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Ah Trini goes home tuh Tobago

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May 31, 2014 by Fensic

Ah fellah ah know was tellin mih about he recent trip tuh Tobago. We does share everyting so it safe tuh buss he files. No, it eh mih udder partner. Dat one tink he deserve royalties just because I does mention he in mih blog.


Now we straight, de story ah dis fellah who went tuh Tobago fuh ah week, on ah emergency.

Ah week!

Like me, is donkey years since he went Triniland. All dem years make it hard tuh see mihself goin dong dey fuh ah week, buh dat is how long he went for. Fuh me tuh make dat kind ah trip ah would have tuh take mih company laptop. As long as ah could connect tuh de people network, ah wouldn’t have no choice but tuh wuk remotely. Dat ridiculous ent?

Is Trinidad dat is home fuh he, he just born in Tobago. He memories of it is August holidays by he granmudder, stalkin birds in de Sapodilla trees, sling shot at de ready. He say eef yuh drop him orf in Scarborough tuhday, is lorse he lorse. More on dat just now.

Ah realize it must ah been strange fuh he—ah tourist in he own homeland. Maybe being dey fuh ah week, on ah emergency, was de best way tuh ease back into de place.

He ready tuh put Caribbean Airlines up against anybody else plane he ever fly orn. He eh travel fuss class on CAL buh everyting about de trip was first class.

“When larse yuh eat anyting on ah plane an belch”, he wanted tuh know. He could be so ignorant when he ready.

Strange too. He tork about how it was like lookin dong at Trinidad after all dem years. Why else he would start torkin about de smoke he see an askin eef it was ah sign dat crime had Trinidad so hot it was bunnin fuh true; like de newspapers does suggest?

He complain dat it take too long tuh clear Immigration.

“Is not like dey wasn’t expectin de plane or nuttin so why it had empty Immigration boots widout no officer in dem,” he wanted tuh know.

Ah ask him why he askin me dat, why he eh break de line an go ask de people runnin de place.

He make he connection on de air bridge. De plane was in de air an comin back dong before he siddong good an find he seatbelt buckle, it reach Tobago dat quick.

He tork an tork about de quietness ah Tobago. Nobody in any hurry. He eyes tell de true story ah how he feel.

De first few cars dat parse him frighten him cause he tort nobody was drivin. He even see one where he swear de woman was mad, stretchin an yawnin, no hands on de wheel. Den he say he realize de drivers was in de next seat. Fuh like four days straight he keep gettin fooled.

One ting he say he was curious tuh find out was how Trinbagonians does geh kill in accidents so easy. He find out accordin tuh he. Ah remind him dat is more in Trinidad dan Tobago. He remind mih back dat dey does drive de same mad way in Tobago. He wanted tuh know eef ah fuhget Sunday February 10th 2013 when ah crash on de Claude Noel Highway kill five people dead. Ah had tuh shake mih head; he had ah point. Ah didn’t remember de date buh ah remember readin about it.

On de way from de airport ah motorbike fly parse so farse, eef ah see speed. He eye was big big as he talked. He figure wid dat speed, all anybody had tuh do was pelt ah fake like openin dey car door or swervin, an de authorities would ah have tuh vacuum up de pieces ah dat fellah.

Ah wanted tuh know eef he sayin people doh speed on motorbikes udder places. Dat start de first argument.

He tell mih ah know what he torkin about.

How, ah wanted tuh know.

He ask mih eef ah doh read de Trini papers.

Ah steups.

He say dat wasn’t de onlyest piece ah mad-arse ting he see on de road. He describe how it look like drivers doh realize dat de expression ‘de best defense is ah good offence’, eh referrin on how tuh drive.

Ah ask him eef he would drive in Triniland. He say no quick. Den he tell mih tuh wait, he go get back tuh mih wid he final answer. I tink he remember ah did ask how ole he was when he did leave Triniland an eef all de tings he torkin about wasn’t happenin den.

“Not all. De ones happenin now far wuss.” He voice sounded far away.

He went orn tuh tork about ah lot more ah what he see. Ah hear dat de ethnic landscape ah Tobago different. How it more like what yuh does see when yuh walk dong Frederick Street.

“Yuh could even buy roti from real roti makers,” he announce.

He den tun rong an cry dat people in Tobago doh cook no more. He figure dat out because plenty people was in de KFC in Scarborough. Ah ask what he was doin in dey. He cheups.

He show mih he arms.

“Mosquito,” he say.

“I eh want tuh see mih back nah”.

I was curious how he eh know mosquito was eatin he alive.

“Maybe dey does dip dey beak in garlic before dey jook yuh,” he suggested.

“Beaks? I eh tink mosquito have beaks nah.” He eh take mih orn.

“Badjohns used tuh rub garlic on dey cutlass. A man wouldn’t know he geh slice up until he see blood an follow it back tuh he.”

Me eh know when not tuh believe dat man sometimes nah.

He had tears rollin dong mih checks wid de story ah how he get lorse. An he wasn’t even in Scarborough. He miss de turn when he was walkin back tuh which part he was stayin. He say he keep orn walkin cause de larse ting ah family member tell him was dat people doh get lorse in Tobago—it too small.

De walk should ah take like 15 minutes. About 45 minutes into it an de place pitch black, he say he give up an call fuh help. He say he would ah continue walkin buh dem cars was huggin dem corners so tight an comin arong dem so fast, he decide tuh be safe.

He couldn’t prepare heself fuh all de fatigue from he family doh. Apparently people really don’t geh lorse in Tobago.

He had tuh take de cousin who rescue him tuh ah bar tuh drink Carib tuh stop de man from lookin at him an bussin out laughin over an over.

He family tell him he cyar leave Tobago widout ah dip in de sea tuh wash way de foreign blight an purify he soul.

Bacelot Bay dey take him. He tort about stayin an live on de beach. Ah wanted tuh know eef it was dat nice. Was de amount ah steps tuh walk back up tuh de road afterwards, ah find out.

He wasn’t funny when he tork about how hard it was tuh leave Tobago tuh return tuh de life he livin now.

De ole tork stop de second de car pull up at Crown Point. He couldn’t hug nobody or shake dey hand. He just mumble goodbye an hurry tuh check in. At de counter, he tell de woman someting was een he eye.

Fuh once in we conversation ah did knew exactly what he mean.

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