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Santa, now dat Anil gorn, hear nah . . . .

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August 2, 2014 by Fensic

Me eh care what Anil did put in he resignation letter as long as he tell de PM he resign.

Buh just fuh kicks, what else he say, besides he gorn?

Well, he tork about politics havin it own moral code like dat is news. Is only recently he an most ah de udder politicians who lorse dey wuk under de PP find out about dis code? Before den, whoever was rulin had de mistaken belief dat dey position was equivalent tuh ah ticket tuh ah all-inclusive five-year fete or what? Wuss yet, dey eh even buy de ticket deyself.

Eef yuh watchin from ah safe distance where nuttin eh go spray on yuh clothes, Trini politics entertainin. Where else does ah man say he resignin eef such-an-such happen, den when such-an-such happen, he say he eh resignin cause de such-an-such he was meanin eh happen?

Ah not sorry dat ah cyar buy de idea dat Anil, or any udder minister, not responsible fuh de misdeeds of departments an agencies under dem. Who supposed tuh get de blame? Is he suggestin eef one such agency do spectacularly brilliant tings de minister not go be on stage skinnin he or she teet? How ah minister could not have no control over people or tings under he or she? Steups.

Anil only playin de fool cause he know exactly where de dollar does stop when it come tuh ah moral code in politics. In de case ah LIFE Sports, it stop at he desk. He eh know which desk is he own . . . ah mean was he own? Yes, he mightn’t ah do all dem tings ah read bout in de audit heself, buh when ting go wrong it have tuh be he in trouble when de dollar stop. Havin ah big mout out ah which dotishness does flow eh help he position any. Next ting he go say is dat he doh know what perception is.

Ah hope ah change in dat perception is part ah de bigger picture tuh come out ah dis govahment an it relationship wid de people it governin.

It might ah been too early tuh start showin itself wid Mary King an she alleged conflict of interest. By de time it reach Volney an de Section 34 fiasco, people could ah be confused wonderin what really goin orn. When Glen Ramadharsingh prove he had trouble keepin he two han tuh heself when he was “tired”, people did know what had tuh happen next. So by de time it reach Anil what had tuh happen was ah foregone conclusion.

None ah dem ah name, or de udders I eh name eh get convicted in no court ah law nah. Is in de minds ah voters dat dey rong. In politics dat is more dan enough tuh get yuh fired, as it should. Dat doh mean ah politician have tuh resign every time two people say he or she doin shit in orfice. Where dat line is not de same place all de time. All I know is de more popular ah govahment is, de more forgivin de non-partisan voters go be. Is all about perception, goodwill an de halo effect.

So what I expectin is dat now dat de people have ah say in who get tuh stay in govahment, de next party tuh rule Trinbago, an de parties tuh get dat privilege after it, go be sensitive tuh de higher bar ah performance an conduct voters go demand dey stay above. Actually ah prayin real hard fuh dat.

Tuh mih pardnah an udders sharin de same belief, is only one party dat could form de next govahment. Ah tired tell him it eh dat cut an dry buh he an de rest ah dem harden.

While dat not ah biased perception by me, only dem, I doh want tuh operate by it. Ah want tuh focus on de big picture an hope it showin de voters not willin tuh put up wid de usual an dat politicians know it have new limits.

No more nonsense of ministerial abuse of power. Like when Patrick Solomon went een some poleece station an walk out wid he stepson de poleece had in dey. No more politician like Partap refusin tuh take de people breathalyzer test just because he tink he could get away wid not takin it. No more actin poleece commissioner goin dong tuh de station an beggin de politician, ‘pretty please?’

But, like each one ah we who he disappoint know, Santa Claus doesn’t always bring what we want fuh Christmas. Ah better not even tink about dat one time because ah go just geh vex wid mih mudder all over again an she not arong no more tuh slap sense into mih. Anyway like wid Santa, politicians know how tuh disappoint people. Dey does hope we memory short. Now is time tuh fool dem. Show dem yuh finger when yuh done vote tuh prove yuh is part ah de solution. Make dem politicians know dat dey cyar be advantagin people.

De lines drawn. Who go blink first?

Will Trinis fuhget dey power or tink it take too much trouble tuh use? After all, being part ah de solution call fuh being engaged, knowin what goin orn nah.

In mih big picture, de days ah one party dominatin de landscape dead an gorn. Tuh stay in power yuh have tuh produce fuh de people an yuh cyar do dat wid ah bunch ah ministers who tink de power dey have mean more dan simply de power tuh get tings done. Dis eh no Carnival fete an dey certainly eh have no ticket tuh allow dem tuh stuff dey mout or dey pockets.

Doh even have people like me askin deyself whatever happen tuh de case wid de Minister ah Education son. De junior Gopeesingh, while he is ah man, prove he not no doctor material when de tape cyatch him planassin ah man almost two year ago. All de man do, supposedly eh, was ask him tuh turn dong he music. Is de slow judicial process why we eh hear nuttin else after de poleece lay charges on young Gopeesingh or Aleong or whatever he larse name is, right?

Dem kinda ah stories an questions shouldn’t be poppin in people head tuh make dem tink de rong ting.

So de ultimate question in all ah dis an all de times de PP bounce it toe is wedder all dem firings is ah anomaly. Back tuh business as usual wid de next govahment? Or will people keep feelin empowered an force politicians tuh do de right ting?

Ah tink ah ole enough tuh know de reality is dat what go happen go be ah combination ah two ting: People go feel more empowered buh not as empowered as dey should feel an politicians go be frighten buh only ah lil bit while dey push back tuh see how real de people’s demands is. Over time one side go get more empowered an de udder one more frighten. Triniland go be better fuh it.

Santa? Ah go take dat.

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