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2014 CFU Senior Women’s Football champs

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August 30, 2014 by Fensic

Soca Princesses.

Dat right dey should be enough tuh have every football-lovin Trini jumpin up an dong fuh joy.

Not all yet?

Okay. How about eef ah say de Caribbean Football Union Senior Women’s Champions 2014? . . . Doh jump yet . . . dey beat Jamaica tuh win de title!

Ok now. Is everybody? Ah tort so, dat larse piece ah information seal de deal ent?

Eef yuh is ah football peong like somebody I know, den de recent tournament in Triniland was like ah drug addict fix.

Yuh had tuh really focus because it had plenty sports at de national an regional levels. At de national level we teams was holdin dey own while in cricket, de likes ah Denesh Ramdin an Darren Bravo was breakin all kind ah records as de West Indies advantage poor Bangladesh.

Even doh both de Calypso Girls an Barbados already did qualify fuh some International Netball Federation World Cup in Australia, de Calypso Girls still put two tap on dem Bajans an win de regional qualifyin tournament.

Dat is enough on udder sports. Back tuh de sport of sports—football nah, an how de Soca Princesses do deyself better dan just good makin Trinis proud at de same time. As women champs dey put dong ah challenge dat ah hope de Warriors accept. It go be like de Trini version ah de bucket ah ice water challenge, eef de men eh frighten tuh accept.

So dis tournament was in T&T. Yuh know yuh could say what yuh want, T&T know how tuh host all kind ah ting from sports tuh political conventions tuh limes.

Way we goin dis weekend?

Leh we go an lime in Triniland nah, dem Trinis know how to hold ah good lime.

De first objective ah de teams was tuh make de CONCACAF Women’s tournament. We princesses do dat easy, mashin up non-footballin countries like St. Kitts & Nevis den Martinique on de way. Is like 20 goals dey score an eh give up one. Even Breeze couldn’t keep sheets dat clean.

Jamaica, in ah tougher bracket, match T&T win fuh win buh dey wasn’t using no Breeze.

By de time de final reach everybody was ready. Yet ah next competition between archrivals.

Is ah long time ah eh digress so ah goin an do dat right now else ah go buss. Once ah regain mih composure ah go get back tuh enjoyin de Soca Princesses’ performance.

What is rong wid de local newspapers in dis real-time news age? De final was Tuesday night gorn, 7.30. It did done by what, 9.30 or 10.00? Why de expletive-deleted so-an-so none ah dem daily newspaper couldn’t update dey sports section wid de results? Why ah had tuh steups an go quite tuh we archrival’s papers tuh find out T&T was leadin Jamaica one tuh nuttin at half time? Den why ah had tuh search de online world fuh someting, anyting on how de game end? Of course now ah know why de Jamaican press eh provide no more updates.

Buh sports journalists of T&T, why? Why? Why?

Dis kind ah slackness doh hurt football peongs in joke nah. Was de same ting in de Gold Cup larse year. I did see one ah de games live den watch while it take de Trini newspaper almost 48 hours tuh report de results. By den everybody done gorn home oui. Why bodder tuh have ah online editions den? Dis kind ah ting paint ah picture dat say allyuh doh care.

Okay ah done. After ah minute or two de frustration go evaporate so ah could go back tuh mih state ah euphoria.

De Soca Princesses win de game by de same half-time score. Ah glad I eh find no place dat was showin it live oui. Ah mean TT score in de 8th minute so dey hold orn fuh 82 more. Lord, I would ah dead 82 times yes. Buh from de highlights ah know we had good chances to increase de lead so it wasn’t like it was only defend fuh 82 minutes. Buh still, ah would ah dead. Especially when dat Jamaican player did break away an de Trini defender had tuh run she tail dong an bounce she orf de ball. Any Warrior know how tuh do dat?

Ah sure it have Warriors who does fall back on instinct an make bard plays like when dat one princess fall asleep an eh clear de ball at de top at de penalty circle an de Jamaican barge parse she, collect de ball an fire at goal.

Dem Jamaicans must ah tort just because it have plenty runnin in football it mean football like Track an Field. Mih advice tuh dem is stay wid what dey good at. Correction: Stay wid what dey damn good at. Notice Trinis doh try an challenge Usain?

Dis eh have nuttin tuh do wid nuttin buh ah find it poetic in ah way dat de princesses have ah American coachin dem. Ah listen tuh him after de games an de man know he football. Ah tink ah read someplace he coachin fuh free. Until ah know he motivation all ah could say is tanks an he damn mad. Free? Like in no money?

Ah like how he say he wanted de players tuh believe dey is professionals. Ah bet women more likely tuh believe dat dan hard-stones men. Ah hear stories ah forwards not wantin tuh defend sayin dey is forwards, not defenders. Dis coach eh had tuh deal wid nuttin so chupid.

De coach say de team geh stretched by Jamaica an he was lookin fuh dat so he could see de weaknesses dat need wuk. Several times he tork about how de Jamaicans show de benefit ah being tuhgedder fuh de summer. Just like every good coach does do, he tork about how good Jamaica was.

Not me nah. All I was wonderin was how good dey really was eef we score in de 8th minute an dey couldn’t equalize. De answer simple: We was better dan dem despite de areas de coach tort de team needed tuh wuk on. Ah like it even more when ah hear de captain ah tink it was say she tell de team when dey foot tired, play wid dey heart.

Six weeks is how long de princesses have to plug any holes an be ready tuh face serious opposition. No more St Kitts & Nevis tuh give 10 nah.

All ah go say about dey plea fuh financial support is ah expect it go shame de right people tuh support dem. It have tuh have Trinis in business who more patriotic dan sports journalists.

Tanks fuh dis independence gift Soca Princesses. Enjoy it too buh not fuh long. De real journey now start. Blaze ah trail, leh we see eef dem men is man enough tuh follow.

Allyuh is not no princesses buh queens oui.

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