How?

Wow? Dat was ah long digress. I eh know where it start buh it just finish.

Now dat ah so far orf course from what ah tort ah was goin an tork about ah guess no steupsin record fuh mih.

Stephen Williams need tuh cuss. He need tuh steups, cuss again den tell de govahment, while cussin all de dem baxide, dat he gorn. All dat cussin go probably be ah record fuh he. Since he Maker go fuhgive him, he name eh go appear in no record book.

Willie? Yuh get pat on yuh head, yuh geh punch in yuh belly, your move now.

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