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Change de picture an save de chirren

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June 7, 2014 by Fensic

Nobody cyar disagree dat chirren are de future.

Den why so many dat part ah T&T future dyin? Yes, all ah we have tuh dead. but why now fuh so many who eh even start out fuh real yet? It might be normal, but it still have tuh be questioned.

Take Matai Phillip, 10 months young who die just yesterday. De innocent shouldn’t be leavin dis world before dey get ah chance tuh make it better. Not when is big people who guilty ah havin it how it is.

Dis eh about Matai doh. RIP.

Anybody who under 10 years, innocent. Dey really eh had de chance tuh understand de world. Eef dey force-ripe dey might tink dey do. Which one ah we had any damn sense when we was 10? Steups.

Dat is why it have adults. We supposed tuh guide, buh de way tings goin, we failing bad bad.

Jadel Holder who was 9 get failed. He brudder, Jamal Brathwaite was 15 buh did fall in de cracks an was way way dong de road, headin in de rong direction. Yes, he was more dan old enough tuh know better, buh he probably geh failed long before he had ah chance.

Dis not about eidder ah dem as awful as it was readin about how dey get executed inside dey home. Ah hope dey RIP.

It is not about de AG skinnin he teet durin de photo op when he receive de report on what happen tuh cause baby Simeon Cottle death. De doctor slice open he head while deliverin him by C-section. What Ramlogan had tuh skin he teet about? I eh even know why de handin over ah de report deserved ah photo op in de first place. Buh I eh dwellin on none ah dat cause dis bigger dan anybody acting dotish at de rong time.

Dis eh about baby Simeon death. RIP.

It is about ah baby dat have some time before it born an de ‘villagers’ dat might be raisin it once dat time reach.

Two man an one woman, eef yuh could call de female dat, geh arrested tuhgedder. One ah de men was, “recently released from prison for murder”. I eh know exactly what dat larse sentence mean. Dese role models, tief ah man car at gunpoint. De poleece done arrest dey baxide.

De female is ah teenager an she pregnant. She is de unborn mudder-tuh-be.

Dat is it. Dat is de whole article. It 141 words long in de papers.

When ah read dem, someting hit mih in mih belly. In a way ah still on de grong an cyar get up as ah tink about what dat blow tellin mih.

De story longer. It is an example ah what happenin in T&T. It also suggestin what go happen in de future. It so loaded wid symbolism dat ah couldn’t steups when ah read it, only shake mih head an not say ah ting, until now.

She pregnant an is ah teenager tellin me dat enough young people so used to crime as ah way ah life. dey eh tinkin about not exposin dey unborn chirren to dat lifestyle. Wuss yet eef dey young like she.

Me eh know dis female who was ah child sheself until recent. She doh seem tuh be livin like de majority ah people eef she tiefin cars at gunpoint. It would be nice, buh I eh expect she tuh geh religion once she baby born. Eef she set in she ways, she have what, 20 more years ah criminal activity? Imagine de kind ah notes she chile go be takin while watchin she.

Even eef de baby turn out tuh be ah girl, dat eh mean law abidin citizens dodge any bullet, figuratively of course. Females in crime too oui, look at dis mudder. Baby boy or girl, de chances pretty good de new Trini dis teenager go be pushin out she belly arong de end ah de year, go tink crime is de way tuh get ahead. Who knows, mudder an chile could share dey version ah quality time by committin crime. Dat is de future ah T&T?

De vast majority ah parents doin everyting right wid dey babies an chirren while udders, who eh even have dey chirren yet, done on de wrong side ah de tracks.

How depressin.

It sadder when ah connect tings.

Take de people in Morvant who claim dey see de poleece shoot Chaquille McCoy just so. Tuh protest de injustice, dey resort tuh de usual—bun tyres in de road tuh humbug people.

How come none ah dem protesters eh bun no tyre in outrage when de two brudders, Jadel an Jamal, geh executed? Is not de same area? Not only was de ‘village’ not helpin tuh raise dem two boys, de ‘villagers’ engagin in selective outrage. As usual.

Do people have tuh know eef de poleece involve in ah shootin before dey get outraged? De idea dat outrage against injustice should be based on who do de killin is dotish when de dead person is part ah de future. Why dat doh happen, ah does have tuh wonder.

Was Chaquille at wuk bendin pipe, an de poleece come up ah shoot him just so? Or, was he part of ah group ah gunmen headed tuh finish ‘ah next job’ an shoot at de poleece who pepper he wid bullets in response? So far ah hearin he get shot in he chest an head. Dat eh lookin good fuh one ah  de sides’ version ah how de shootin happen.

Ah have tuh digress tuh show how it all related more.

T&T play ah football match against Argentina dis week. Even countin de opposition in de 2006 World Cup in Germany, de Warriors never play against ah team as high in de world rankin like Argentina.

Ah see parts ah de game just tuh get ah feel on how de Warriors play an what Argentina look like since dem is one ah de teams tuh beat in Brazil.

One play paint two bleak pictures fuh me. Ah stayin wid de picture dat similar tuh what de car-tiefin, pregnant-teenager story paint.

Eight players in de T&T penalty area: six, includin de goalie was Warriors. Even wid de numbers in T&T favor, de two wid de ball still manage tuh get off ah decent shot on goal.

Even when is more good guys, de bad guys still shootin.

I eh stretchin dat nah. De two had de six spinnin just like how top does do in mud.

Who eh agree, fuhget football.

Read de article den.

It eh go take long tuh get de picture dat everybody in de same village.

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