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As Kamla visits de UN, who winnin de PR wars, PP or PNM?

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September 27, 2014 by Fensic

Say what one wants about Kamla and the PP they really know the PR game! By far they have been winning the PR wars. I’ve been telling a pal of mine who arranges for the PNM that when Rowley visits he should go into the heart of the community, not just a college campus, a la Medgar Evers. Though it’s doubtful that Kamla’s Brooklyn sojourn may amount for much, it nevertheless gives her much positive play in the T&T papers a factor that Rowley’s team doesn’t get.

Dat is how de email from ah pardnah start. It was enough tuh validate dat havin more dan one pardnah is ah good first step eef yuh want exposure tuh different points ah view. Unless you is ah person who like tuh hear de same opinion from all yuh friends.

Ah would ah never hear dat opening paragraph from dat udder pardnah ah mines. He would never say anyting tuh disrespect he navel string dat buried in Balisier House backyard someplace.

Dat wasn’t ah smile on mih face eidder as ah was readin de email. It was more ah acknowledgment of de inconsequential torts ah had earlier followin de coverage ah Kamla’s UN trip.

Like how she does dress real good, better dan any woman ah know. Ah tink ah could say dat an mih stalwart PMN pardnah go agree. Unless he want mih tuh tell everybody how he eh wash he hand fuh weeks after he shake she hand. Imagine dat. She shakin ah avowed PNM hand. Dat eh speakin tuh de PR war? What go happen eef dey shake hands again, before de election?

Sorry Rowley, your hand eh sorf.

Once ah was done wid she clothes, ah ask mihself why she need tuh address de UN on she $500 ah month fuh ah year baby voucher. Why not wait until details ironed out an de program ready fuh prime time before startin tuh boast? Den ah remember some ah de arguments against de voucher. After steupsin at de idea dat women go get pregnant so dey could make $500 ah month even eef dey go tun rong an spend more dan dat tuh mine de chile, ah tell mihself boast oui Kamla, boast.

Again, before de email, ah did tell Rowley double de arguments against de voucher dotish. But eef de opposition get people tuh buy into dotishness, who is me tuh tell believers dey emperor eh have orn no clothes? An dat as believers dey nekkid too?

One tort eh go away. Dis TV station had de same poll question fuh several days. Okay fuh at least two days: Will Rowley parse Kamla in popularity before de election?

Am I suggestin de issue about how de PP winnin de PR war in NY is as pointless ah discussion as dat TV poll question? Not at all.

NY is ah opportunity to not so much explain Trini domestic policies, but learn to deal wid dissent. Whichever party doin de explainin. I say de PP willin tuh take de heat Trinis not so easily awed go pelt at dem.

Manning didn’t worry about dat. He could afford tuh tork about ‘collateral damage’ widout worryin about de backlash cause he gorn home.

What dat have tuh do wid Rowley since he is de PNM leader?

Let mih get more ah what mih pardnah write tuh see eef any clues tuh mih answer in it.

The PNM is so hopeless and helpless that once when Manning was up here around Republic Day time he refused to attend any grassroots balls! It’s a pattern that Manning continually refused to attend any independence balls that the T&T organizations give, while in Panday’s and Kamla’s time they attend all, once they are around. To be sure part of it could be that it is that they may love to drink more, but still. There is so much darn wrong re the PNM that sometimes I feel that they have a secret wish not win.

I eh know nah, I might just have tuh become ah peacemaker cause one pardnah go see dem 416 words as ah declaration ah war. I not goin an be in no middle nah.

Rowley eh have de same cavalier attitude Manning had. As de political leader, he desperately want tuh be de next PM so he mightn’t view overseas Trinis as holdin any key tuh ah PNM victory next year. He also cyar tork nonsense about twelve $500 monthly vouchers.

Now eef he say de vouchers perpetuatin T&T as ah welfare state, I go listen. However, ah go want tuh know who de govahment perpetuatin de concept from. Ah tired hearin de PP doin it more. Who was measurin anyting before?

Does dat den put Rowley in de same arrogant position Manning seemed tuh like? De kind ah overconfidence dat allow dey party tuh ignore dey most die-hard of supporters—Laventillians nah.

Trinis, regardless where outside TT dey livin, have de country’s best interest at heart. Plenty still have family in Triniland an could get de ear ah at least one family member. One is good enough tuh start introducin ah different point a view or way ah tin kin to. Dat tinkin could change de equation eef enough people geh converted. Trinis cyar be disregarded just because dey livin abroad. At least not de way it does happen tuh local Trinis.

Regardless ah which party visitin from T&T, ah hope it recognize one ting dat I go forever hold as true: Trinis outside Triniland usually does discover ah level of respect an immeasurable love fuh T&T. I hope no visitin Trini politicians eh prefer dey chances wid Chikungunya.

What role de Trini media playin in all dis? It really givin Kamla better coverage dan Rowley? Does dis mean we back tuh dat dotish poll question?

It hard tuh give ah objective response anyway. Not when I watch ah TV station lead-orf its news one night wid ah story about ah fight between two companies, one American, de udder Trini, over who Omega healthcare supplement is ah rip-orf ah whose. People claimin dey product does wuk an almost anything? I say snake oil.

When I was growin up, mih fadder an ah uncle used tuh tell mih when ah reach back home for de parlor dat change more important dan de goods. Dey would count de change before checkin what ah buy. Ah did never understand dat an ah still don’t. Dat eh stoppin mih from tinkin de press short-changin Trinis; change more important dan de goods.

At de end ah de day, de two parts ah de email plus de rest leave mih intrigued an promisin tuh focus on meaningful tings. Dat or stop takin emails.

On de question of eef de PP winnin de PR war against de PNM wid Trinis who doh see none ah dem in de flesh often? Ah have ah initial opinion.

Yes. By far.

Still, we have tuh wait until next year tuh know fuh sure.

As long as T&T movin forward an up, everybody winnin.


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