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World Cup. Dis an dat.

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July 12, 2014 by Fensic

Dis World Cup have more excitement dan any udder one ah could remember watchin. An yes, dat include 2006 when de Soca Warriors was in it.

Of course ah was cheerin fuh mih team. Buh mih heart was pongin away like crazy. Ah was sweatin fuh so an mih fingers was crossed, hoping when de game start Sweden wasn’t goin an take de ball an waltz towards Shaka, tell him move he baxide an put de ball in de goal; over an over.

Eef udder Trinis who know football was honest, dey would admit ah big part ah all de belated love dat get showered on de Warriors after dat World Cup was because nobody eh give dem seven like Germany give Brazil in dis World Cup. Who vex vex, buh plenty ah dat cheerin, happiness an love dat geh spray on de Warriors when dey reach back T&T was from people expressin relief we team wasn’t nobody bobolee.

Dat leads mih tuh Jack Warner an he comments de udder day in response tuh de PP payin de money de court say owed de players since 2006. Dat same debt is why de players empty out de den TTFF orfice into movin trucks cause dey was tired waitin fuh dey money. Ah was sad tuh see tings reach dat low.

While what Jack say about de team performance true, it was spiteful. He is someting else ent? Yes de team eh win no match in Germany. Yes dey eh put de ball in de back ah none ah dey opponent net buh dey did score ah goal. Ask Brent Sancho. Since is he leadin de team struggle tuh geh dey money, ah cyar help but wonder eef he eh makin amends fuh headin dat ball parse Kelvin Jack. He goin an give some ah he share tuh he goalie?

I would ah be spiteful like Jack, Warner nah eef I did jump up an say de same tings he say when de team did return tuh ah country ah fans. Dat wouldn’t ah be de time or place. Ah still waitin doh fuh de right time buh ah tink it never go reach. Nobody want tuh tork about performance, everybody just happy we was dey an draw wid Sweden.

Still, ah would like tuh see somebody respond tuh Jack claim dat de Warriors get nearly 50 million fuh nearly nuttin. Dat is what he was suggestin tuh me.

Wow, dat digress was so long, ah almost fuhget what ah did start out torkin about oui.

Wait, one more piece ah ramblin?

What is wid dese dotish outfits goalkeepers does wear now? Ah short sleeve jersey over ah long sleeve jersey? Mosquitoes? Socks pull up over kneecaps? Skinny legs? Ah big man in ah short sleeve jersey wid gloves orn does look like Mutt from Mutt an Jeff. Goalies supposed tuh look like goalies. Dat mean ah different color long sleeve jersey from de rest ah de team an gloves on yuh hand. When ah get unblinded from dem bright color boots players does wear nowadays ah go discuss dat.

Yes, dis World Cup had excitement in all forms. All de protests in Brazil before de tournament about de cost ah dem stadiums while so much poor people cyatchin dey tail. It had Ghana an Nigerian players holdin dey respective country hostage over money. Hmmm, would de Warriors do dat next time? Doh forget Suarez from Uruguay failin vampire school. He pretend he teet geh edge after what he do was tuh try an bite de Italian player by he neck. What rong wid dese people?

All dat bacchanal an I eh tork about dem games dat come dong tuh penalty kicks. How yuh could miss ah penalty? Ah have tuh ask Stern John since he kick one into outer space once.

Spain goin home early, Renaldo an he team followin. Costa Rica surprisin everybody? Wow.

Brazil humiliation complete wid de lickin dey get from Holland tuhday. Who would ah tink ah Brazil team would give up twelve goals in ah World Cup dey host?

Dey used tuh point tuh 1950 when Uruguay beat dem in de final. Sixteen world cups later Uruguay finally orf de hook. Fuh de next fifty world cups, maybe more, Brazilians go hold dey head an bawl over dey two cut-arse dey get at home in 2014. Ten goals in two games? It eh ah valid comparison buh what Trini doh remember 1989 when all we had tuh do was doh lose tuh de US an de Warriors in de 1990 World Cup? Final score instead? US: 1 T&T: One big fat rotten duck egg.

Me eh tink today’s Warriors could beat de ones from 1989. So why Trinis believe dey could beat de US eef only dey get ah next chance? All dem chances since 1989 doh count or what?

Ah pickin Germany over Argentina tomorrow, Sunday. Ah fittin way tuh end ah fantastic World Cup dat had all kind ah twists an turns. Not tuh mention great football, like what dem Germans does play. Dey like ah machine. Ah machine dat get blasted vex when Brazil score one lousy goal. Ah sure dem Germans went back an look at de tape tuh see who mess up an let Brazil score.

Me an ah pardnah in Triniland make dem cell-phone companies richer wid all de textin we do in dis World Cup. One set ah text exchange in de Brazil vs. Germany game. Every time Germany put wood on Brazil.

Plenty plenty more textin when de US play Belgium. Dat was when ah was explainin why ah tort de US was ah dark horse. Mih pardnah start bawlin dong de place bringin up 1989. Ah admit ah almost pull ah Jack Warner. Just fuh spite have de US win tuh see how much Trinis head would ah explode.

De trut is ah really want tuh see T&T back in de World Cup before ah dead ah ole age.

Ole ole age eh.

Tings changin so quick an leavin we behind. Players only now gettin paid fuh 2006. In de meantime, in football land, dey does measure how much miles players run in ah game. After all de game is constant movement.

Someplace ah see dey say World Cup players does run like six miles an de average team at least sixty. How de Warriors stack up? Anybody does measure dem yet or dey still in 1989 or 2006? Nobody who cyar run up an dong Fort George should be on de team nah.

I mightn’t be able tuh run dong Fort George, buh dis World Cup prove mih heart strong. Still, ah couldn’t be in ah next dull meetin an get ah text wid ah unbelievable score an cyar tell nobody. Mih head go explode just like dem udder Trinis. My reason better doh.

Dis game so sweet an so simple when played like it should.

It all done after tomorrow an we go be back tuh de real world an all its shit dat had never stopped.

Lord, ah still love mih football.

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