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History go be oily

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July 26, 2014 by Fensic

After all ah we who alive dead an gorn an de history ah T&T geh written it go say findin oil was de wuss ting dat happen tuh de country. Oil make Trinis dotish bringin out de worse in people who should know better.

Before anybody jump out at mih from behind ah lamppost, is mainly de govahment ah dey wid eh. Not people who have tuh make hard choices when decidin how tuh spend dey limited dollars.

Dat is part ah mih big picture out ah dis LIFE-Sport audit report ah tryin tuh read. Ah tink is about page 34 dat ah stop. Ah geh tired steupsin an shakin mih head at how easy it is tuh tief people money. Is like it had directions.

Who care eef millions get waste as long as dey get ah cut an only ah few cents dribble dong tuh who was supposed tuh benefit.

Dat must ah been de motto as money get wasted an swindled. Play LIFE-Sport not de Lotto is what Jack Warner say people used tuh say. Humor doh get darker dan dat.

Eef was one ting dat make mih stop readin de report was where it tork about two invoices wid de same invoice number gettin submitted on de same day by de same contractor fuh cleanin de same community centre  in de same month. Two invoice dat get paid. Eef dat wasn’t bad enough, de invoice amounts was different.

What effin shit is dat?

Why nobody eh bawl TIEF? Well it eh dey money gettin tief. Who money den ah wonder. Endless examples of how de program was exploited. Ah take dat back. Is poor, mainly black youths, gettin exploited left, right an center.

How somebody could not deliver goods or ah service an yuh pay dem half de agreed amount, what, $17 million, an den have tuh ask ah lawyer eef yuh should pay de rest? What in de water dese people drinkin? What in de air dey inhalin?

Anil Roberts does drink an inhale more dan he share ah dat water an air. How else he could say he not resignin over dis scandal? Dat de report vindicate he?

Dis is what he did say larse week before de report come out yesterday, Friday:

“If it is proven that a programme I conceptualised to help poor black people is funding terrorists, criminal gangs, and an armed militia of 250 men in a palace in Carapo…a huge compound from which they can train, operate and terrorise the people of Trinidad and Tobago, I will resign forthwith.” . . . . ” if the audit showed that the programme was giving money to a terrorist organisation to the tune of $1.5 to $3 million monthly,  had 1,400 ghost names with aliases such as Michal Jackson, Madonna, Beyonce and Kanye West, spent $8 million on a sports day for bandits, robbers and crooks, as soon as that audit comes out, the Prime Minister will not have to call me. I will write my resignation immediately. If that happened under my watch, I do not deserve to sit in this chair and be the Minister of Sport in Trinidad and Tobago. That will be the end of my political career.”

Because nuttin eh happen after de hotel-room video, he must be tink he is some kind ah escape artist. Where Kamla tuh out dis man ministerial light?

No foolishness please about he was humiliated when he lorse de LIFE-Sport program an he more humiliated now dat de gravy train shut dong quicker dan how current does go.

Where in he latest statement it show dat de man know de meanin ah de word shame or contriteness, guilt nah. Is time fuh he tuh go. Me eh need no big set ah reason tuh say dat, is just time. He could go coach ah life sport like swimmin.

It would be nice eef de people who was tiefin from LIFE-Sport make ah jail fuh corruption buh I eh holdin out hope. When was de larse time anybody geh arrested, tried an convicted fuh dat?

What is frightenin is dat it probably have ah whole set ah LIFE-Sportesque tiefin goin orn all over de place.

De best kind ah tief is ah bold-face tief, might be dey motto.

Dat different from de LIFE-sport motto buh in eidder situation people sure it have billions more in de oil pipe lines so why worry.

LIFE-Sport start orf wid ah invalid premise. Yuh cyar get young people, especially men, tuh turn away from crime an engage in sports as ah alternative. Not wid money. Dat is bribery. Is ah dilemma since yuh also cyar compete wid de proceeds ah crime—dat money does come farse an easy. How long tryin tuh bribe people tuh not do someting does wuk? How long before dey want more money tuh keep not doin dat ting? LIFE-Sport money better utilized teachin de target group tuh fish, not givin dem fish.

Fuhget sports. Teach job skills an make sure it have jobs when de students graduate. Nuttin is as satisfyin as yuh fuss pay cheque. Knowin dey have someting nobody could take from dem does make people proud ah deyself.

But tuh put someting in place tuh teach dem kind ah skills call fuh de Trini govahment tuh use money wisely. As far as I know de terms, “usin money wisely” an, “Trini govahment” not supposed tuh appear in de same sentence. Not when dem oil wells bottomless, not so?

Lord, why we makin it easy fuh dem historians tuh write we story?

Kamla have wuk tuh do. First ting, get rid ah Anil, he is ah distraction. Do dat quick. Den follow up wid someting positive tuh show how sorry yuh is dat de project had tuh shut dong. De fellas who was gettin LIFE-Sport money done vex an disappointed an we know is de govahment dey vex wid.

Ah expect de same people who march when LIFE-Sport went tuh Griffith ministry, tuh march again. De first time dey march it was tuh show dey wasn’t no ghosts. Dis time dey go show dey is pawns.

De stake holders have tuh put dey half-empty heads tuhgedder an come up wid ah program dat could start changin dis hand-out mentality. Kamla’s challenge is dat, as de report show, de bar get set low, it invite all kind ah dishonesty. De program should ah be called Payment fuh Dishonesty. Expectations go be high dat de bar stay low.

I guess ah better go finish readin de damn report. Buh ah sayin from now, I eh like de underbelly ah T&T dat it showin. It have any fraudster, crook, tief or Trickidadian, who only go read it tuh see eef it have anyting dey never try?

From now orn, every time ah hear about money gettin spend on any project ah go wonder who tiefin pig-tail buckets full ah money an who should care buh don’t because dey expectin dey turn tuh tief tuh come next year.

Even eef de wells run dry before den.

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