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Some tings tuh serious tuh steups or laugh about yes

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August 23, 2014 by Fensic

I steups an move orn lookin fuh de next sensible story. He read de same story an buss out laughin. We didn’t know about each udder reaction until we tork about de story afterwards.

What story?

Dana’s killer unmasked.

As ah tell him, mih pardnah dat is, I had tuh steups cause ah stop laughin at dat level of dotishness long time ago. Suckin mih teet does use less facial muscles an who arong mih does realize someting just annoy de hell out ah mih when dey hear dat long steups.

Accordin tuh de story, de man who shoot Dana five times back on May 4th geh identified. Unfortunately fuh he, de poleece shoot him dead earlier dis week in ah unrelated matter.

Now just like mih pardnah, I eh have ah shred ah evidence tuh support mih contempt at dis killer unmasked story. Buh how de sayin does go; yuh have tuh pick sense from nonsense. Dat sayin doh apply when yuh dig into what in front ah yuh an all yuh come up wid only tellin yuh not tuh waste yuh time.

Like mih pardnah, I not close tuh de scene, physically anyway. Dat doh matter since yuh eh have tuh be near dotishness tuh know is dotishness dat blockin out de sun.

Tink about it.

All dis time de police eh sayin nuttin den just so dey go announce dat ah man dey kill was de primary suspect in what have tuh be de most boldface high profile killin fuh de year, eef not fuh de parse few years well.

De poleece cyar be dat dotish. Not when it had more dan one person involved in de murder. De poleece cyar tink dat people go exhale den relax like eef dey just dodge ah bullet. So what is de purpose ah dis story den? Anybody who reassured by it need dey head examined. Is mischief de story supposed tuh make mischief? Sell papers?

How many “senior” poleece officers it have on Dana case dat dese ones could tork on de “strict condition of anonymity” since dey eh authorized tuh tork about de case? What I supposed tuh assume dey breakin de rules mean? Dey riskin so much so what dey say is true?

Leh mih repeat mih initial reaction when ah read de story: S T T T T E E E U U U P P S.

Way de actin commissioner ah poleece? Anybody see Williams? He want someting tuh get in high gear an do? Investigate who dese officers is. Find dem den fine dey baxide. Yuh have de power tuh discipline officers. Call yuh predecessor Gibbs. He do it. Yuh cyar have officers makin outrageous statements dat David “Junior” Baker gettin kill eh go impact de investigation into Dana murder. How de TTPS know dat buh eh know who tuh arrest or which part de information is tuh arrest somebody? Is ridiculousness on top ah ridiculousness yes.

Just know lil chirren go want tuh grow up tuh be tief an udder kind ah criminals. When dey parents or teachers wake up after faintin an ask dem why, dey go say because criminals smarter dan poleece. So what eef ah addin tuh de same ridiculousness ah just tork about? Ah have plenty teet left tuh still suck yes.

*** Some day buh some time later. ***

Well, well well.

Me an mih pardnah not as mad as udder people or I did tink. Not on dis topic anyways. Ah was just watchin Beyond de Tape. I eh watch it fuh ah long while buh dis week ah find mihself watchin it like twice. Tuhnight, Inspector Alexander distance de TTPS from de Guardian story. Ah tink he words was dat de poleece eh have no knowledge ah what in dat story. He suggest dat de reference tuh senior poleece officers was only tuh make de story more believable. He follow de official line an say de investigators cyar release information at dis time. He even manage tuh dodge de question of eef Junior might ah come tuh de attention ah de poleece in de early stages ah Dana murder investigation. He say plenty people could ah come tuh de attention ah de poleece durin dat time so he eh callin no names. It feelin strange tuh know somebody have information yet eh running dey mout.

Ah could hardly wait fuh de poleece service de inspector does tork about tuh reach. We go know it here because he go stop sayin, “allyuh ah sorry”, when ah dotish officer do nonsense, like park ah marked poleece car in ah handicap spot so people could take pictures ah it an send dem tuh de news. Chirren who tort police was imps go have tuh re-evaluate dey career choices. In de meantime, how much more articles like dis one ah dey wid go be in de Guardian, Express or Newsday?

De journalist who write de story come on de scene back in November 2013. At least me eh see nuttin dat he write before dat. Is 14 article ah count buh me an maths wasn’t friends in school.

While de article is bout 570 words, tuh mih only arong 200 provide any marginally useful information an ah done tink dat information is nonsense. Out ah de remainin words about 37 profoundly dotish eef yuh ask me. De journalist use dem tuh tork about de reward dat Crime Stoppers an de govahment offer fuh information leadin tuh de successful arrest an prosecution of who responsible fuh Dana’s demise.

While ah might ah fail maths, fuh sure fuh sure ah would ah parse logic eef dat was ah separate subject in school. Tuh my way ah tinkin, de writer eh have tuh say de reward unclaimed since not only nobody eh geh prosecuted, nobody eh get arrested.

Ah was hopin tuh find ah article ah read ah while back. Was wid somebody from de Media Association ah Trinidad an Tobago, MATT. Since ah cyar find de article ah cyar use anyting in it. Eef ah could ah would ah quote de part where de person did admit ah reporter gettin independent verification before runnin ah story in de Trini press is not how de media in Triniland does do tings. Ah go keep lookin cause ah want tuh use de quote.

Long before dat missin article, ah did develop mih own sayin dat ah does keep fuhgettin tuh trademark: News gathered maccoiously an delivered in ah bacchanalian way nah.

All dat is left now is fuh de same set ah poleece officers who supply de reporter wid dis story tuh call him back up wid de ultimate mauvais langue—de two car tief mih favorite police officer, Johnny Abraham, an he officers kill, was also involved in Dana assassination. Now dey dead de case close. De two car tief meet dey maker days before Junior an he two pardnah knock on dey own maker door.

Ah hearin mih own pardnah laugh at mih cynical idea ah how de case go close.


Is only one ting ah could do oui.


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