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Fuhget beyond any tape, lines gettin cross

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July 19, 2014 by Fensic

“He should have took more of them with him if that’s the case. God forgive me but that’s how I feel. If that’s the case he should have took more with him. If they was going to stand over my husband and shoot him like a f_ _king dog he should have took all of them with him. That’s how I feel.”

What prompted dat outburst?

De actions speak fuh deyself:

Arong four in de morning larse Sunday, ah man went een ah drug store. He beat up de security guard an tief he gun. He den went outside an wait. Two poleece cars pull up. Before de rookie officer in one car could put he foot on de grong, is fire de man done fire ah baker’s dozen worth ah shots into de windshield. De officer get hit in he head.

Pow! Pow! Pow! at de next poleece car. De udder poleece pepper him wid bullet.

Ah report say while he was waitin fuh de poleece tuh reach, he tell somebody tuh watch de news dat night as he was goin an be famous.

He was de husband de woman was torkin bout wid great passion.

In keepin wid people no longer apologizin fuh what dey spew, she later say she sorry eef she words hurt de poleeceman family. She head was hot she claim. Steups oui. She not alone in how she does tink.

Alldoh dem scenes from dat continuin story ah madness eh happen in Triniland, similarities fuh so. She community along wid udder inner-cities, just like segments ah some poor communities in T&T, have de same disconnect between dem an de poleece. Buh ah did done know dat before dis lovin wife give she view on what ah man in de rong should ah do when he was doin de rong.

She didn’t have tuh tell de poleece tuh put dong dey gun so dey could cuff it out. She eh had tuh remind de poleece dey does have tuh check een dey gun at de end ah dey shift, both ah which happen in T&T.

Violence an de US go way back. Make up ah incident an it happen here ahready so ah cyar say dat early Sunday mornin madness cross any line fuh de first time.

De story de same buh different in T&T. Is everybody affected when lines get crossed. Dat scary, especially fuh people who hopin de next new ting go miss dem.

Fuh Trinis who ole enough, all dey seein an hearin is ting dey would ah never dream could happen. Not only dat, but happenin at ah rate nobody in charge cyar stop. It eh like watchin no hot-headed woman torkin about she criminal husband an shakin yuh head at she ignorance. It like dat buh it eh like dat.

Take fuh example kidnappings. It have anybody who didn’t tink ah serious line geh parse when dat started?

Granted it cool dong arong de same time de FBI arrest suspects in de kidnappin an murder ah de Trini-born naturalized US veteran, Balram “Balo” Maharaj. De Trini govahment say take dem an in two twos dey was in US jails. Who tort people wasn’t greedy an evil enough tuh have dey own family members kidnapped had tuh tink again when Balo common-law wife, Doreen Alexander, get like 20 years. Kidnappings was ah line dat cyar get uncrossed. People worse orf now.

More innocence get lorse when Camille Daniel was shot dead inside she car in 2009. Hijackers jump in it so she drive straight into de nearby West End poleece station lookin fuh help before dey shoot she.

Who tort dat wasn’t ah new low find out different when Peter Garcia geh executed while in poleece custody. De poleece escortin he back tuh de station from court run no tail when he killers strike.

Yes, T&T mightn’t have its history written in blood buh like it makin up fuh dat wid de blood an tears flowin like from ah broken WASA pipe nobody fixin.

Dana Seetahal murder ever gettin solved? Just like Selwyn Richardson, de former AG, own get solved, ent?

Criminals boldface now. Dey redrawin boundaries an tellin people dey cyar parse here, dey cyar parse dey an den enforcin dem restrictions oui. People even willin tuh bun dong dey own place tuh protest ting dey eh like. Like back in October 2012 when dey was insulted by de idea ah makin $69 fuh doin half day ah make-believe wuk. Fire Brigade rushin tuh out fires dat would ah bun dong plenty house. Yes, de people was expressin deyself. I was too as ah was watchin.

Is possible de fella who kill de cop wid de gun he tief larse Sunday mornin was lookin fuh ah next way tuh dead since he couldn’t do it heself. He had tuh know how what he was goin an do would end. Buh he family was in so much denial, dey couldn’t bring deyself tuh use de words “what he do”. Instead dey pick, “what dey claim he do”. De mysterious “dey” always handy tuh blame.

Suicide by cop is what it call it when just so, yuh do someting tuh make de police shoot yuh. Dat cop killer wife eh pickin up no gun tuh shoot no police. Dem in she community who tink like she eh doin it eidder. Dey eh committin suicide by no cop.

De question is when de regiment lance corporal geh murdered recently, did whoever do it go too far? Granted de air at de time was full ah jumble-up dotish tork. Part ah one side sayin it at war while ah next part ah de same side rushin tuh hush up de udder part.

Any remainin fear de segment ah de country dat eh fraid de police have, almost done dry up. We done know in advance what go happen de next time de poleece pop one ah dem law-abiding youth-man. De look on de face ah protestors go be no different. De emotion go be de same. De message too.

Now de army involve. Maybe dis is de first step in seein mih call answered dat it should take over de country an start sharin licks; startin wid useless politicians. I eh reach dat place in mih spirituality where I go tell dem boys an gyuls from Tetron tuh turn de udder cheek an not brutalize nobody. Dey get hit enough times over de years as lines was gettin cross.

De way it look like tuh me, more an more people go see any line de army cross as necessary tuh return tings tuh de way dey used tuh be. Dat mean people who make it reach where it is have tuh get dey just deserts. Who keepin de lawlessness goin wait yuh turn.

Doh use no shovel doh.

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